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    May 7, 2021 at 10:19 am #7797

    I REALLY liked how we got to see some of smart legendary hunter John Winchester is with the holy water in the factory’s cooling (?) system.

    THAT SHOT!!! That shot of the rosary floating down as if it was shot from the bottom of the freakin’ tank is SO GORGEOUS. The cinematography in this show still makes me gasp sometimes.

    Pretty terrifying that John left Sam and Dean to go after the demon.

    And was that the last we saw of original Meg? She left such an impression on me that I could swear that wasn’t the end of her. She did that great; the whole exorcism scene. Also enjoyed Sam and Dean LEARNING – they didn’t do enough of that in later years! I loved it when they didn’t know everything and Bobby had to inform them that there is a human inside those possessed bodies and therefore you really are killing someone. Things start to get even more “gray area”.

    I cannot say enough how much I love this screwed-up family dynamic between the three of them!

    Dean; yes, totally beautiful here and loved him flirting with the hospital desk lady.

    That raised railroad trestle is ALSO MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE SPN place!!!!!

    PNP: good point on Sam seeing the clock in his vision. Maybe he didn’t want to trust it 100% or take any chances they’d miss it.

    That speech in the car breaks my heart when Dean realizes what Sam’s doing! I love his total rejection of any kind of goodbye.

    PNP: I also agree on John. Can’t believe we had so little of him in the overall number of episodes on the show and yet he’s this complete character that I feel I really KNOW. JDM is quite a master.