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Some young teenage boys are running through the woods at night in Hurleyville, New York. They run into a barn as if they are being chased and hide inside.

A younger boy enters the barn and reminds the other boys that they aren't allowed to hide there during hide-and-go-seek. When the boy hears a man's voice calling him a delinquent and yelling that it's time for bed, the younger boy runs and hides too.

The man enters the barn but doesn't see any of the boys. Suddenly the air gets extremely cold. He yells out, threatening to beat the boys if they don't show themselves. The tractor in the barn turns on by itself. The man thinks the boys are pranking him. The tractor puts itself into gear as the man stumbles and falls. The tractor keeps coming and the man is impaled by the multiple spikes of the implement on the front of the tractor. We see the spikes go through the wall behind the man. Blood drips off the pointed ends.

Back at the Men of Letters Bunker, Sam is wandering around looking for Dean, or Kevin, or anyone. Finding himself alone, he goes to the bookshelf and pulls off a book "The Marvelous Land of Oz" (one has to wonder if he's trying to learn more about wherever Charlie is right now).Before he can start reading, he hears a snoring noise coming from Dean's phone; it's a ringtone; an incoming call.

Sam getting ready to read in the bunker.

Sam answers as Dean bounds up the stairs behind him.

Dean grabs the phone away from Sam...

Sam tells the caller that he's sorry, but there's no one by the name of "D-Dog" there. Dean quickly grabs the phone from Sam saying, "Sonny, hey what's up?". Sam gives Dean a confused look. How did he know who was calling? And why does Dean know someone Sam doesn't?

...and Dean finishes the call with a suspicious Sam next to him.

Sam looks at Dean suspiciously as Dean quickly finishes the call and tells Sonny that he'll be there as soon as possible.Sam asks Dean, "So, what was that all about, 'D-Dog'?"

Dean asks Sam if he remembers, when they were kids, their dad was off hunting a Rugaru and Dean and Sam were in a "bungalow colony" on their own. Sam said he came back to the room (from where?) and Dean wasn't there. Their dad ended up sending Sam to Bobby's for a couple of months and Dad told Sam that Dean had gotten lost while out on a hunt.

Dean tells Sam that real story was that he had lost their food money in a card game. He knew Sam would get hungry so Dean tried to steal some food from a store and he was caught. After that, Dean was shipped off to a boy's home.

"Like, a reform school?" Sam asks.

Dean says it was a farm, run by a guy named Sonny who looked after him. Sonny knows what Sam & Dean do and Dean says Sonny is a good person. Dean had given Sonny his number and Sonny called because something is going on at the farm that might be their sort of thing. Looks like they are going to hit the road.

Sam yawns. Dean asks if Sam is okay to go or if he's too tired. Sam says he's fine. Dean asks if "everyone" is okay with heading out to the Catskills (obviously asking Zeke), but Sam responds that he IS "everybody" and he's fine.

Dean takes him at his word and tells him to get ready to go.

Sam asks why Dean never told him that he went to a boy's home. Dean says he doesn't know. Their dad just made up a story to tell Sam and that just became "the story". Dean says he was just 16 at the time.

Next, the Impala drives up to a farmhouse in the rain past a hand-lettered sign that reads "Sonny's Home for Boys". Sam and Dean get out of the car and Sam asks about how their dad couldn't find Dean when he was there for two months way back when. Dean says their dad did find him; he knew where he was but the left him there as punishment for losing their money. Dean says the whole things was his mistake and was his fault, not their dad's. Sam is inclined to blame dad.

Sonny's home for boys.

They knock on the door of the farmhouse and it is answered by a women who seems suspicious of them. Dean says they are old friends of Sonny's and the woman asks if they are prison buddies of his. Dean says no. She invites them in but admonishes them to take off their boots first since she just cleaned the floors.

As she goes to get Sonny, Sam is learning more about this whole thing every minute and says, "So, Sonny's an ex con?". Dean tells Sam that Sonny's more than made up for the bad things he did...besides, it's not like Sam and Dean are angels.

Dean looks around the living room and gets a nostalgic look in his eye when he sees the
couch. He has a flashback to the day he arrived at the house; in handcuffs, after having been caught stealing.

Young Dean brought to the boy's home for the first time after stealing food.

In the flashback, Sonny is asking the cop who brought Dean in what he stole. The cop replies that he had been trying to steal bread and peanut butter. Sonny asks if Dean has any family. The cop replies that once Dean's father heard what happened, he told the cop to let Dean rot in jail. The cop thought this would be the best place for Dean to stay until arraignment. Young Dean sits on the couch looking sullen and full of attitude, not looking directly at anyone in the room.

The cop takes off his sunglasses to reveal a black eye. Sonny asks how he got it. Young Dean starts to laugh. The cop gets indignant and asks if Dean thinks he (the cop) is funny. Dean says he thinks he (the cop) is slow. Tempers start to rise but Sonny calms the cop down. The cop leaves.

Sonny tells Dean he shouldn't do that (antagonize the cop). "Why?" asks Dean, "Because he's a cop?". Sonny replies that Dean shouldn't piss him off because when he gets mad, he'll leave with the key for the handcuffs.

Young Dean looks slightly unsettled.

Sonny kneels down to pick the lock on the handcuffs to release Young Dean and sees bruises on his forearms. He asks if it was the deputy that did that or Dean's father. Sonny seems to be asking with real concern. Dean tells Sonny it was a werewolf. Sonny figures he's ************ him.

Deans asks how Sonny knows he won't just decide to run away from this place. Sonny says he knows he won't run because he is hungry. Dean denies this, but Sonny matter-of-factly points out that only a hungry kid would try to steal peanut butter and bread. Dean doesn't have an answer for him.

Young Dean asks what kind of place this is. Sonny explains it's for kids like Dean. They work there, work on the farm, learn some responsibility, and stay out of trouble. Young Dean proclaims that it's "lame". Still full of attitude. Sonny tells him it beats jail and offers to fix Young Dean something to eat.

End of flashback and back to present-day....

Sonny enters the room and Dean gives him a hug saying it's good to see him. Sonny shakes Sam's hand and it sounds like he knows a lot about (or has heard a lot about) Sam already.

Dean embraces Sonny.

Sonny says he doesn't have many boys staying there right now because the current system would rather put boys in prison than rehabilitate them. Sam asks if they can talk alone. Sonny asks Ruth, the housekeeper who is dusting in the background; the woman who answered the door, if she can go check on the boys.

When Sam, Dean, and Sonny are alone, Dean asks what's been going on.

Sonny tells Dean that Jack (the man we saw get impaled in the barn) was run over by the broken down, rusty old tractor the other night. Sam tries to come up with a practical explanation, but Sonny says "no". Even though Sonny doesn't believe in the weird stuff Sam and Dean are "into" (Sam raises and eyebrow at this), something is going on and it's just not right. Sonny says they've seen lights flicker. They hear scratching in the walls.

Dean asks Sonny to round up the boys there and then tells Sam to check out the house while he (Dean) checks out the barn.

Sam enters the upstairs bedroom where there are several beds in one room, dormitory-style. Sam sees some tape stuck to one of the bed frames. There's a name on it; the name of the boy who sleeps there. Sam sees there are many layers of tape and he starts peeling them off one by one. About 5 layers down, he uncovers a piece of tape with "Dean W." on it. This bed also has a symbol of some kind carved in one of the bed posts.

Sam finds Dean's old bed.

Protective symbol carved into Dean's old bed post.

Dean's name on the bed under many layers of tape.

Sam seems to hear a sound like the wind. He pulls his knife. He hears faint whispering in the other room and is just about ready to attack when he realized the whispering is coming from Ruth, the housekeeper. She is kneeling and praying. Sam quickly tries to hide the knife behind his back and apologizes for startling her. Sam says he thought he saw something. "Like a ghost?" Ruth blurts out. She says he knows that's why they are here.


Ruth says she was praying for everyone. She was praying for the ghost that haunts the farm to leave.

Outside, Dean enters the barn and pulls out his EMF meter. It lights up like a Christmas tree. While searching for the ghost, Dean hears a small voice somewhere in the barn and finds that it belongs to the young boy we saw earlier. His name is Timmy. Dean asks what he's doing there and Timmy says that he and his action figure are fighting monsters; "all sorts" of monsters.

Dean softens a bit. He poins out that the cape on the action figure might get in the way of fighting. Timmy presses a button and the action figure says, "I clobber evil" in a robotic voice.
Dean introduces himself and Timmy shakes Dean's hand weakly. Dean crouches down to get down to Timmy's level and asks him to try shaking his hand again. He tells Timmy he is going to be a man someday, so he should learn to shake hands like one. He asks Timmy to give him is best kung-fun grip. Timmy shakes Deans hand with much more conviction the second time. Dean advises Timmy to look him straight in the eye while shaking his hand so he knows he means business. Timmy smiles.

Dean teaches Timmy a more grown-up handshake.

Timmy responds really well to Dean.

And Dean seems to connect with Timmy too.

Dean asks Timmy about Jack. Timmy tells Dean that Jack yelled a lot. He was yelling when he had his "accident". Timmy reveals that he and the other boys were playing in the barn when it happened. He tells Dean he didn't see anything. Dean asks Timmy if he can remember anything else about that night. Timmy tells Dean that it suddenly got cold in the room, then asks Dean if he is free to leave; he has chores to do.

Inside the house, Ruth is still talking to Sam. She says she grew up in this town and the couple who owned the farm back then had Jack working for them as a farm hand. The husband of the couple (Howard) was a belligerent drunk and was convinced that Jack and his wife (Doreen) were having an affair. Ruth says it wasn't true, but Howard tried to kill both Jack and Doreen. Jack escaped. Doreen did not. Howard killed her with a meat cleaver and got life in jail for it. But Howard died in jail a year ago. Ruth is sure that the ghost in the house is Howard, out to get revenge on Jack which he must have finally done when Jack was killed in the barn.

Sam asks if Howard is buried there in town.

Next, it's nighttime and Sam and Dean are both digging up a grave to exhume Howard. (This may be the first time I've ever seen them both digging up the same grave together instead of just having one brother do the dirty work while the other one supervises! How Democratic of them!)As they dig, Sam continues to ask Dean about his time at the boy's home. Sam asks if the place had been that bad for him. Dean responds that it wasn't bad, so therefore he was okay with it (no abuse, etc.).

Sam's shovel hits something.

Sam and Dean exhuming a body; together this time!

They toss their shovels out of the grave and pry open the casket. They salt and burn the corpse, figuring they can leave town once this spirit is laid to rest. (Love the camera shot of them standing over the grave as they throw in the's been way too long since we last saw that.)

Salt & burn, baby!

Back at the farm, Ruth is taking a bath with opera playing in the background. She puts a washcloth over her eyes and lays her head on the edge of the tub. With the washcloth over her eyes, she doesn't see the lights flicker or see frost start to form on the bathroom mirror.

Suddenly, the shower curtain unclips itself from the rod. It falls onto Ruth's face and starts to suffocate her. The volume of the music increases by itself as Ruth struggles against the shower curtain that is now so tight around her face that it's pressing her nose flat. She tries to call out but the music is super-loud.

Sonny shows up outside the bathroom door. He knocks on the door asking if Ruth is okay. No response, only loud music. Sonny tries to break down the door but it's too late. Ruth slumps lifeless in the bathtub as "Ave Maria" ends on the radio, he face mashed up against the plastic of the shower curtain as it presses down on her. She looks like a corpse wrapped tightly in plastic; her mouth wide open from her last gasp for air.

Ruth's grisly suffocation death in the bathtub.

Sam and Dean are on their way out of town after burning the corpse when they stop at a diner. Dean checks out the waitress. Sam says he's fine with just grabbing a burger but Dean says he's not going to miss out on the best banana pancakes he's ever had. Dean looks down at the menu and when he looks back up, we're back to a flashback.

In the flashback, Young Dean and Sonny are sitting at the diner. Sonny says he takes the boys out to dinner who have made it through a month at the boy's home and tonight it's Young Dean's turn. (Young Dean is wearing his amulet!) Young Dean thanks Sonny for getting the charges against him for theft dropped. Sonny tells Dean it's not a crime to be hungry. It's a crime to steal, but if you only do it once, you really don't deserve to have a criminal record. Dean gives a small smile.

Sonny as seen in Dean's flashback at the restaurant.

Sonny says that since they can't locate Dean's father, Dean is welcome to stay at the home as long as he wants. Sonny points out that Dean is doing well. He's doing well in school and making friends. He's on the wrestling team. Sonny tells Dean that he's proud of him. Young Dean smiles but it's a smile with a bit of sadness.

Sonny has a question for Dean and asks him to give him an honest answer. He asks Young Dean if he's into the whole heavy metal, devil-worshipping thing.Dean says no. Sonny says he's not judging Dean, it's just that he found a few occult-looking symbols carved into Dean's bed. Dean says that's a very long story. Sonny persists; asking Dean if the story has anything to do with why he puts salt under the door every night before bed.

Young Dean tells Sonny that it's a "family thing" and he can't really talk about it. "The same family that left you here?" asks Sonny. Sonny asks Dean if he was in the mob or something. "More like 'or something'," responds Dean.

Sonny tells Young Dean that he was in a gang once. They were his family. He would have done anything for them and all it got him was 15 years in prison. Sonny tells Dean he should have been loyal to himself instead of the gang. He goes on to say that you only get one shot at this life and when you look in the mirror, you want the guy looking back at you to be his own man.

Young Dean and Sonny are interrupted by the waitress; a young girl named Robin. Sonny introduces young Robin to his "new ranch foreman" Dean.

Back it the present-day, the waitress arrives at Sam and Dean's table. Her name tag says, "Robin". Dean recognizes her. He tells her he's pretty sure she never thought she'd see him there again. Dean gives Robin a playful smile. Robin doesn't recognize him at all and asks if they'd like to hear the specials; she's busy. Dean introduces himself and reminds Robin that he used to live up at Sonny's. Sam is surprised that Dean knows this woman.

Robin, present-day.

Robin acts like she realizes who Dean is, but it seems like she is just doing it to be polite and says that so many boys come through there, it's hard to remember each one. Dean obviously thinks he's more memorable than Robin does.

Sam sees that she has blown Dean off.

Dean keeps at it, saying he remembers how Robin's mom used to come up to the house to give guitar lessons. Robin says her mom always loved to help the boys and that's why she continues to go up there to give guitar lessons, even though her mom is gone now.

Robin gets called away by another employee and once she's gone, Sam tries to lean in and get Dean to tell him what's up. Dean wants to get out of there right away. A confused Sam grabs his coat and follows him.

Outside, Sam asks Dean what that was all about. Dean says it was nothing, but Sam gives Dean a teasing look and tells him that it was obviously "something".

Dean's phone rings.

Sam is still trying to get information. He asks Dean who that waitress was. Dean insists that it's nothing and tells Sam to drop it.

Dean answers the phone.

It's Sonny.

Sam and Dean arrive right as the coroner's van is pulling away with Ruth's body. Sonny explains that he tried to get into the bathroom to save her, but the door wouldn't open. Dean asks if it was locked and Sonny says that there are no locks on any of the doors at the farm.

Dean realized their salt and burn excursion to the cemetery was misguided. Dean asks if there is anything else going on at the farm that's weird. Sonny replies that they are pretty much chest-deep in weird already. Dean asks Sonny to think about anything that could give them a clue.

Sonny says there was one thing. Ruth's rosary beads are missing and he can't find them anywhere. She always had them with her.

Sam wants to try to find some connection. Both Jack and Ruth worked in the house; both victims had contact with the boys...Sam and Sonny go to take a look at Sonny's employee records and Dean heads off to talk to some of the boys.

Out in the yard, Dean finds two larger boys picking on Timmy. Dean questions the two about Ruth's "accident". They say they weren't even there that morning. Dean asks what they can tell him about Ruth. The boys say Ruth was a hard ass. Dean asks if they have experienced anything weird. "Besides Timmy?" one of them cracks. Dean tells the boys that if they ever touch Timmy again he's going to go all Guantanamo on them.

Timmy picks up his action figure and comes out from the corner where the larger boys had him pinned. Dean tells Timmy that he only has to stand up to bullies like that once, and then they'll leave him alone. Timmy says "okay" in a feeble voice.

Inside, Sam and Sonny are headed for Sonny's office when Sam notices a wall full of medals and award certificates. Sam asks what it is and Sonny explains that it's their Wall of Fame. He tells Sam that Dean was a really great athlete and even won some wrestling matches. Sam looks impressed and very surprised.

Dean's wrestling award.

Outside, the two boys who bullied Timmy earlier are doing yard work. One is raking and one is running the lawnmower. Timmy watches from a second-story window. As they work, Robin arrives for guitar lessons.

The boy with the lawnmower hears a clanking noise and shuts off the mower to see what the problem is. He finds Ruth's rosary wrapped around the blade along with a bunch of grass. He reaches his hand in to pull it out and the mower turns on. Blood from his hand splatters on the boys and we see Timmy watching the whole thing. A gray-green hand appears on Timmy's shoulder. Something is standing behind him watching the boy now trying desperately to free his hand from the spinning lawn mower blade.

Later, in Sonny's office, Sam is going over Timmy's file. Sam thinks there's a connection since the boys were bullying Timmy right before the mishap with the lawnmower (Dean mentions that the injured boy is going to need a ton of stitches, but is ultimately going to be fine). Sam says that the file says that Timmy was found in an abandoned building all alone. No one knew how long he had been there. No parents ever showed up to get him. Dean wonders why Timmy is not in an orphanage instead. Sam says that Timmy kept running away from the family services people so Sonny offered to take him in.

Sam and Dean realize that anyone who was at all hard on Timmy is either hurt or dead. Dean wonders if Timmy is somehow doing it but Sam says that the EMF rules that out. Sam thinks it's ghost possession. This time, Dean sends Sam to check out the barn.

Inside the barn, Sam finds some kid's drawings hidden up in the hay loft. They seem to show a car crash and then a car on fire with someone burning alive inside.

Inside the house, Robin is getting ready to give a guitar lesson. Dean sees her and has another flashback.

In the flashback, Young Dean and Young Robin are sitting on the couch together. Robin's asking Dean questions about his dad and his dad's job. Dean says his dad's job is "boring". He doesn't like it, but his dad expects him to follow in his footsteps so he's kind of gotten used to it. Robin says she understands. Her dad wants her to take over the diner, but she doesn't want to.She says what she really wants to be is a photographer. She asks Dean what he wants to do. Dean says he wants to be a rockstar, but admits that he also really likes cars. Robin thinks the life of a mechanic sounds rough. Dean enthusiastically denies that it would be difficult. He thinks cars are cool as hell. He says that fixing them is like a puzzle and when you're done fixing them, they leave, and you're not responsible for them anymore. (Major insight into Dean Winchester!)

Young Robin with young Dean.

Robin leans in and kisses Dean. He barely kisses her back. She asks if he's kissed many girls. He tries to play it off saying yes, he's kissed lots of girls. Robin doesn't embarrass him, but only tells him that they'll just have to keep practicing. She kisses him again.

Back to the present....
Adult Robin notices Dean looking at her. She asks why he disappeared at the diner. He doesn't explain. He's looking for Timmy. She says he should be in any time now for his guitar lesson. Dean says they're going to have to cancel the lesson. Dean says they have to get out of there. He doesn't have time to explain; Robin will just have to trust him. Robin scoffs at that. She asks why would she ever trust Dean again.Dean looks slightly vindicated and says, "So you DO remember me." She says she could never forget.

Cut to another flashback...
Young Dean and Young Robin are sitting on the porch kissing. Journey's "Stone in Love" plays in the background. It appears they are both getting better at kissing. Robin tells Dean she hopes this lasts. Dean tells her he's not going anywhere; he can't go anywhere because if he left, who would take her to the school dance? Robin asks if that's his way of asking her out on a date. Dean smiles.

Back in the present...
Dean looks pleadingly at Robin. He tells her there were reasons he had to leave. But he has no time to explain right now. He grabs her wrist roughly and starts to haul her towards the front door. Robin cries out, asking what he's doing. The front door slams in front of them before they can get out. They turn around to see Timmy. Timmy says he's sorry, but he can't stop it.

Plates and furniture start flying around the room. Dean grabs a fireplace poker as he runs through the living room. Sam is just coming in the kitchen door and Dean tries to warn him but the door slams shut and locks behind Sam, locking them all in.

Dean grabs the salt and Sam draws a circle around Robin as Robin asks what's going on. Dean tells Robin to stay inside the circle. Sam gives Dean a heads-up that Timmy is watching them. Timmy tells Dean he "can't control her".

Dean asks who Timmy can't control. Sam chimes in, "Your mom, right?". Timmy looks at Sam; surprised to hear that Sam knows so much. Dean looks uneasily at Sam as well.

Sam tells Timmy that he needs to tell them about the fire. Dean is confused. He has no idea what Sam is talking about. Timmy proceeds to tell Sam that he and his mom were in a car crash. Everything was on fire, but she saved him by pushing him out the window before the car exploded with her in it. Sam presses on; asking Timmy to tell him more.

Timmy says he ran through the woods until he found an empty house. He hid. He cried for his mom. Then she showed up. Sam interjects, "but she had changed, right?". Timmy nods "yes".

Dean asks if his mom gave him the action figure he carries everywhere. Timmy says yes, she gave it to him on his 9th birthday. Sam and Dean share a subtle, knowing look. Sam tells Timmy he's going to need to take his action figure.

As he says this, a gray-green woman appears from nowhere in the corner and flings Sam against the wall, pinning him there with an invisible force. Robin gasps.

The ghost of Timmy's deceased mom.

Dean grabs the action figure from Timmy, puts it on a burner of the stove, and lights it. It's robotic voice proclaims that it clobbers evil as it melts and the voice distorts. Timmy gets teary watching it melt.

A strong breeze blows in the window (okay; the door was locked, but why couldn't they escape through the open window???) and breaks the protective salt circle on the floor by blowing some salt away. Sam tells Dean that it obviously wasn't the action figure that was anchoring Timmy's mom's spirit to this world.

"Then what is?" asks a frustrated Dean.

Sam looks at Timmy and says, "him".

Sam rushes over to Dean and talks quickly...he thinks that Timmy's mom can't let go because she feels the need to protect him. Dean doesn't understand what she needs to protect him from...certainly not from them! Sam says maybe she doesn't know which threats to Timmy are serious and which are not, so she attacks everything.

Robin is becoming more freaked out. She says that this whole thing is crazy and runs from the room. Dean runs after her. He cuts her off and catches her. She asks "who are you?!" in a panicked voice. Dean says all he is trying to do is keep her safe. Suddenly, Timmy's dead mom appears behind Dean looking truly horrible and Robin gasps and takes a few steps backwards.

The ghostly mom rips the fireplace poker from Dean's hand with an unseen force and throws him back into the wall.

Dean slumps down to the floor.

In the kitchen, Sam is telling Timmy that he needs him to focus. Ghost mom seems to hear this and disappears, leaving Dean and Robin alone momentarily.

Sam is telling Timmy that they aren't here to hurt him. Slowly, the ghastly ghost mom rises up behind Sam. She flings him away from Timmy, pinning him against the wall. Dean runs into the room, determined to help Sam but the ghost mom easily throws him into a table. Then she pins him against the wall too.

Timmy says he can't stop her. Dean grits his teeth and says with much effort (as he fights being pinned to the wall) that Timmy has to try to stop her. She came to him when he cried out for her after the accident. He has to tell her to stop and leave.

Timmy protests that he can't because she's his mom.

Dean says that because her spirit can't move on, she's starting to go crazy. Timmy has to let her go. He'll be okay. Dean tells Timmy that sometimes you have to do what's best for you. Even if it's going to hurt the ones you love. Timmy slowly stands up.

Timmy tells his mom to stop, but without much conviction. Dean gasps out, "Timmy, kung-fo grip!" and Timmy yells at his mom, much more forcefully this time, to stop hurting people. She turns her gray-green face to look at him and releases her grip on Sam and Dean. She holds her horrible arms out to him. Timmy tells her she has to go and never come back. He tells her he'll be okay.

Timmy's mom holds our her arms to him.

Suddenly, the green decay melts from his mother's face and she's young and human-looking again. She smiles at Timmy. Sam and Dean exchange quick glances. Timmy's mom smiles with tears in her eyes. "I love you too," says Timmy. Timmy's mom's spirit dissolves in a swirl of bright smoke and she is gone.

The decay lifts from Timmy's mom's face.

Timmy's mom looks as she did before her death.

Timmy runs to Dean and Dean hugs him, giving Robin a knowing look as he does.

Later, everything had quieted down. Dean and Robin talk outside. She is realizing that this is Dean's "family business". Dean says that, as she can see, he did not run off to become a rock star. Robin says she wouldn't go that far (seems like she's pretty sure he's a hero to her). She says he looks pretty rockin' to her.She says that she actually loves her life running the diner. Even though she never thought she wanted that life. Dean says he guesses they didn't know everything they thought they knew when they were 16. She agrees they didn't know
everything...just some things. She leans in and gives him a kiss on the cheek before heading back inside the house with Timmy.

Sam is standing a little ways away with Sonny. Sonny thinks Timmy will need some help adjusting. Dean walks up and says he is sure it will work out since Timmy has Sonny. Sonny thanks Dean and gives him a quick hug. Dean says to Sonny, "We'll see you around" to which Sonny responds, "You can bet on that, boys." (I hope so...I really like this Sonny character!)
Sonny walks away.

Sam asks Dean how he knew that having Timmy ask his mom to leave was going to work. Dean says it was just a Hail Mary; he didn't know it would work. He just got lucky. "Kind of like you did with this place," replies Sam. Sam says that here he was thinking that this was the worst part of Dean's life, there at the boy's home; but it turned out to be the best part. Sam asks Dean, "Why'd you ever leave?"

Dean responds that it never felt right. Sam is skeptical. Dean says it was just two months that he stayed at Sonny's and he couldn't wait to get out of there (liar!). Dean says this life at the farm just wasn't "him". Sam can completely tell he's lying and gives him a look that says as much.

Sam gets into the passenger seat but Dean takes one more wistful look back at Sonny's house.

Dean thinks back to his last days at Sonny's.

He has another flashback.

Young Dean is getting dressed up to take Robin to the dance. He's putting on a tie. He's just acting like a normal, excited kid; not too cool for everything. He admits to Sonny that he's never been to a school dance before and sounds a bit nervous. Sonny says that, yeah, about that dance, Dean's dad is outside... Sonny says Dean's dad is really something (meaning John is a piece of work). Sonny tried to tell John what a big night this was for Dean, but John told him to get Dean anyway and just tell him they had a job. John said Dean would know what that means.

Young Dean nods and looks around the room. His eyes land on a photo of himself and Robin; he has his arms around her. Young Dean looks miserable and close to tears. Sonny tells him that, after he (Sonny) got out of jail, this place gave him a second chance. It's done the same thing for Dean. Dean nods. Sonny says that if Dean wants, he'll stick his neck out for him and fight to keep him there if that's where he wants to stay. Dean is fighting back tears. He hears
the Impala's horn as John honks impatiently outside. Young Dean goes to the window to look out.

When he looks out, he sees Young Sam in the back seat of the Impala, slightly hanging out the window, pretending to make his model airplane fly.

Dean smiles.

Of course, he chooses Sam. He chooses Sam every time.

Dean shakes Sonny's hand and thanks him for everything. He's got tears on his face as he tells Sonny he has to go.

Sonny gives him a very heartfelt hug.

Back to the present. Dean snaps out of his reverie and gets into the Impala's driver's seat.
Sam completely, instinctively, knows why Dean left Sonny's. He left all those years ago for Sam. He swallows hard and tells Dean "Thank you."

Sam thanks Dean for everything.

"For what?" asks Dean.

"For always being there. For having my back," replies Sam.

Sam tells Dean he knows it hasn't always been easy.

Dean blows off the emotional moment and says, "I don't know what the hell you're talking about."

The Impala drives off into the rainy night.

The Impala drives off into the rainy night.

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