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    July 31, 2021 at 8:06 pm #9057

    Another really good start to an episode. We get so much new info in this little scene that we don’t even recognize right away – at least on first watch. Here is another “child like Sam” with another ability and one who’s being talked to by YED.

    I get that Sam is pissed at being kept in the dark and scared of what all that might mean, but he has to know what info like that would do to Dean, too!! Having your dad ask you to kill your little brother if need be is horrible for anyone, but triply so for the Winchesters!!! Sam really could’ve been a little more sympathetic here. And I don’t appreciate at all that he runs off that night after Dean BEGS him to give him a little time! Dean doesn’t beg – at least not often – and here he was clearly distraught….yet Sam runs off and worries him more. Dick move, sir!

    Great misdirect after Sam leaves Dean and the next thing we see is him getting blown up!! TOTALLY shocking. I really appreciate the gore and smoking shoe!!! Watching it for the second, third, umpteenth time….I find it humorous how little scruples Kripke had to torment the audience and characters. HA.

    I do like the fact that Sam isn’t just trying to disappear into the night and figure this out himself, but goes to the Roadhouse for help. He must have guessed that it would get back to Dean, which I guess is his way to be pissed at Dean and keep him in the loop. SIGH….communication sure wasn’t their strongsuit early on.

    But, HEY, it gives us a chance to see Ash and Ellen again and that is always a treat. Love the conversation between Sam and Ellen. Neither sharing too much but showing that they care! Interesting dance and difficult to pull off as writers and deliver as actors! Little bits of important info woven in to ground it. Very cool.
    Love love love Ash!! His delivery rocks. “Make the monkey dance.” HA

    Strange choice of music in the scene between Ash, Ellen and Sam, though. It’s a song that was huge on the TWILIGHT soundtrack and used prominently in the movie. I wonder if that was on purpose or the song was just cheap to use.

    The room at the Blue Rose Inn is waaaay over the top. It even has a display case for dishes? Too funny!

    I really enjoy every time watching the episode how it starts off as a “self-discovery” journey for Sam and suddenly turns into a completely different thing with Gordon showing up and trying to kill Sam but capture Dean. It turns everything on its head although the new info we are gathering all throughout is amounting to the same thing. It really drives home the fact how BIG of a problem Sam and Dean are actually facing with YED and everything else connected. And I appreciate AVA as stand in for us – audience – the actress is playing the poor, normal, overwhelmed person really well with a slightly hysterical edge. Not everyone can be cool meeting the Winchesters….they ARE quite scary when looking at them from an outside, conventional perspective. HA

    AWESOME fight scene on the roof. Between Dean and Gordon.

    Both Sterling and Jensen are AMAZING in the scenes in the abandoned house. The all-business-psychpath-edge to Gordon and Dean’s “fighting to stay cool but completely freaked out on the inside” are very effective opposites in the scene.

    The whole thing with the double trip wire and two explosions etc are so high stake and suspenseful, it really is movie quality TV.

    How are Sam and Dean getting their guns back, though?! Sam lost his in the fight in the house and Gordon surely took Dean’s…..

    I love the way Sam and Dean “make up” at the end. Very little is actually said, but we get the apology and acceptance in between the lines. In typical Winchester fashion.

    Another gritty, exciting episode!