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Lauren Cohan | Bela

Lauren Cohan was born on 1982 in
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. When she was younger she lived in New Jersey, and eventually, she moved to the United Kingdom. While living in the UK, she studied at the University of Winchester. She graduated with a BA degree in English Literature and Drama. Cohan has been involved in a variety of film and television productions, some of which include Young Alexander the Great, Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj, and The Quiet Assassin.

Lauren Cohan portrays Bela on Supernatural. She has been described as an attractive and self-confident mercenary, who approaches missions and jobs with a sense of humor. However, Bela is not bound by any sense of conscience, which she lacks. She also loves to drink and has a crass demeanor, though she focuses on the task at hand with a tough determination. Bela is ambivalent as far as her stance on the “war,” and will simply do her job in order to collect her payoff.

Lauren has appeared on 6 Supernatural episodes:

- Bad Day at Black Rock
- Red Sky At Morning
- Fresh Blood
- Dream a Little Dream of Me
- Jus in Bello
- Time Is on My Side.
Lauren currently plays the role of Maggie Greene in The Walking Dead on AMC.

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