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Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

A sheriff's deputy leads a young woman down a hallway to lockup. She struggles against him every step of the way until the door slams closed, locking her in. She yells for him to let her out. Frank, the deputy, gets a call on the radio to check out a breaking and entering. He heads out, leaving the girl alone, locked up.

She hears a noise out in the office past the locked door of her holding cell. A young man appears at the window. She recognizes him as Cody. She seems afraid of Cody. Cody opens the door. He says he's going to take care of the situation before "the others" even realize she is gone. Cody tells her that he lured the deputy outside with the fake radio call and killed him.

He tells the girl that she can run, but "they" will always find her.

Cody opens his mouth and displays his vampire fangs to the girl. Suddenly, he is decapitated from behind by Sheriff Jody Mills.

Sheriff Mills beheads Cody.

Later...the Impala drives up. Sam and Dean seem glad to see Jody and vice versa. She asks how they've been. Dean says, "peachy" and Sam practically runs over him to say, "touch and go" instead. Dean gives Sam a look. Jody says she knows the feeling.

Dean asks about the case. She opens her trunk to show them the decapitated body of Cody the vampire.

Sam checks Cody's mouth and pushes at his gums to make his fangs extend. Sam confirms that Jody killed a vampire. Dean wonders aloud if maybe Jody doesn't need their help anymore. Jodi tells them there are more where that guy came from. Jody explains that the girl was picked up as a runaway, but she's sure that the "others" that Cody referred to will want her just as bad as he did.

Sam thinks they are dealing with a vampire nest. Jody says that the term "nest" probably isn't near as cozy as it sounds.

The all go in to talk to the girl. She calls them out as hunters (not FBI) right away Dean doesn't like her uncooperative attitude. He tells her that she's only alive because hunters trained Sheriff Mills and maybe she should be thanking her. Dean asks why the vampires want her.


Sam sees bite marks on her neck.

Jody interrupts saying they have a match on the girl's DNA. She is Annie Jones, abducted outside of Kenosha, WI in 2006. She had been raised by a grandparent but has no relatives. Jody wonders if she's been with the vampires the whole time. Dean thinks that's a long time for a human to live with vampires without being killed or turned, but Jody points out that there was something familiar between Annie and Cody, the vampire who tracked her down.

Sam says she has layered feeding scars on her neck; perhaps she was kept as a blood slave who ended up becoming attached to her captors.

Sam and Dean go back to talk to her some more.

She insists her name is "Alex", not Annie. Alex said it was her choice to help the vampires. She lured people in for them to feed on and she fed them her own blood when they couldn't hunt. She says they are her family.

She says she ran away because it was just time for her to move on. Sam and Dean say she really can't get away from them. They have her scent. They won't just let her leave.

Alex tears up thinking about the fact that Cody is dead. Dean says that's one of the consequences of the choice she made. Sam says she'll have to choose them or herself. Dean asks where the nest is. She says she can't tell them. She tells them that there's a "Mama" who will kill her if she finds her after what's happened to Cody.

Later...Sheriff Mills wonders why they changed her name to Alex from Annie; the names are so close anyway.

Sam and Dean start narrowing down possible nest locations. They leave Sheriff Mills with Alex. Sam suggests she take Alex and leave the police station since at least one of the vampires knows that's where Alex was being held. Dean asks if Jody wants backup; she says she can't ask another of her police officers to get involved.

Sam lets Jody know how Dead Man's Blood effects a vampire. Jody says she'd be glad to have some, but is sure she won't have to use it since Sam and Dean will get the jump on them before they even realize Alex is missing. She doesn't look so sure though.

Sam and Dean head out to find the nest.

Elsewhere, a woman leaves work while on the phone. Just as she gets to her car, she's stopped by someone she recognizes (Connor) asking about his sister Alex. Connor accuses her of helping Alex leave town. The woman says she didn't help Alex. Connor keeps asking. The woman runs and Connor follows. She's cut off by a middle-aged redheaded woman who bares her fangs.

Elsewhere...Jody and Alex arrive at Jody's family's secluded cabin in the woods. It's nighttime. Alex looks skeptical. Jody says she has lots of great memories there, but stops herself from talking about her deceased husband and child. Jody takes off Alex's handcuffs and tells her she won't get far if she tries to run in the dense woods.

Inside, Alex snoops around the cabin while Jody unpacks the food. She finds a photo of Jody's late husband and child. When Jody doesn't say anything, Alex figures out they are dead. Jody says Alex really has no tact at all. Jody tries to make Alex comfortable, but Alex rejects her gestures.

Elsewhere...Sam and Dean enter an old house...not their first one of the night. They find evidence that someone has been living there and the windows are blacked out. They hear a loud noise out back and find a guy out back at the woodchipper disposing of a body (a bloody hand is hanging out of the machine). The man shows his fangs and moves to attack Dean, but Sam hits him in the head from behind with a shovel. The guy goes down.

Sam and Dean search for the nest house.

Back in the house, Sam and Dean have the guy tied up, interrogating him. Sam asks why they killed the victims they killed. The guy says they were hungry. Dean wants to know where the rest of the family is, but the guy won't tell him.

Elsewhere...the vampires show up at Jody's police station.

Back at the abadoned house, Dean continues to question the vampire they have tied up. He says that one woman, "Mama", turned all of them except Alexis. The guy resents his whiny, non-turned teenage sister. The vampire says that in spite of her complaining though, Alex will always choose vampires over humans. They have her true loyalty.

He tells Sam and Dean how she would lure lonely men in by picking them up in bars and bringing them home for the rest of the vampire family to feed on. He says it helped the family stay off the hunter's radar all these years; not having to go out and hunt when she'd bring the food to them. (We see a flashback of her doing just that.) The vampire tells Sam and Dean that Alex couldn't have acted as a lure like that if she didn't enjoy it a bit...that even though she's not a vampire, she's just as bloodthirsty.

Sam looks extremely worried and looks at Dean, saying, simply "Jody".

Back at Jody's cabin, Jody can't find Alex. She searches, not noticing that Dean is trying to call her. She finds Alex asleep on the bed in her late son's room. Jody looks around with nostalgia at the pictures on the walls. She goes to cover Alex up with a blanket, but Alex startles awake. Jody tries to get her to calm down and offers her a sandwich.

Alex starts to talk about her grandma; she seems to be asking Jody about her, but when Jody insinuates she's dead, Alex is unphased saying that she figured her grandma was dead; she was old.

Jody gets Dean on the phone. Dean tells her that the other vampires are probably already on their way to the cabin and tries to tell her that there's something else; something about Alex.

Jody tells Dean it can wait as she sees headlights pull up out front. The vampires are already there. Sam and Dean say they are on their way. Jody tells them to hurry.

Sam asks if they're going and Dean says yes, he'll meet him outside. Dean heads back in to the tied-up vampire and kicks him awake.

Back at the cabin, a vampire comes through the window into Alex's room. Jody goes after her, but is clotheslined by another member of vampire family and knocked to the ground. They drag Alex into their pickup and leave Jody on the ground as they drive away.

It's light outside when Sam and Dean finally drive up and run towards Jody. She is out of it, but okay. She tells them she tried to stop them. They are just glad she's not dead. Sam's pretty sure the vampires headed back home with Alex, and Sam wonders what they'll do when they find another brother dead (Dean apparently killed the guy after kicking him awake). Jodi says she's coming with them. They try to dissuade her. She says Alex was under her protection and she has to get her back. Dean tells Jody that Alex was a lure, and therefore complicit in feeding humans to the vampires. Jody says she doesn't care; whatever Alex did, she
did because the vampires made her do it. Dean is not convinced.

Sam and Dean help Jodi up.

Sam takes Dean's side. Dean is really seeing this in black and white. Dean insinuates he might have to kill Alex. Sam tries to soften it a bit, but tells Jody this is a cleanup mission; not a rescue. Sam wonders aloud why Jody cares so much; she barely knows Alex. Jody gives Sam a "you don't know s h i t" look and pushes past him. She says she's going with them and she's going to protect Alex; and that means protecting her from Sam and Dean if necessary.

Alex wakes up in a room alone with "Mama". Mama tells her that she made a mess of things; now Dale is also dead. The mother says they'll all have to move again. But they'll all find their way. She seems glad to have Alex back. Alex wonders why they still want her. The mother says she would never hurt Alex. She looks like she really cares for Alex. She asks Alex why she ran. Alex says she loves this woman, her vampire mother, but she couldn't take the blood and death and screaming victims anymore. She felt too guilty about luring people to their deaths. The mother looks away. She says it's her fault. She says she should have turned Alex years ago.

Near the vampire nest...Sam and Dean and Jody are arming themselves. Dean is all business. He tells Jody that the priority is clearing the nest, and Alex comes second. He wants to make sure Jody understands. She says she's "got it".

Sam, Dean, and Jodi gear up for the raid on the nest.

Back inside the vampire's house...the mother is telling Alex she selfishly wanted to watch her grow up. But now she could turn her so they'd be a family forever. She asks Alex if she'd like that.

Sam and Dean sneak into the house, machetes drawn, Jody between them. They search in silence; hand signals only. They go upstairs. Jody remains downstairs. Jody hears a woman moaning. She goes towards the sound.

Dean rounds a corner to find Sam with a shotgun in his back. The vampire holding the shotgun tells Dean to drop the machete. He does. Another vampire comes around and knocks Dean out with a board.

Jody discovers Alex, moaning in the basement. She tries to get her to get up and go. Alex looks at her with bloodshot eyes and tells Jody she's sorry; she made her choice. The mother comes up behind Jody and knocks her out; telling Jody, "she chose me."

Alex chose to be "turned".

Elsewhere in the house, Dean is passed out on the floor. Sam is tied to a chair, gun to his head. The two vampire brothers beat Sam. They want to know which one killed their brother Dale. Sam says nothing. One of the vampires drops a bucket at Sam's feet; telling him they'll need lunch when they hit the road to find a new home.

In the basement, Jody is tied up. She asks what's wrong with Alex. The mother tells her that she fed her her blood and Alex is changing. The mother wants Alex to feed on Jody, but Alex asks the mother to let Jody go. Jody and the vampire mother start to argue. The mother tells Jody she doesn't know the first thing about how she has raised Alex for 9 years. Jody tell her that she shouldn't want to turn Alex into a vampire just because she has become inconvenient.

The mother tries to get Alex to feed on Jody. Testing her loyalty.

In another room, Sam is woozy from being bled. The vampire says it's time to bleed Dean next. He kicks unconscious Dean with his foot, then draws his head back by the hair to cut his throat. Dean, who's been faking it, quickly stabs one of the vampires in the chest before he is attacked by vampire #2 who hits him. Dean falls to the ground.

Sam is tied up; must be Tuesday.

In the basement, the mother vampire can't seem to get Alex to willingly feed on Jody. Jody figures out that the mother named Alex after someone. Jody realizes both women were using Alex to fill holes in their lives. The vampire mother had a daughter named Alex who died a long time ago. Jody knows what that loss feels like. Jody seems to be making a connection with the mother vampire, but the vampire only becomes angry, calls Jody a *****, and she begins to beat her.


Elsewhere in the house...Dean is on his feet again, machete in hand. Vampire #2 comes at him and he and Dean struggle for control of the machete between them hovering over their throats. It looks like vampire #2 has the upper hand for a minute, but then a look of surprise crosses his face as Dean begins to force the machete back towards him. Dean appears to be the stronger of the two. Dean's in total control and acts like someone supremely sure of his own skill without any second thought to killing. Dean backs vampire #2 up against the wall as he struggles against Dean with all the force he can gather. The vampire looks away and Dean, with intensity we haven't seen in a long time, commands the vampire, "Look at me, b i t c h!", then he deliberately pushes the machete blade through his neck; decapitating him.

Look at me ***** 1.

Look at me ***** 2.

Look at me ***** 3.

Look at me ***** 4.

Look at me ***** 5.

Dean turns from his victim to untie Sam as if it's no big deal.

Sam is struggling to tell Dean something. Dean dismisses him saying, "Yeah, I know, you wouldn't have done the same for me." Very matter-of-fact, as if Sam's really hurtful past statements can't hurt him anymore. Sam is trying to tell Dean that they need to find Jody. Dean looks a bit stunned; as if he'd forgotten all about her.

Sam reminds Dean that Jody might be in trouble.

In the basement, Jody is hanging from her wrists; bloody where the mother vampire has beaten her face.

The mother vampire cuts her down. She tells Jody she's about to die and the mother vampire prepares to feed on her. The mother vampire gets an odd look on her face as she realizes she has been stabbed from behind by Alex. Injected with a syringe of Dead Man's Blood.

The mother vampire looks stunned at Alex's betrayal. She falls to the floor as the blood disables her. Alex says she's sorry. Jody grabs a machete and holds the mother vampire's head back by her hair. She tells Alex not to watch. Alex turns away and Jodi decapitates the mother vampire without emotion as Sam and Dean come down the stairs. Dean looks stunned and Sam is just trying to stay on his feet; still weak from blood loss.

Jody prepares to kill the mother vampire, with Alex's help.

Later, outside Jody's cabin, Sam sarcastically tells Dean, "Nice work back there," and questions his "look at me, b i t c h" command to the vampire before he killed him. Dean tries to brush it off, telling Sam he'd use any other snappy one-liner that Sam might be able to suggest. Sam tells Dean it looked like he enjoyed killing that vampire; a little too much. Dean sees no problem. He says that killing things that need killing is there job and there's nothing wrong with taking pleasure in it. Sam says, "right, but..." and is interrupted when Jody walks up.

Sam questions how much Dean is enjoying killing.

Dean sees nothing wrong with enjoying killing monsters.

She's beaten and limping (great makeup!). Sam and Dean say they owe her an apology; they were wrong about Alex. Jodi says they were right about her (Jody); that this case brought back old feelings about her family that she'd been trying to bury and her judgement was clouded. Jody says she's been fooling herself to think she could bury it. Jody thanks Sam and Dean for their help, and for curing Alex. Sam says she doesn't need to thank them; Jody is the one who killed Alex's sire.

Jody's beaten, but alive.

Jody asks if the cure will work. Dean says that, speaking from experience, it will be a rough couple of days, but she'll pull through. Dean asks with great sincerity if Jody would like them to stay. Jody thanks him, but says she's okay with Alex. Sam wonders what she'll do with Alex once she's cured. Jody looks like she doesn't know.

Jody says she'll be okay with Alex; Sam and Dean don't need to stay.

Back inside, Jody checks on Alex. Alex feels sick, but she thanks Jody. She says she agreed to be turned because she just couldn't stand to disappoint the mother vampire again. She tries to start to confess to Jody that she's done things. Jody stops her. She tell Alex she has her support if she wants it. Jody is very sympathetic...she tells Alex that no one can understand what she's been through in the past 48 hours; losing her whole family and everyone she cares about (her vampire family).

Alex looks at her and says plainly, "you can".

Alex and Jody understand each other's loss.

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