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    May 7, 2021 at 10:10 am #7796

    I still jumped when the truck rammed the Impala at the end.

    Jared and Jensen are magic onscreen together and when you add in JDM – it’s just riveting all around. Loved JDM “as” the YED – so very good and believable. In my mind, Dean is right 99.9% of the time and I LOVE that he just knows that dad is not “dad”.

    Also, incredibly brotherly connection as Sam and Dean stick together, continuing to be in defiance of John. Great great non-verbal acting when Sam looks back to the backseat to a beat-to-hell Dean who’s clearing giving him the “look” to tell him he did the right thing in not killing their father in order to take out the demon.

    I remember on first watch wondering how in the world they could survive that wreck in any way when they were so beaten up already…well…I guess Dean doesn’t really survive it.

    The rescue of John was nail-biting. The somewhat reckless use of a valuable Colt bullet so Dean can save Sam – it just set up so much of what is to come in the next years of the show. Nothing is more important than Sam.

    We learned that Dean always wanted to be a firefighter.