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    August 29, 2021 at 10:32 am #9368

    I get that Sam is pissed at being kept in the dark and scared of what all that might mean, but he has to know what info like that would do to Dean, too!! Having your dad ask you to kill your little brother if need be is horrible for anyone, but triply so for the Winchesters!!! Sam really could’ve been a little more sympathetic here. And I don’t appreciate at all that he runs off that night after Dean BEGS him to give him a little time! Dean doesn’t beg – at least not often – and here he was clearly distraught….yet Sam runs off and worries him more. Dick move, sir!”

    I agree!! Why couldn’t Sam just have given Dean a little more time, as he’d asked? And I TOTALLY understand why Dean didn’t tell Sam about what John had said. First of all, John asked him not to. And secondly, just LOOK what happened as soon as Sam did find out? He’d just have gotten angry and taken off sooner. Sam really annoyed me in that scene.