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Lee Chambers is having coffee at a diner and carefully watches one of the waitresses, Sally. When she goes outside with a man, Lee gives his regards to the other waitress, Marlene, and follows Sally into the parking lot. He doesn't find any sign of her, but Marlene comes up behind him as Lee starts to waver. She admits that she drugged him and easily knocks Lee out when he tries to fight.
Week One
Sam and Dean sit in silence after Bobby dies.
Week Two
Dean studies the five-digit number that Bobby sacrificed his life to obtain, and tries to figure out what it is.
Week Three
Dean collects articles on Dick Roman, trying to figure out what his master plan is. Sam opens a beer and suggests that they call Bobby's people, but Dean is more interested in waiting to hear back from Frank, who is checking on the numbers. Bobby's phone rings and Sam picks up, and a young girl asks for Bobby. When Sam says he isn't there, the girl hangs up. He wants to investigate, but Dean insists that finding Frank and deciphering the number is more important. As they argue, Dean reaches for his beer only to discover that the bottle is empty, even though he doesn't remember drinking it. Sam asks him to come find him once he gets an answer from Frank and goes to find the girl.
Sam goes to an apartment and the girl reluctantly opens the door. He explains that her address was in Bobby's address book and that Bobby is dead, and insists that she can trust him. The girl, Krissy, finally lets him in and explains that her father Lee, a hunter, has been gone for five days and hasn't called. Sam decides to help and Krissy shows him to her father's desk. He finds a collection of articles on disappearances and picks up a photo of Lee, and then tells her that he's going to follow up on a lead. When Sam tells her that he'll check back in a few days, Krissy points out that her father said that.
Dean goes to an old house in the countryside and finds an armed Frank is waiting for him. Frank suspects that Dean is a Leviathan and isn't convinced when Dean says that he isn't. Dean finally cuts himself to reveal that he doesn't bleed black goo and then asks Frank to do the same. The conspiracy theorist reluctantly does so and then takes Dean to the RV that he's using as a mobile base of operations. Frank explains that he's had to go on the road after he started researching Dick, because the Leviathan sent people after him. He admits that the Leviathans have people everywhere and is distracted that he doesn't realize that four weeks have passed. Dean demands answers about the number, reminding Frank that Bobby died for the numbers.
When Frank tries to reminisce about his time with Bobby, Dean reminds him that he's paying him good money to find out what the numbers mean. The man admits that the numbers don't mean anything so he figures that Bobby may have not given them all of the numbers and started running probabilities. Frank finally found a sixth number that made the numbers a series of coordinates for a field in Wisconsin. The land was purchased by a subsidiary of Richard Roman Enterprises, and Frank says that if they're stupid they should go there and set up surveillance.
Sam goes to the morgue and talks to the coroner about the death of one of the victims, Matthew Halvena, who was apparently bitten to death. He then calls Dean, who tells him about the field in Wisconsin and asks about Krissy. Sam admits that he figures that Krissy doesn't know that her father is a hunter. Once Dean hangs up, Frank drives out to a field where they pose as telephone repairmen and set up near the field. They spot some security cameras and Frank figures that they need to head out and then tap into the cameras from his RV. As they set up, Frank tells Dean that he needs some rest and says that all they can do is wait. Dean dozes off, unaware that his cellphone is ringing.
Sam leaves a message telling Dean that he figures the killer is a Vetala. John killed one of them years ago and wrote in his journal that the Vetala are loner types that like to feed slowly on their prey. He says that he could use Dean's help and figures they can still rescue Lee, and then hangs up. Sam goes to the diner and talks to Marlene. She says that she may have seen Lee and points out that he may have talked to the brunette waitress, Sally. Sam goes out to talk to Sally and she says that she hasn't seen Lee, but then says they should talk privately because it isn't safe. Once they're alone, Sally says that something is happening around there and is worried she'll be next. Marlene comes after them and Sam fights her, telling Sally to run. However, Sally transforms into a Vetala as well and they bite Sam, knocking him out with their poison.
Thirty-six hours later, Dean wakes up and Frank shows him surveillance footage of a woman, Amanda Willer, walking into the middle of a field. She works for Dick and Frank explains that the company is surveying the land and figures they're up to something. He suggests that Dean go out and kill something to let off some steam, but Dean isn't impressed. Frank tells him that he'll drive himself crazy, and explains that when he was 26, he came home and found his wife and two kids gutted. He decided to just get through the week, and then vow to do the same the next week, and the next, and smile and act professional. Before he can respond, Dean realizes that Sam left him a message but the information from John's journal is wrong. Krissy calls him and tells him that she hasn't heard anything from Sam.
Sam wakes up in an abandoned building, tied up and surrounded by other unconscious man. Lee is one of them and explains that the Vetala used venom on all of them. Sam explains that he's a hunter and was looking for Lee, and Lee admits that they've been draining him slowly, and that the next feeding will kill him.
Dean arrives at the Chambers apartment and Krissy points out what Sam looked at. He tells her to wait in the living room, figuring that Lee doesn't want her to know what he really does. Krissy refuses to go and Dean looks around, finding a scrap of map. He realizes that Krissy took the rest and she tells him that she knows that her father is a hunter. She posed as a regular kid when she thought Sam could handle things. Dean demands the map and Krissy draws a gun on him. Unimpressed, he tells her that he's trying to get Sam and her father back. Krissy doesn't believe that they'll come back and insists on going with Dean rather than risk losing him as well. He slaps the gun out of her hand but Krissy tells him that she memorized the map and then burned it.
Dean has no choice but to take Krissy with him. When she tries to ask a question, Dean tells her that he's not in the mood and has serious crap to deal with. Krissy asks how the creature captured both of them, and Dean explains that they thought that the Vetala hunted alone because the one that John killed was operating alone. However, he killed another one that was operating with a partner, and he never told Sam because he was at college at the time. Krissy is surprised to learn that Sam had a normal life for a while, and Dean suggests that she could go to college and be a hunter/pediatrician.
Sally comes in to check on Lee and Sam, who have nothing to say. As she starts to feed on Lee, Sam boasts that he killed a Vetala in Utah. He describes how he slowly killed it and she bites and feeds on him instead.
At the diner, Dean and Krissy watch and he asks if she ever went on a job with Lee. She claims that she did but Dean knows better. She insists that she can handle the stress but Dean tells her that he can read the fear in her face. When Krissy says that she's been training for it her entire life, Dean says that training is one thing and experience is another. Krissy spots Marlene getting into a truck and drives off, and they follow her to the abandoned building. Dean offers to fist-bump with her and then handcuffs her when she finally gives in, and tells her that he's not taking a kid in. Krissy figures that Sam and Lee are both dead, explaining that she saw her mother torn to shreds, and asks Dean to let her go with him. He refuses, insisting that he's the grown-up, and then asks her for her hidden lock pick. Krissy reluctantly hands it over and he approaches the building.
Dean sneaks in and finds the Vetala feeding. He grabs a rod and knocks out Sally, but Marlene disarms him. He manages to knock her away with a crowbar and goes for his knife, but Krissy runs in and Sally grabs her and threatens to kill her if Dean doesn't release the other Vetala. He agrees and Lee wonders why Dean brought Krissy there. Sally orders Dean to drop his knife and he does, and asks the Vetalas to let Krissy go. Crying, Krissy calls to Lee, who says that everything will be all right. Marlene starts to feed on Lee and Sally tells Krissy that no one can help her, but the girl draws a hidden knife and kills Sally. Marlene charges at Dean but Krissy frees Sam and he uses the knife to kill her.
Later, Sam and Dean go to the hospital to check on Lee while Krissy waits outside. He thanks them for their help, and Dean tells him to quit so that Krissy can have a normal life. He knows that Lee got into it because of his family, and tells Lee that he should get out of it for the same reason. Lee asks if he knew anyone who left the life and Dean admits that all the hunters he has known were killed first.
As the brothers go outside, Krissy comes up to Dean and complains that he didn't say goodbye. She tells him that he's kind of amusing for an old man, and he realizes she used a bobby pin to get free of the handcuffs. Krissy says that she's retiring and figures that she might go to Stanford like Sam, and then jokingly tells Dean that he's lame. Dean smiles and fist-bumps with her and then walks away.
As the brothers drive off, Sam figures that the Chambers will be okay. Dean asks if he's okay and Sam admits that he's not and just wants to go back to work. He asks if Dean is fine and Dean says that they should just work and go after Dick. Sam goes to sleep and Dean just tries to smile.
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