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This episode starts at the exact moment when Don't Call Me Shurley ends.

Sam and Dean are out in the street, the amulet glowing in Dean's hand, and they're staring at Chuck in front of them.

Chuck suggests they go elsewhere so they can talk. Dean doesn't want to go anywhere. How can they be sure it's really Chuck and not just some kind of spell?

Chuck snaps his fingers and suddenly, all there of them are in the bunker, amulet still glowing in Dean's hand.

Kevin steps out from behind Chuck (or the ghost of Kevin). He observes they look stressed and tells them to trust Chuck. If Chuck thinks they can do something, then they can handle it. Kevin says he always trusted Sam and Dean. Dean points out that ended badly for Kevin.

Sam asks if he's okay. Kevin says yes, considering he's dead.

Chuck wants them to hurry the conversation along. He tells Kevin it's time for an upgrade and sends his glowing soul to heaven. They watch. Then Dean looks at Chuck and swallows
hard and says, "Holy crap."

The three of them are sitting down and talking. Sam's not sure what to call him...God? Chuck?Chuck says he prefers "Chuck", actually. Sam is falling all over himself with questions. He's like the ultimate fan. Dean is not as much of
a fan.

Sam asks for a moment to process this whole thing. They didn't know Chuck was God. He's been gone for so long. Sam's just babbling and Dean points that out. Chuck observes that Dean doesn't seem to be on board here.

Dean quietly starts to talk. He says, no disrespect, and it's great that Chuck came back to help with The Darkness, but he's been gone a very long time and so many bad things have happened. (Jensen's amazing here; Dean's crying over the inhumanity of it all.) All the wars, plagues, the killing...where was God? Doing self-indulgent things?

Chuck says he was aware of all the problems on earth. Dean can't believe he did nothing. Dean points out how devoted people are to God, and yet he did nothing.

Chuck says he gets that Dean is frustrated. He says he was really hands-on for "ages". He was sure if he kept stepping in to teach and punish, that humans would grow up, but it didn't help. He felt he needed to step away so humans could find their way. It's no good to be over-involved. That's just enabling.

Dean thinks it didn't get better. But Chuck thinks it did. Dean's crying now. He says, from his perspective, it looks like God left everyone and is just trying to justify his actions.

Chuck thinks maybe this is all about John; he tells Dean not to confuse him with his father.

Cas is being, it looks like, electrocuted from the inside out by Amara. Well, it's Lucifer she's torturing in Cas' body. She wants him to call out to God to save him. Lucifer says he's too much of a screw-up for God to care about him. Lucifer points out that God created, and all Amara wants is the opposite; nothingness.

Back in the bunker...
Chuck tells Sam and Dean that The Darkness is relentless. It was horrible being her brother. She tried to order him around.

Dean asks where she is. Chuck says he has no idea. Amara has "warded herself" against him, specifically (this makes no sense if Amara is trying to draw God to her as she says she is). Chuck asks them what they have; what do they know about Amara's whereabouts? Dean says they have nothing and they've been at it for months.

Chuck doesn't seem worried. He seems to think it's just a matter of time before Sam and Dean find Amara. He says he's always had faith in them, even if they didn't return the favor. Chuck asks for directions to the guest room and a shower (wouldn't God know that already?).

As he leaves, Dean asks if Chuck knows Amara has Lucifer. He does. Sam understands that the last time God put Amara away; it wasn't just him doing it; Lucifer was involved too. Chuck says no, Lucifer was his greatest hope and worst disappointment. He didn't trust him; that's why he wanted him in a cage and he takes a dig at Sam and Dean for releasing him. Sam tries to apologize.

Chuck says Lucifer is probably worse now. Maybe even in alliance with Amara. He yells at them that he doesn't want Lucifer involved in this.

Amara feels that "something's out there". She says it's new. Lucifer wonders if God picked up on all of Amara's killing. She calls God a spoiled brat. While she wanted solitude, he wanted a fan club. That's why he created everything and stuffed her away with Lucifer's help. Lucifer tells her to stop whining. She knocks him out to get him to stop talking.

In the bunker...
Dean is alone, researching at the main table. He asks aloud where Amara is. She appears to him in a vision telling him she misses him. She says that if God reaches out to Dean, God should know that Lucifer, his favorite, isn't doing so well, and neither is his vessel Cas. She shows Dean a vision of Cas, beaten severely. Amara says that by ignoring her, God is allowing this abuse of Lucifer to continue. She "thought (Dean) should know".

Lewis, Oklahoma...
A man steps outside to what looks like storm brewing. A fog starts rolling down his street. He hears screams. People stagger past, infected by Amara's black-vein fog virus. The fog starts to surround him.

In the bunker...
Sam is researching and Dean walks in. Sam can't find anything. Dean hands him some coffee. Sam wishes Rowena was around to track down Amara. Dean wonders where Chuck is. Sam says he's sleeping in. Dean wonders if God sleeps. Sam says he knows Chuck takes really long showers. Dean jumps in saying, "I know, right?" and Chuck sings in the shower; crappy old folk songs. Sam knows this is a weird situation, but he can't believe the opportunity; to ask God questions. Dean tells Sam to stop being a fan boy. Stay focused. Before it's too late. Sam wonders what he means by that.

Dean tells him that Amara is in his head; he didn't ask for it, she just showed up. She showed him what she's doing to Cas and it's bad.

Chuck walks in wearing Dean's robe, which offends Dean. Chuck's eating a donut. He says it's a mistake to get mixed up with Lucifer. As much as it pained him, he had to walk away from Lucifer so long ago; too much drama. He asks if they have any bacon.

Sam finds that the Amara fog hit another town. Thousands died. Everyone except for one man.

Dean asks Chuck how come he missed that one. He didn't help this town like he helped the last one. Chuck says she's baiting him and he can't respond every time. He won't be manipulated. He tells Sam and Dean to keep trying to find her.

Metatron is sitting in a bar reading God's autobiography. He watches the news footage of the last deadly fog and sees Sam and Dean in the street, facing Chuck. He calls them.

They're driving. Metatron says he noticed they've been in touch with Chuck. He has some information for them. Dean wants him to just say it, but he insists they meet him in person. There's something he has to show them.

Sam and Dean in the fed suits sit down in a police station to interview the lone survivor of the last virus fog. A man named Donatello.

The cops think he's a terrorist. He says he's a university professor. Sam asks about any other odd things he may have seen. He saw people dying in the street. Choking, with black veins. That's when it happened. He was hit by lightening.

Suddenly he was full of knowledge and clarity. Things he's never known before he suddenly knew. He saw a long line of visions of destruction and death.

Sam and Dean leave to talk it over. They agree it sounds like Kevin. This guy must be a prophet. But Sam reminds Dean that Crowley rounded up all the future prophets and killed them. But Dean says they rescued them and this guy wasn't part of that group. Maybe Crowley missed him? Dean wonders if perhaps Amara's fog IS her God power. Maybe she activated the prophet when the fog rolled through town?

Dean says he needs some coffee to wrap his mind around this.

Donatello asks if he's under arrest. Sam sits down to question him some more. He slides him some symbols and asks him to read them. He says he can't. Suddenly, Donatello reads from the paper "Behold, the face of God." He can't believe he could read it and asks who speaks this language? Sam replies that angels do. It's Enochian.

In the hall, Dean has another vision of Amara. She is telling him she needs to see him. Events are moving swiftly and everything is going to change. She needs to meet with him. Somewhere alone. She fades away.

The have Donatello in the back seat of the Impala and he's chattering about how he can't be a prophet. He believes in science, not God. Dean tells him he was touched by God or Amara. Sam and Dean give Donatello a Cliff Note version of everything that's been going on. Basically, they think that if Donatello has a connection to Amara, he can help them track her down to they can rescue Cas.

Donatello tries to jump out the door, but it's locked. He says he can't do this. Dean says they can't force him, but they need him. Donatello gets quiet. Sam wants to know what's going on. Donatello says he thinks he's sensing something. Something big. He's not sure what. He wonders if it's "Him".

Back at the bunker...
Chuck is eating Chinese takeout and watching curling videos on the laptop. (I have no idea what sort of inside joke the curling videos are supposed to be).Dean walks in and tells Chuck they think they found the next prophet. To which Chuck responds, "Neat-o".

Dean takes in the scene with all the empty takeout containers and Chuck in his boxers watching the laptop. Dean asks if that's his computer. Chuck says he's never seen that much porn as he's seen on Dean's computer (yet he's still watching curling videos...)

Dean closes the computer. Dean asks Chuck to "dial back the God stuff" so as not to freak out Donatello.

Sam brings Donatello down, telling him he's safe.

Chuck greets him. Donatello is stunned. He wants to shake his hand. Sam tells Donatello not to overdo it. Chuck asks if Donatello is on board. He says he was an atheist. Chuck expects skepticism because he made sure humans had free will.

Chuck welcomes Donatello aboard.

At the bar with Metatron...
Sam and Dean walk in. He has them buy him a margarita. They warn him not to pull any crap. Metatron points out he really can't "pull" anything without his Grace. He's got nothing.

Dean wants to know what's so important. Dean eyes the margarita he's served like it's the most ridiculous drink he's ever seen.

Metatron says he saw they have been in touch with Chuck. Sam tells him that Chuck agreed to take on Amara. Metatron wants to know if those were the EXACT words Chuck used. Dean says, "pretty much". Metatron says Chuck IS planning on meeting with Amara, he's just not going to take her down. He's going to sacrifice himself and let Amara do whatever she wants.

Sam doesn't believe it.

Metatron says he expected that. He hands over God's autobiography manuscript. He says it's not
an autobiography, it's a suicide note, in God's own words. But they should ignore the typos.

Kids are playing in a sand box. Chuck is watching. He said this seemed a good place for him and Dean to talk. He sees how the child always rebuilds his tower when it's knocked down. He's endlessly optimistic.

Dean asks why Chuck plans to just give up and throw in the towel with Amara. Chuck guesses that Metatron told Dean what he wrote in his autobiography (well, I guess God knows; he really doesn't have to 'guess' anything!).

Dean points out that God did a lot before he went missing.

Chuck thinks this isn't giving up. It's a strategy.

Dean wants to know how God dying is a strategy.

Chuck says he knows Amara. Her beef is with him. Chuck says he won't be killed. He'll be caged. He'll be trading himself for everything he created. It goes on.

Dean sits down next to him. He says that the Amara he knows is extremely mad after being locked up for all these years. She's sure it's her turn now (Jensen plays this so well; talking to Chuck with this mixture of caution and awe and irritation; knowing what he is, he's trying to be careful).

Chuck says he'll give Amara her turn, as long as she accepts the deal.

Dean says Amara has told him that she will destroy Chuck and then everything he created. She's told Dean that.

Dean asks if Chuck has the right end what he started.

Chuck replies that if his plan doesn't work, then humans will step up. Dean, Sam, others who are chosen will have to find a way. That's why he saved Dean years ago. He's the firewall between light and darkness.

Dean says no; he knows what to do with monsters, but not Amara. Dean tells Chuck it's HIM who has to take Amara out; HE has to take out his sister, then Dean doesn't care what God does.

Back in the bunker...
Dean brings Donatello a beer.
He sets one down for Sam who's not there yet.
Dean's not sure if Chuck will help them. He thinks that maybe, if they get Lucifer "for the added muscle" then maybe Chuck will play ball.

Donatello thought God and Lucifer hated each other.

Dean says they do.

Donatello misses being an atheist.

Sam walks in with Metatron and tells him to make it quick and don't touch anything.

Metaton greets Dean. Says thanks for inviting him.

Dean replies that Metatron has been circling the building all night and has sent him 200 text messages with stupid emojis. He gives Metatron three minutes.

Metatron greets Donatello and introduces himself; saying he wrote Donatello's name on the inside of the angel's eyelids.

It's freaking Donatello out.

Dean asks what Metatron has to offer besides world-class douchery.

Metatron sarcastically says that all the did was transcribe the angel tablet, he knows all the spells, knows what makes Amara tick, has had a relationship with God for eons...he thinks he has something to offer. He goes to take a drink of Sam's beer but Sam grabs it away.

Sam says he hates to admit it, but Metatron could help them.

Dean wants to know when Metatron jumped on the God wagon. He didn't used to care.

Metatron says God has a death wish; leaving everyone with The Darkness. Metatron says he's been by God's side since the Creation. God believed in him and if there's something he can do save God and his creation, he'll try.

Dean tells him that the plan is to rescue Lucifer from Amara. Then Lucifer will teleport them out of Amara's hideout and they will then convince Chuck to use Lucifer to fight Amara.

Metatron scoffs. Do they even know where Amara is?

Donatello says he might know; he's been getting a "vibe".

Metatron wants to know how they plan to keep Amara busy while they're liberating Lucifer.

Dean thinks.

Apparently, the answer is, to distract Amara by sending Dean in, alone, to talk to her.

Next, Dean is walking in a forest .

He's alone one minute and turns around to find Amara the next. She thanks him for reaching out to her.

She says she misses him and the sensations he arouses. She knows he feels the same way. So what do they do?

Dean says there can be no "us". They should just walk away.

She asks why doesn't he then?

Sam drives up to Amara's hideout in the Impala with Donatello and Metatron. It's inside an old power plant.

They find Cas chained up and beaten severely. Well, it's Lucifer in Cas' body.

Metatron runs up to him.

Lucifer recognizes Donatello as a prophet.

Sam says they're getting him out.

Lucifer thinks that's fair; since they were the ones who set him up to be grabbed by Amara.

Sam tells Lucifer he's going to help them take down Amara. If he says "no", they'll leave him there at her mercy.

Lucifer demands that they look at what she's done to him. He's not a fan. He doesn't want to be left there.

In the woods...
Amara tells Dean that this life hasn't been very easy for him. Why won't he consider her offer to be done with it?

Dean admits the world is flawed, but he's not ready to say goodbye to it yet.

She points out that it's inevitable that Dean will leave the world one day. God won't stop her again like he did in that first town. He can't stop her. She wants Dean to give up his "small-ness" and become boundless within her.

In the power plant...
Metatron is reading out a spell.

Sam asks Lucifer if working with his father, God, is going to be a problem.

Lucifer says that this is bigger than family. Lucifer claims he can do it.

Metatron is trying different spells to release Lucifer; he's going through them as fast as he can trying to find the right one.

In the woods...
Dean admits that yes, he is drawn to Amara, and it bothers the hell out of him because he can't control it.

She asks him why fight it? She's the end of his struggle. But something stops Dean. Keeps him from "having it all". She touches him and picks up on something.

In the power plant...
Metatron hits on the right spell and Lucifer/Cas is released and falls to the floor.

In the woods...
Amara, suddenly concerned, asks where Dean's thoughts are. She can tell something's different.

In the power plant...
Sam tells Lucifer to zap them out of there. Lucifer says he can't do it. He doesn't have enough power.

In the woods...
Amara realizes that Dean has seen and spoken to God. She feels Dean has betrayed her.

In the power plant...
Donatello says he can feel Amara. She's on the way.

Sam gets an arm under Lucifer and tells Metatron to follow them.

Metatron refuses. Tells them to go.

He says "I got this."

Sam and Lucifer and Donatello leave.

Metatron cuts his own palm and draws a sigil in his own blood as Sam roars off in the Impala.

Amara appears in the power plant, calling Metatron a "secretary". He tries to blast her away with the sigil, but it doesn't work. He asks her to spare the universe.

"Spare this," she says, and disintegrates Metatron.

Sam is driving like a bat out of hell. Suddenly, Amara appears in front of him and he slams on the brakes. He tries to hit reverse, but she holds the car in places as the tires spin. She tells them that none of them are worth sparing. She spreads her arms to call down destruction on the car.

Suddenly, the car is dropped inside the bunker. Everyone is confused. Sam gets out and walks up a flight of stairs to find they really are in the bunker. Chuck walks out with a six-pack telling Sam, "Occasionally I do answer a prayer."

Lucifer staggers forward. He and Chuck look at each other. Chuck tells him he's changed. Lucifer says he's changed too.

Chuck says he's pretty much the same and flicks his finger, healing Lucifer's vessel. They continue to look at each other in silence.

Sam and Dean are inexplicably sending Donatello off in a cab. Dean's telling him he'll need a spa day, or a pair of hookers to help him get past what he's just experienced.

Donatello says he'll sort it all out. He's not going to go back to teaching or being an atheist. He tells them thank you, he guesses. He figures he'll see them again.

Sam says they may need him. Donatello drives off in the cab.

Dean can't believe Metatron took one for the team.

Sam asks Dean if he wants to talk about it. Obviously Amara figured out something was going on when she was meeting with Dean, and yet, she didn't rip Dean's head off.

Dean finally tells Sam that Amara wants Dean to be a part of her. Not metaphorically. Literally. Forever. So it would be "adios" for Dean.

He turns and walks away.

Sam follows.

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