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    August 27, 2021 at 3:55 pm #9237

    There’s a lot to like about this episode. Crossroad demons become such a critical part of the story going forward. I really like how they established the lore in this episode. I also enjoy the real-life reference to Robert Johnson. I suspect we can thank Kripke for shining some light on his story. Robert Johnson really did die in August of 1938, which is pretty dang creepy. But in this episode, he made the deal in 1930, not 1928. Weird.

    It’s interesting that between the teaser and the rest of the episode (and clearly before “No Rest for the Wicked”) the writers decided to show us hell hounds actually tearing the victims apart. Don’t get me wrong – I was FINE not seeing Robert Johnson get torn apart; all we saw was a seizure. But on rewatch I think it’s odd that they chose to change that so abruptly and within the same episode. I wonder if it was a budget thing?

    LOL! MySpace 😊. These episodes are SO old 😊

    Interesting trivia bit: We actually FOUND the crossroads when we were in Vancouver! It’s in the middle of a large dog park/recreation area, and there’s NOTHING there now. The trees in the distance and the horizon line are the only things that look familiar at all. The exterior of Lloyd’s bar is just a façade that the set design people built. We even looked for some of the yellow Yarrow flowers, or ANY yellow flowers. Those were apparently fake, too. Those set design people are SO talented!

    I like George Darrow. That actor was SO convincing!

    I like Dean’s development and turnaround in this episode. He went from thinking the people deserved to be damned and not wanting to help them, to understanding that sometimes the deals were selfless, like for Evan Hudson. Although the situation was clearly inserted into the story to show us (again) some of the guilt Dean felt over the deal John made to save him, it was important to show us that Dean still hadn’t recovered from that or finished processing his guilt and anger. To Dean’s credit, he didn’t choose to resurrect John. As much as Dean loved and worshipped John, he never tried to resurrect him at any point in the series. Correct me if I’m wrong, but (with the exception of Jack, which was more of a group decision) the only person Dean ever chose to resurrect was Sam, right? Maybe that’s a compelling and early example of Dean’s character development, too.

    It’s fun that the crossroad demons are so cruel and seductive. I like that. That kiss with Dean lasted a pretty long time, but I can’t say I blame her 😊 – LOL!


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