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Full name: Bela Talbot

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Nickname/Alias: Bela Lugosi, Abby
Date of Birth: 1984
Species: Human
Occupation: Thief
Motivation: Money
First Appearance: Bad Day at Black Rock
Seasons: 3
Fate: killed by hellhounds
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Bela Talbot acquires supernatural objects for rich clients, and also runs scams selling fake charms and running seances. According to Bobby, Bela knows her way around the hunting world, but occupies it in a different way to typical hunters

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Bela Talbot, an intriguing young woman introduced in "Bad Day at Black Rock". Bela is not a hunter like the Winchesters or Bobby, she retains some information about the supernatural world and is indeed aware of what goes on. However, she chooses instead to make a profit in the supernatural world by selling occult objects to clients who could afford her services and wares. While she is often seen as a money-obsessesed individual, Bela is still a mortal and thus knows when to take and when to just let it be.

She makes her first appearance in"Bad Day at Black Rock, where she hires two crooks to steal a cursed rabbit's foot (which she intends to sell) from John Winchester's container at a storage place in Buffalo. Sam and Dean get the foot from the crooks, but Bela manages to steal it back from them at a dinner disguised as a waitress. Dean then tracks her down to her apartment in New York, stealing the foot from her once again. At the end of the episode she tries to retrieve the foot from the Winchesters by shooting Sam in the shoulder, but she is tricked by Dean into touching the foot, and falls under its curse. She gives it up for destruction, but manages to steal scratch cards from Dean worth $46 thousand.

Bela makes an appearance again in"Red Sky at Morning". The Winchesters are there to track down a ghost shipwhich has been haunting the area and Bela is surprisingly helpful. It is revealed that Bela was using the Winchesters to help her steal a Hand of Glory, a precious and magical artifact, in order to retrieve it and sell it to a client. However, Bela witnesses the Ghost Ship, thus condemning her to death. Frantic, Bela turns to the Winchesters for help. More is revealed about her character as the Ghost Ship only appears to those who have spilled the blood of a family member. When questioned about what happened, Bela refuses to reveal anything, claiming that no one ever understood what she did or why. Dean is prepared to leave her behind to die, but Sam comes up with a plan to save Bela's life. This time, Bela gives them a hefty sum of $10,000 as a 'thank you," before she leaves.

Her next appearance is in Fresh Blood. Gordon Walker, who has just escaped from prison, managed to track Bela down and threatened to kill her unless she revealed the location of the Winchesters. At first, Bela adamantly refuses to tell Gordon anything, but after seeing his mojo bag, Bela decides to exchange information for his priceless bag. He complies and Bela then proceeds to tell Gordon where to find the Winchesters. After Dean finds out that Bela was behind Gordon discovering where they were, he calls her up and threatens to kill her. Bela laughs it off, but Dean remains stoic, making her realize that he really would kill her. Bela then uses a Ouija board in order to contact a spirit, to get information on Gordon and his location. She calls Dean with this information, telling him that the spirit she contacted warned him to stay away form Gordon.

In "Dream a Little Dream of Me", Bela returns to help the Winchesters save Bobby Singer after he has fallen into a coma. After Sam has a raunchy dream about Bela, she arrives and gives the Winchesters some dream root, allowing them to enter Bobby's dreams and find out what is keeping him in a coma. Bela continues to stick around, mentioning that she is helping Bobby because he once saved her life in Flagstaff, Arizona. However, it is later revealed by Bobby himself he just helped her out with a supernatural artifact. Dean then realizes that Bela has stolen The Colt.

Enraged, Dean and Sam attempt to track her down in Jus in Bello, but instead are led to an abandoned apartment she once occupied in Colorado. Bela calls them and it is revealed that she has no intention of selling the The Colt, but refuses to reveal why she needs it. She also tells them that she alerted Agent Henriksen of their location, further angering Dean.

In Time Is On My Side, Dean tracks down Bela and discovers that she sold the Colt. He also learns that ten years ago, when she was 14 and named Abby, she had a demon kill her parents for a ten year crossroads deal. (It was implied she did this due to sexual abuse by her father.) She attempted to get out of the deal by trading the colt but the deal was changed so that she had to kill Sam as well. Sam and Dean lure her to a hotel and call her a few minutes before her ten years are up. Near-crying, she pleads for them to help her, but at this point they are unable to do so as her last hellhounds-free minutes are almost up. She tells them that Lilith holds all the contracts brokered by the Crossroads demon, including her own and Dean's, reasoning that even if she still dies, at least they can have a hope of killing her. The episode ends with Bela looking out a window right before hellhounds enter. Her death is all but inevitable, but not shown. Series creator Eric Kripke has confirmed that the character will not be returning in season four.

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Season 3 -
Bad Day at Black Rock
Red Sky at Morning
Fresh Blood
Dream a Little Dream of Me
Jus in Bello
Time Is On My Side

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Bella: Dont you think I took the precaution of calling the police? *hangs up phone*
Bela: You know, when this is over, we should really have angry sex.
Bela: "Yeah. You're 0 for 2. Bang up job so far."
Bela: "I don’t get out of bed for three grand."
Sam: How do you sleep at night?
Bela: On silk sheets, rolling naked in money.
Bela: "Thanks very much. I'm out of one and a half million and on the bad side of a very powerful, fairly psychotic buyer."
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Personally, I don't fully understand why people hated Bela...
I mean sure, she was a ***** and screwed the boys over but I sort of felt that was part of her allure. She was one of the few people able to do so! And you are seriously telling me that you wouldn't do the same thing if it was your soul on the line? I don't know a single person who would value someone else's life over an eternity in hell. Humans are selfish beings in essence. Bela was one of the people who knew that. She was a kick ass woman who refused to take **** from anyone, even the Winchesters. She could kick all butt and she knew it!
And I think that Bela probably would have loved to have ahad a normal relationship with the boys but it was too late for her. She had grown accustomed to the lifestyle she had been living since her childhood. Which, by the way, I presume to be a lot of the reason she was the way she was. You could tell from the short clip shown in Time Is On My Side that her father was not a good man. From the way she was treated it wasn't unreasonable for her to make that deal. She didn't do it for the money! I don't think she even cared about that as much as you would think. Sure, she cared about all the money a whole bunch now (Or she did befor she died) but that came to her after she had inherited all that money and gotten used to that certain way of life. But it seemed to me the reason she made that contract was to save her from her father's abuse. You could tell from hr face that she felt really alone and isolated, which I guess never left her. It's only logical that she had serious trust issues from being abused in that way by a family member so close to her, wouldn't you?
But what I love about Bela is how she's so straight forward. She gets what she wants when she wants it and does it herself. She doesn't put up with anyone's crap whatsoever and is not afraid to say what she's thinking.

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samlovedean2 I like her 2 May 6 2009, 8:21 AM EDT by bluesguy62
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