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A young woman in Iowa, walks into a church apparently being flayed alive, with holes in her hands and feet. However, the priest there doesn’t exactly know what to do. So Olivia Sanchez unfortunately, died from her wounds while calling out in another language with everyone around her watching in horror.
Sam and Dean show up posing as Father Penn and Father De Niro. The priest that had witnessed the event tells them that she was speaking in tongues, but that he didn’t smell sulfur or see any black smoke. Yet, he did remember what Olivia said and so Sam translates the victim’s last words. Olivia had been speaking in Aramaic and had been calling out for help.

At first, the boys’ think they may be hunting some kind of rogue angel, but after a quick call to Cas, Dean eliminates that possibility. He also discovers Castiel has teamed up with Crowley to find Lucifer.

While Dean is alone, he texts his mom to see if she’s okay and to ask whether he should still call her “Mom” or start to refer to her as“Mary.” There’s no response, and Dean grumbles, “I’m a 13-year-old girl.”

Sam and Dean then go to the coroner’s office, where they show up dressed as feds. They demand Olivia’s autopsy and to be left alone with the body. Dean practically shoves the coroner out of the room. Sam tries to talk to his brother to see what his bad mood is about (Mary) but Dean shuts him down.

Looking at the report and body they see evidence of stigmata. And they read that her head was filled with a ‘goopy mush’. They can’t think of anything off the tops of their heads that can do that.

The boys then head over to check out Olivia’s office at the Child Protective Services, where her co-worker Beth shows them around. Just like that, Dean decides that Beth, a wiccan, definitely must have killed Olivia to get the better job and office.

Meanwhile, a young grocery clerk becomes victim number two, dying in a an almost exact same way while at his job.

With a second victim, Sam’s able to make a connection to the Peterson family. According to Beth, they’re an ultra-religious family that lives way out in the country with no cars,no electricity, no modern conveniences. Their daughter, Magda, died a few years back after coming down with pneumonia. The family wouldn’t allow her medical treatment because they believed that her fate was ‘God’s will.’

Since the grocery clerk was their delivery boy and Olivia was their case manager for CPS, the brothers decide they should check the family out. Once they get there, Sam and Dean meet Abraham and his wife and tell them about Olivia’s death. The family immediately prays and claims to be upset because they liked Olivia more than Beth due to their religions. That leads to them asking the brothers if they know God and as Dean puts it, “Oh yeah, we’re besties.”

Afterwards Sam and Dean split up with Dean helping the father and son and Sam talking to the Mother. The father seems more sane, and just devoted to his family while the mother comes off more unhinged. Sam tells the mother about the dead grocery boy and when that leads to a talk about the daughter's’ death, he ends up yelling at her “God didn’t kill your daughter. You did.” After that, the brothers leave.

Dean is still convinced that Beth is to blame, while Sam thinks that the Peterson’s daughter, Magda, must be a ghost and be out for revenge. Neither theory is completely sound and the brothers argue and end up splitting up to prove that they are right/stop the bad guy.

Dean goes to talk with/kill Beth but finds that she never wanted the promotion in the first place.

Meanwhile, Sam goes to check the barn for EMF, he overhears Abraham and his son, Elijah, talking about Magda. It seems the eldest daughter didn’t die, but rather, she lives in the basement, where her mother is currently forcing her to whip herself for her perceived sins.

Sam calls Dean to update him, but gets knocked out by Abraham and thrown into the basement with Magda.

When Sam wakes up, he tries to talk to Magda, who has been told that she is the devil because she can move things with her mind and project thoughts. He tries to convince her that she’s simply psychic. Sam tells her a about himself and what he was able to do and promises she can learn to control her powers.

Mrs. Peterson shows up and says that it is dinnertime. They all sit around the table and Mr. Peterson starts to eat. Only there is something wrong with the food. Magda’s mother had thought that they should go to heaven together so that they would never be separated and so she had poisoned the meal. And had still demanded that her children eat after they watched their dad die.The son doesn’t want to but is being forced to. Magda is not happy with this, though. She stops her brother from being poisoned but her mom tries to stab her. Magda’s brother tries to save her but ends up being stabbed himself. Magda is about to kill her mother with her powers, but Sam talks her down.

Mrs. Peterson is arrested and Magda leaves on a bus to go live with her aunt. Unfortunately, While Sam and Dean are willing to give her a chance, it seems the British Men of Letters are not. Mr. Ketch finds her at a rest stop and kills her in order to ‘clean up the Winchesters’ mess.’

Dean admits to Sam that he’s still working through the whole thing with their mom leaving. Then he finally gets a text back from her. It seems Mary’s phone had died. She reassures Dean she’ll always be “Mom” and that she loves him and Sam.

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