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    August 30, 2021 at 10:35 am #9455

    This one is pretty strong. Sam kills me here. He’s SO hopeless over his fate; over what he did to the other hunter. Sure “it’s starting” and he’s going “bad”. The scene where he puts the gun in Dean’s hand and asks him to kill him is heartbreaking; though now we know that was not really Sam talking.

    I did love the attempted exorcism scene. When Meg turns out to be stronger. When it doesn’t go the way they plan and AGAIN Bobby; so smart with the “break the line of the brand” idea with another brand to “open the lock” keeping Meg in Sam’s body. If only they’d known about the tattoos at this point.

    Watching it with my spouse, when Sam shows up at Bobby’s and Bobby tests him with the holy water beer, my spouse asked how Bobby knew. I wasn’t sure; except that Bobby kind of tests everyone and he’s very smart. It seemed that Dean did not get the chance to tip off Bobby because they made a big show of Meg/Sam cutting the phone line to Bobby’s…so he wasn’t tipped off. I think Bobby is just that smart; knew Sam was “off” and thought it was weird that he showed up without Dean. Maybe Sam and Dean never “stop by when in the area” as Sam said he was doing and that let him know.

    The rather rape-y scene with Jo is disturbing. I’m not sure I loved the way Jared decided to play “possessed by Meg”. He seemed to make her angrier, though that makes sense when we later find out that she is doing this as revenge for being sent back to hell by them the last time. When she was played by an actress (first one), she was more menacing/calm – disarmingly nice. Here, Jared played her like a real jerk. Just wanting to tell Jo all the hard truths about how Dean doesn’t feel the same way about her…about her father’s death…of course no one is sure if any of that is the truth. I would have liked it if he had played it even MORE as Sam…that would have been even more devastating to Jo, I think…as if Sam thought John was in the right, etc…but I guess by this point Jo knows it’s not really Sam.

    When Jo is patching Dean up later I thought her question about whether or not demons lie or tell the truth was mostly about her father’s death, but on rewatch it seemed like she was only asking to see if Dean’s feelings for her were platonic like the demon said or not.

    I do agree with PNP that Jared is nothing like this menacing version of Sam here and so yes, it is good acting. I just found it not to be entirely consistent with Meg #1 that I really liked as a seemingly very fully-realized character (I feel this way later with Ruby 1 and Gen as Ruby 2 – I wanted more consistency and just happened to prefer smartass Ruby 1).

    Dean’s disdain over the Beetle WAS funny. “Please tell me you didn’t steal THIS.”

    I love Dean’s total commitment. All he cares about is saving Sam. Wants them to clean the hunter’s crime scene – destroy the footage and wipe their prints and that’s his only concern…not that Sam killed someone. No question. He knows Sam. Sam doesn’t smoke or kill people. Period.

    I also liked Dean hitting Sam; just because of what he went through even though he knows it’s not Sam’s fault. And Sam’s “what was that for?” expression.