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Robert Stephen Singer
Jim Beaver
Full name: Robert Stephen Singer

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Episode count: 42
Date of Birth:
Date of death:
August 12, 1950
December 23, 2011
Height: 6'1"
Auto Wrecker / Hunter
Specialties: Research, Ritualistic Spells, Combat, Exorcisms, Cataloging
Karen Singer, deceased
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Bobby is a hunter like the Winchesters, though he seems to stay fairly stationary. He wears a lot of flannel and is almost always seen in a trucker's hat. He runs an auto salvage yard as his day job, and is a go-to guy for supernatural research. He became involved in the hunt when his wife became possessed and he was forced to kill her, because of his lack of supernatural knowledge at that time. He seems to have amassed quite a bit of knowledge over the years (being the first to deduce on his own that Meg was in fact possessed), plus his house is full of bookcases and stacks of books about the supernatural world and the things hunters go after. He and John Winchester were old friends, though they had a falling out prior to the onset of the series. According to Dean Winchester during Bobby's first appearance, the last time Bobby and John met prior to the show, Bobby almost "filled him with buckshot," but they made peace and were working together again before John's death.

In December 2011 in the episode How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters Bobby was helping Dean and Sam hunt the leviathans, led by Dick Roman (a human tycoon taken over by a leviathan). As the Winchesters made their escape in a van, Bobby ran toward it, pursued by Roman wielding a gun. Roman fired as Bobby jumped into the back of the van and it sped away. We learned later that Bobby had actually been hit -- in the head. He hung on in the hospital for a time, waking long enough to scrawl a series of number onto Sam's hand and call the boys "Idjits," and then passed away (episode Death's Door). We never learned what became of his body. We learn in the Season 7 episode "Of Grave Importance" that he "ducked" his reaper, and as such remains a ghost tied to his flask that Dean carries around.

As a ghost, he helps the boys from time to time. He still looks like he did before he died. He exhibited some signs of becoming an angry spirit where he encountered Dick Roman and shoved him into a wall (in The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo). Sam and Dean are worried that Bobby might become obsessed with revenge and wonder what they might need to do to help him.


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  • He had a dog named Rumsfeld (seen only once).
  • He owned and ran an auto salvage yard.
  • He owned a blue Ford tow-truck with South Dakota plates: 9NO3L1.
  • He owned a 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle South Dokota plates: 607 82F.
  • His name is an in-joke - it's the same as that of executive producer Robert Singer.
  • Pattern of choice: flannel shirts.
  • Head gear of choice: trucker’s hat.
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