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I admit, I forgot a lot about this one. it was NOT lame in the least. Jo was not just following Dean around like a puppy dog!

It DID have a very “horror movie” vibe with the blonde girls in the casket/cages and the creepy, discolored, “dead” fingers of H.H. Holmes’ ghost reaching in to touch them. Ick! The ghostly apartment touches; the black ecotplasm and the “fingernail on the plaster” and creatures in the air ducts.

But there was much deeper stuff going on here! I had forgotten how great the scenes between Jo and Dean are. Where she challenges his protective tendencies and kudos to Dean for saying that women can do the job just fine; it’s her INEXPERIENCE he didn’t like. Some funny comments like “I should’ve cleaned the pipes” when she slides past him inside the walls. Loved his assumption that her “pigsticker” wasn’t a “real” knife, only to find out it had huge sentimental value because it was her dad’s and he had to apologize. Their conversation about their hunter fathers…something not many others could probably understand, was very touching.

Jo was also a believable “rebellious” teen who wanted to go prove herself and be like her father.

Ellen was perfect as the worried-sick mom. That scene of her in the Impala driving back was priceless.

Heartbreaking that Jo rejected Dean at the end after learning the truth about John Winchester’s involvement in her father’s death.

And more Ash. Naked Ash. Love him.

I liked the tension around how much to tell Ellen or whether or not they should show up at the Roadhouse when Sam is experiencing abilities that a regular human shouldn’t have. Jensen’s acting in that scene where Sam comes clean with Ellen is perfection. He’s so wary and worried.

As for Sam, I loved the first time we get to see his excitement over historical serial killers. He’s so into it! Figuring out the case was more interesting than I remembered with the prison angle…the ghost residing in the sewer even though there was no building on the actual site anymore.

The cement entombment solution in the end was fun too. Theoretically, the ghost is still trapped down there. Good solution if you can’t get to the body itself.

Jo’s early ruse to the landlord, playing Dean off as her boyfriend was super-fun.

Before I rewatched, I would have given this episode a 5 out of 10 based on my memories of it. It’s more like a 7 or 8!

Really good.

God, these early seasons are such perfection! They are a joy to watch.