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When Mrs. God was cutting Dean's arm for the second time, blood was coming out but there's no cut wound.
In the scene where Sam & Dean are in the basement, right before Mrs. God show up, the sack with one of the bodies start to move and you can hear someone alive, yet when they kill the gods they just seem to forget there was another survivor.
In the scene where the Sam & Dean break through the Santa's house door when he is watching TV, he is holding a bottle in his left hand and a green pipe in his right. When he suddenly stands up the Santa is holding the bottle in his right and the pipe is gone.
The last victim’s wife claims she was woken by her husband’s screams when he was being pulled from the bed. Yet when the attack happened, she screamed as soon as the demon entered the room, and her husband never screamed.
When Sam was tied to the chair he was cut on the right arm, yet at the end of the episode there is no scar on his right arm, and his left is bandaged.

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