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In the bunker, Sam and Dean enter and walk down the stairs, calling out for Mary and Jack as they go. No one answers.No one's home. They get a couple of beers and toast to surviving. Dean says they'd be up a creek without Jack who took care of both Michael and Nick. It seems like Dean finally feels that Jack is truly on their side and helping them with their mission.But Sam thinks Dean sounds like he's "bummed" about all the help they've gotten from Jack. Dean says no; it's a Get out Jail Free card.

Dean tries calling Mary. They hear her phone ring and it's sitting in same room they are. Dean figures that Mary and Jack left in a hurry. Sam tells Dean to call Jack.

Outside, somewhere else, Jack's phone rings and he doesn't answer.

Sam and Dean start to worry and start calling around to see if anyone's heard from Mary. They work the phones. No one's heard from her. They hear from Rowena who thinks she has a spell that might be able to track Jack down.

Cas calls. He rolls his eyes with Dean confirms that Nick was trying to raise Lucifer. Dean tells Cas that
Jack "took care" of Nick and Cas asks where Jack is now. Cas is concerned that Jack and Mary are off
alone together. He reveals to Dean that he saw Jack kill his pet snake and he thought at the time that Jack was being merciful. Dean's mad Cas didn't tell him about this incident sooner. Cas doesn't think Jack's well.

Dean doesn't get why Jack killing the snake matters to them finding him now. Sam looks like he might be making some connection and thinks maybe he can figure out how to locate him. He tracks his phone. First in Nepal, then almost instantly in Peru. Sam realizes Jack's flying around. All over the world in seconds.

Jack wakes up somewhere. He sees his phone's battery is low and that someone's tracking him. He sees messages from Sam and Dean. He thinks back on Mary and how kind she was to him, both here and in the AU. He turns and sees Nick. But Nick says he's actually Lucifer. Jack says that's not possible, Lucifer's dead. The vision agrees; says he's actually an embodiment of Jack's subconscious that Jack conjured up in his own mind to help him figure this out. Jack says he doesn't want his help. The vision advises Jack that he won't get out of this situation. He can't. The vision tells him that he can't come back from killing Mary Winchester. He went around the world and ended up right back where it happened because somewhere inside he knows he just has to accept it. Jack tells the vision that it was an accident and the Lucifer-vision tells Jack to try telling Sam and Dean that. Jack tells the vision to shut up and raises his hand. The vision melts away.

Elsewhere, Sam and Dean meet up with Cas. Sam can't imagine that Jack did anything wrong with Felix the snake. Sam's still thinking about it. Sam's worried about Jack without a soul. Dean doesn't want to think about it. Dean just wants to find Jack and Mary and then figure it out. Sam's not convinced.

Sam loses the signal on Jack's cell phone.

They drive to his last location where Jack's phone alerted; the place where Mary and Nick were killed. They search around the cabin.

Inside, Sam finds Nick's dead body. He calls for Dean, but Dean's outside searching. Dean's found a large scorched area on the ground.

Cas sits in the truck he was driving and thinks back to his time with Mary. Little things, like Mary eating a candy bar after a hunt. How tough she was. How she didn't want to allow him to heal her. She admitted to being a little afraid of Cas when she first came back. She had a hard time getting used to the idea of angels. He remembers telling her that Sam and Dean are glad to have her back; they they aren't so alone now. She tells him they were never alone.

Cas goes to meet up with Sam and Dean.

Sam covers Nick's body which is a mess and wonders if Jack caused that much damage to the corpse. Sam thinks it's overkill. Sam tells Cas there's a blast site behind the house. They try to figure it all out. Dean swears that if Jack did something to Mary, then Cas is dead to Dean because Cas knew something was wrong with Jack and he didn't tell them about the incident with the snake.

Cas says he was scared. He believed Jack was good. He knew he'd be good for the world and for them. Cas' faith never wavered, then he saw what Jack did to his snake; not out of malice or evil; he just saw a problem; that the snake wasn't eating, and he solved it by killing it. It was the absence of good, but Cas considered them a family and he didn't want to lose that; thought he could fix Jack on his own; that it was his responsibility. So Cas left and didn't tell them. He wishes he had talked to Jack then. Cas says he failed both Dean and Jack.

Sam's phone rings. It's Rowena. She says Jack's energy is too unstable to find him; it's like the sun. Rowena can't find Mary. She says she doesn't know where Mary is, but she can say with certainty that Mary is no longer on this earth.

Dean throws a chair.

Sam asks what they should do. Dean says they do what they always do when they lose one of their own. They fight to bring them back.

Dean thinks they should use Rowena and the Book of the Dammed to help resurrect Mary. He tells Cas to go to heaven and find her. He tells Sam to tell Rowena they're on their way.

There's a knock at Rowena's door. She thinks Sam and Dean got there awfully fast. It's Jack.

She asks if Jack is okay and tells him that Sam and Dean are looking for him. He says no, he's not okay. He needs help. He needs magic because he killed Mary. Rowena seems stunned into silence. Jack explains it was an accident. He didn't mean to. He wanted her to be quiet; to be gone, but just for a second. He thought it and it all happened so fast. He needs to undo it. He menacingly tells Rowena she has to help him undo it.

She explains that the magic she's used on herself isn't what he needs. What he needs has to be prepared in advance. She says there is a spell in the Book of the Dammed. Agnes, the witch who created the book, was obsessed with breaking curses and what is death but the ultimate curse? When Agnes was a prisoner, her friends and fellow prisoners starved and died around her and she brought them back with necromancy. Rowena says the spell has simple ingredients but enormous power.

Dean knocks at the door. Jack realizes Rowena's been stalling to keep him there long enough for Sam and Dean to arrive. She asks him to please talk to them; they're kin. Jack takes Rowena and disappears.

Cas approaches heaven's gate at the playground. He calls for Naomi.

Back at the bunker; Jack has transported Rowena there with him to get spell ingredients. Jack remembers back to when Mary taught him how to throw a knife. She never ridiculed him for not succeeding. He looks at the marks his attempts made in the floor and thinks in the flashback that Dean will kill him when he sees it. Mary slides the table over the marks, hiding them.

Jack's memory morphs into a memory Sam has about Mary: Sam walks in and asks how Jack's training is coming. Mary tells him Jack has heart. He tells Mary he hasn't been there for Jack while he's been looking for Dean. She tells Sam it's okay. She has parental guilt too. She wasn't there much for them. She tells Sam that parents always feel like they're failing, but she looks at Sam and Dean and they're the bravest, kindest, most heroic men on the planet. She says kids will always surprise you.Sam's broken out of his memories by Dean yelling about how are they supposed to find Jack now that he has wings and Rowena and the Book of the Dammed?Dean's mad at Cas for keeping information from him, but Sam says they've always known Jack could be dangerous. Sam points out that he brought Jack back to life in spite of Dean's warnings. Sam said Jack had become family.

Sam feels he abandoned Jack when he know something was going to happen. He left when Maggie and the other hunters died and dumped Jack on Cas.

Dean says he also was suspicious. Donatello had said he thought Jack was fine but couldn't be sure. Dean now sees that was a warning.

In the bunker, Jack wants Rowena to hurry up with the spell ingredients. Jack's vision of Lucifer keeps
plaguing him. Rowena wonders who he's talking to. Lucifer keeps mocking Jack and his guilt. Lucifer
accuses Jack of not feeling anything anymore. When Rowena asks who he's talking to, Jack tells her to keep working. Jack wills Lucifer to disappear.

Rowena says she has everything but one ingredient. She needs Mary's body to make this work.


Cas is still waiting in the playground for Naomi. The gate to heaven glows and Duma appears. She won't tell him where Naomi is. Duma knows Cas is looking for Mary. Duma tells Cas to leave. She says Mary is at peace and shouldn't be brought back. She died painlessly and instantly. She's in a special heaven and is now complete. Duma says that even if Cas and the Winchesters are not complete, Mary is.At the site where Mary died, Jack insists Rowena bring Mary back. She says she can't without Mary's body. Jack says he'll do it himself. She tells him that disposition affects execution and Jack is not in the right frame of mind to do this. Whatever Jack brings back won't be Mary. He tells her to help him. She says she won't. Jack raises his hand and throws her back to her own apartment.Rowena calls Sam and Dean and tells them what Jack is up to. She says Jack can't try this in the state he's in; that he'll bring back something terrible that isn't Mary.

At the site of Mary's death, Jack adds some of the ashes from the ground to Rowena's ingredients and lights them. He recites the words from the Book of the Dammed and the ingredients in the bowl glow purple. The clouds above swirl in a purple glow. Jack continues to chant.

Sam and Dean drive up. Jack's eyes glow and the Impala stops running.

Sam and Dean run the rest of the way. Lightening strikes the ground in front of Jack. Jack looks down at whatever is on the ground and says to Sam and Dean as they arrive on the scene that "it didn't work".

Sam and Dean run to Mary's lifeless body now lying on the ground. Jack brought back her body only.

Dean remembers back to a time when Mary fell asleep on his shoulder while he drove the Impala. Dean and Sam cry, holding Mary's body.

Elsewhere, Jack sits alone. The vision of Lucifer sits down next to him. Lucifer says there's no going back now. Cas, Sam and Dean are never going to trust him again and therefore, Jack can never trust them either.

In the bunker, Sam looks at photos of him and Dean and Mary over the years. Cas walks in. Cas reports that Mary's in heaven and at peace. Dean enters the room. Dean doesn't trust Duma's word. Cas says Duma did let him in and Cas saw Mary's heaven. She's happy and with John with no sorrow or guilt; only joy. Sam smiles through his tears. Sam says Rowena thinks that Jack was only able to bring back a shell. A replica incapable of holding life.

Sam asks again what they should do now. Dean replies "what we always do". They give Mary a hunter's funeral. Sam throws a photo of Mary into the fire.

Montage of Mary follows; Sam's memories as he throws the photo in.

Cas goes to walk towards Dean, but Sam stops him. They watch the fire burn.

Back at the bunker, we see the S.W. And D.W. carved in the table, along with "M.W."

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