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    August 27, 2021 at 4:31 pm #9239

    “I also really liked the guy who made the deal who DIDN’T want help; he wanted to take responsibility for his deal and ANY artist can sympathize with that guy! He only wished for talent; not fame or fortune; so he was very talented and also surrounded by his art since no one wanted to buy it (yet – I’m thinking he was one of those guys whose art would sell for millions after his death) and no one recognized his talent in his lifetime. He was great casting and a great side character. Very believable. And he introduced Sam and Dean to goofer dust. More southern/hoodoo/voodoo practices and I really liked that.”

    I liked him, too!

    Side note — it’s interesting that Sera Gamble (who wrote this episode) chose to show us such a variety of different Crossroad demon victims. We saw one guy (the architect) who killed himself rather than being torn apart, one woman who tried to hide in a motel only to get ripped apart anyway, one victim who didn’t want to be saved, and another victim who simply didn’t want his wife to die and didn’t regret the deal he’d made. And then, of course, Robert Johnson, who ran initially, but gave up at the last minute. I liked being shown that variety.