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    July 18, 2021 at 11:59 am #8946

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!!

    I always thought it was a clever AND brave way to introduce such show-important idea of cross roads and demon deals to SPN by going back to one of the oldest U.S. based folkloric cases of it with the Robert Johnson legend!!! It is SO iconic in the South – heck, I’ve BEEN to the cross roads of U.S. 61 and U.S. 49 in Clarksdale, MS where this deal supposed to have happened!! – but at the same time probably not a story a large part of the target audience for the show would be familiar with. So I applaud the showrunners and writers for using it and making the parallels to modern times.

    Be careful what you whish for…..yes….but also….imagine the possibilities! HA. Slippery slope for sure and one the guys will take full advantage of later – thinking they can outsmart the deal.

    I love the way the story unfolds in this episode and how the first two cases of what was asked for in their respective deals makes us as the audience easily identify with Dean’s assumption for the third case just to find out that guy actually meant to do good with giving up his soul.

    I also found the artist’s story especially tragic! They could have easily shown us someone who found joy and fulfillment in art for art’s sake but instead we see a lonely, bitter guy driven until the bitter end to create without reward. So sad!

    Lot’s of good cautionary tale aspects in this episode….all of which are ignored by the boys when it’s time for desperate measures.

    I also really enjoy Dean’s cleverness in this one doubling up on the devil’s trap and luring the demon into the second one. Not just great acting on Jensen’s part, but masterfully acted by DEAN as well! HA.

    I always found it funny that they never came up with a more secure way to protect doors or encircle people than granular or dusty materials like salt or sand that EASILY blow away in the first gust of wind from an open window or snort of a hellhound’s nose! Seriously flawed security system, but fun to watch.

    I agree with you, JBB! Sam shouldn’t have trusted Dean there to act in a non self-destructive way. BUT…at least they were talking to each other about their suspicion. It’s a start.

    REALLY GREAT episode all around for me. Tense, informative, suspenseful and opening up so many new ways to tell the story going forward. Also glad that this lore stayed the same all the way through the show.