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    August 29, 2021 at 2:41 pm #9372

    It’s always good to see Ashe and Ellen! Ashe is 100% adorable 😊

    I’m annoyed with Sam for running off like that. I won’t repeat my earlier post, but that really got under my skin. Poor Dean! After trying to hard to find Sam, Dean saves Sam only to get taken hostage. Poor Dean! Sam did show a teeny amount of growth by admitting that going to California was his attempt to run away, and that he shouldn’t keep doing that. Too bad it didn’t take….

    It’s interesting that YED was appearing to the other psychic kids and telling them to do evil acts, but he wasn’t telling Sam anything. In retrospect, is anybody else wondering if Ava was evil this whole time? She put on a pretty good show about seeming innocent, but she seemed the same to me as she did in AHBL, so on rewatch this time it’s got me wondering.

    I like Raelle Tucker’s writing. I miss that quality in the later seasons. Ben Edlund’s too, for that matter. I really liked using that scene between Dean and Gordon for the exposition about YED and his plans for the psychic kids. It was a creative way to tell us what was going on, and that the Roadhouse isn’t as safe as it seemed to be.