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    July 16, 2021 at 12:54 pm #8927

    Okay; yes, it was cool that they GOT Linda Blair (and funny Exorcist reference by Dean at the end with the pea soup reference and the “does she look familiar to you?”), BUT she was not very good here. OVERACTED from start to finish. Her only expression of shock or surprise was an open mouth which she did ALL THE TIME. My spouse, who had never seen this one, guessed the “bad guy” first time he showed up to question Dean. So Linda Blair fell VERY flat for me here.

    I DID like that the person with the romance with her co-worker/partner (though he was the bad guy) was NOT 21! I love seeing older women in romantic scenes.

    I really liked the addition to the lore here. I liked that the very scary-looking spirit was not killing people; was actually trying to save them by taking out the bad people and warning the good. That was a nice change. Adds more to the “gray area” of what’s good and what’s bad.

    I always like to watch Sam and Dean getting out of a sticky situation. Love Dean’s outward smartassery but when no one (but the viewer) is looking you can see how freaked he is. Like being a smartass when the bad guy was clearly driving him out into the country to kill him; but we can see he knows exactly where this is going.

    Not very realistic that the cops talk and talk and talk while threatening to shoot each other or Sam and Dean. Also they did make Linda Blair’s character look kind of dumb as a detective; having to make Sam seem smarter. Sam does know more about what they are tracking, but they made her look a bit too dumb as a cop to be believable.

    I did love the Sam and Dean dynamic here. Even when apart. The code words in the notes; they are joy to watch together and when they are working together.

    I also really enjoyed the “what Sam was telling the cops vs. reality” where he was saying they were just comforting the widow, an old friend (and later the publicist in Monster at the End of This Book!), and then they flashed back to what they were REALLY doing; lying and breaking and entering. Really showed what a masterful liar Sam is with the police; he looked SO sincere lying through his teeth!

    And Dean just decided to tell the truth! I wonder why. Nothing left to lose? Of course it worked when the detective started seeing the spirit.

    A pretty good one.