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Yeah; this one was kinda “meh” for me and it started the whole, or perpetuated the whole, “Let’s have the case of the week parallel something in Sam and Dean’s lives.” So someone reanimated their girlfriend, and it’s all a metaphor for Dean thinking he should have stayed dead when he was sure John brought him back. He cries at the end, admitting this to Sam. Poor Sam; wanting Dean to talk then not really knowing how to help when he finally does.

The dead girlfriend was very horror-movie-creepy. Very dramatic to have to stake her back in the coffin! Liked their ruse (letting her overhear their plan to lure her out). I also liked the misdirect with the father. Dean so angry and Sam trying to make him back off as Sam was clear-headed enough to see that the father wasn’t acting like the guilty party…Dean was just mad about it all thanks to his own guilt over his own life being saved.

The arguments WERE really raw and good.

I loved Dean catching Sam watching porn (or about to). Dean’s always made out to be the player in these early episodes, but I love that this DOES humanize Sam…he IS a guy with needs even if he doesn’t womanize like Dean. Could probably write a dissertation on Sam watching porn instead of trying to pick up women…that would be interesting.

Jared did have a broken arm in the next episodes. I didn’t know he did it on this one!