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    June 30, 2021 at 6:25 pm #8502

    Sterling K Brown is so good in this. It’s like he’s been playing Gordon for SO MANY years! I remember Jared talking about how he and Jensen, over the years, felt like they had a clue about spotting great talent and Sterling K Brown was one they felt was going to go far. Voila; This Is Us; he DID!

    But there was so much in this one! The scenes with Dean talking to Gordon, feeling like Gordon “got” him in a way Sam didn’t were brilliant and heartbreaking! He was seeking validation (Sam later accused him of looking to Gordon as a John replacement; validating his hunting lifestyle) and just watching Jensen’s face as he did that scene…reluctant, hopeful, it was just SO MASTERFUL!!!!!

    The way Ellen goes from telling Sam that Gordon’s a good hunter to insisting they stay away from him was PERFECT acting on Sam Ferris’ part! SO good. I totally believed she was scared for their safety around Gordon and that she cares about them already.

    Dean was hurting after John’s death. Taking his anger out on things…killing them…ugh; the look Sam gives him when he decapitates the vampire with the saw at the mill at the start is also heartbreaking. Like he’s never seen Dean like this. And Dean WANTS to feel like this out-of-the-usual-bounds behavior is okay. Gordon tells him that it is. I think Dean wanted to be reassured that this was an okay way to deal with his loss. It’s not, but Gordon was telling him that it was.

    Yes! THE MOST GORGEOUS sunflare shot of Dean EVER at the end!!!! I could watch (and have watched) that on an endless loop.

    I loved the subtle humor; like Dean ramming Gordon’s head into the wall with an “Oops!” when Gordon was half out of it after the fight. Also liked them just humiliating him; making him stay tied up for a few days before calling anyone.

    I was glad that Dean quickly did come around to Sam’s way of thinking…that Gordon was pretty sick. You ever tell someone something you wish you hadn’t told them? I bet Dean felt a ton of that!

    I also liked the scene with Sam and Lenore; where he doesn’t really believe her, but in the end, has to.

    Also some cute intimate brotherly things…down to “Remind me to beat the buzzkill out of you later.”

    Just all so good. Gordon felt genuinely dangerous.

    It did seem like Dean just never thought there were may other hunters out there; until the Roadhouse. So meeting Gordon, I could see, might make him feel less alone.