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Sam & Dean enter what appears to be a crime scene. There is a body under a sheet with blood seeping through. Another body lays in pieces and there is blood spattered everywhere. Soft music is playing as they come in. Dean kills the music.

There are no ID's on the bodies. Sam notices a laptop with a post-it note on it that says "play me". They sit down and hit "play". The words "This never should have ended this way" appear on the screen.

As the video plays, we meet Brian and Mike. Two college-age friends who are messing around with a camcorder at a local coffee shop. They tease & joke with each other like good friends do. Brian wants to make a movie but can't decide on the subject matter.


They pan across the coffee shop and start commenting on a group of girls; putting down each one until the camera lands on Kate. She's beautiful. She sees them filming her and confronts them, but instead of getting mad, she asks what kind of camera they're using. She's into filming too. She tells Mike she has a "thing" for guys with cool cameras.


Soon after, it's clear that she and Mike have hooked up. Kate starts living with Brian and Mike.

Brian and Kate talk movies and cameras. Brian tells her that Mike knows nothing about cameras, but Kate is into Mike anyway. Between the 3 of them, one always has a camera rolling; often they film each other filming each other. They talk about their dreams for the future. Brian shows some signs of being jealous of Mike & Kate's relationship, but he's a good friend to Mike and does things like record college lectures that Mike falls asleep in so he can catch up later.

Brian (and Kate)

After class one day, a guy named Scott runs into Mike and sends his camera flying. There seems to be some animosity here.

After the collision with Scott, as Mike, Kate, and Brian walk home, they come across a crime scene. Their neighbor Jacob Carter has been killed. They see the Impala roll up (they are, of course, filming everything) and Sam & Dean get out to talk to the police. The three of them refer to Sam & Dean as "Rizzoli and Isles".

The police tell Sam & Dean that a neighbor heard a growl during the attack.

Back at their house, Mike and Kate and Brian are talking about what the FBI are doing there. Mike plays the song we heard at the start of the episode and tells Kate it's what was playing when they met.

Later that night, Mike leaves to go help Brian shoot some footage for his film. They run across Sam & Dean questioning someone. The person leaves and Sam & Dean talk about whether or not there's a job here. Mike says he's getting an "office bromance vibe" from Sam & Dean.

They continue to look for other things to film and find Scott making out with a girl, until the girl pushes him away. They film the embarassing moment with plans to put it on You Tube. Scott sees them filming and chases them. Brian and Mike run in separate directions.

Alone in the wooded area of a park, Mike turns the camrea on himself and thanks Brian for the fun night out. Mike starts to hear growling in the bushes and thinks it's Scott messing with him. But he is attacked.

Brian finds Mike, laying on the ground and bleeding from a bad bite wound to his shoulder. He carries him home.

Brian drags Mike into the house. Kate starts to call 911, but Mike's wound heals right before their eyes. Kate wonders if they're trying to punk her. Mike seems scared to death.

As Mike sleeps later, Kate is crying; worried about him. Brian tries to console her.

Mike wakes up and accidentally tears the door from its hinges when he tries to open it. They realize he now has superhuman strength. He can hold Kate over his head with one hand.

Brian decides he has the subject of his movie...he wants to get Mike's story on camera. He asks Mike if they could go back to the woods so that whatever bit him could also bite Brian. Brian wants to be just like Mike. He thinks they could both be superheroes. Mike tells him there's nothing wrong with him as he is. He just has to figure out what he wants and go after it. Mike tells him no; he won't go to the woods with him so Brian can get bitten too.

Later there's a knock at the door. It's Sam & Dean asking questions about the neighbor who died. Brian doesn't tell them anything; even when they ask if anyone has been bitten lately. They continue to film Sam & Dean as they walk away, wondering aloud if this is another Mayan god they are dealing with (like last week).

Brian tells Mike that the FBI is looking for whatever bit him. They wonder if Mike is an X-File, but after hearing the Mayan God comment, Mike, who's high and carrying a giant bong, goes into the bathroom and films himslef in the mirror saying he's a Mayan god. As he films, he starts to transform. His teeth become sharp and elongated, his pupils dilate, and giant, sharp nails form on his fingertips. He goes and strokes Kate's face as she sleeps, then proceeds to eat everything in the kitchen before heading out to buy more food.

On the way back from the store, he runs into Scott and his friends who are out looking for whatever killed the neighbor. Mike tells them to leave him alone and runs off at an incredibly fast pace. Scott starts to taunt him; telling him maybe he should go pay Kate a visit to show her what a real man is like. Scott hears growling and is attacked by Mike.

Back at the house, Brian is filming Kate; asking her if she's at all scared of Mike now. She says she was at first, but now it's kind of hot. They are both stunned to see Mike show up, covered in blood and looking dazed. Kate asks Mike what happened and he says that Scott chased him, and he killed him. He killed Scott.

Kate tries to defend Mike; asying maybe it was self-defense.

In an attempt to find out more, Kate goes to the scene of the crime where she finds Sam & Dean talking to the police. Brian is also there filming with her. They hear that the victim's heart was missing.

The go back to confront Mike. Mike tells Brian to back off. Brian continues to push Mike until Mike shoves him and Brian flies about 15 feet.

Brian wants to call the police. Kate is still defending Mike and tell Brian he doesn't understand because he's never been in love. Brian looks hurt. Kate says they need answers.

Kate and Mike go to film outside the coroner's office. They overhear the coroner telling Dean that she thinks Scott's death was caused by an animal attack.

The coroner leaves and Sam & Dean talk. Sam found a similar murder 10 years ago in the county records. Dean asks if it's a werewolf, but Sam says the time of month is wrong (no full moon). Sam & Dean head off to get some food and do more research.

Brian catches up with Mike and Kate outside the coroner's office. Mike wonders how he found them. Brian says he followed the GPS on their phones. Mike says Brian is starting to freak him out a bit. Brian tells Mike that the feeling is mutual. Kate asks Brian what else he can hack into.

Brian hacks into the security camera inside the restaurant where Sam & Dena are eating. They send Mike in with a microphone to pick up the converstaion.

Sam gets a salad. Dean gets two hamburgers.

Dean reads that werewolves that are turned up to 4 generations from "pureblood" (they wonder if this means the Alpha) are less feral and can transform at any time. They don't black out and can control themselves. Sam wonders if silver will even kill this kind of werewolf. These werewolves CAN survive on animal hearts.

Back at their house, it's sinking in to Mike that he's a werewolf. Kate is sure Sam & Dean aren't FBI...FBI agents don't say "aweome" that much or hunt college students. Mike is starting to freak out, but Kate points out that Sam & Dean are looking for the pureblood that bit Mike, not for Mike. Mike storms off and Kate runs after. Brian takes another look at the footage from the night Mike was bitten. He sees something; a fraternity pin. Kate and Mike are still deep in discussion, so Brian heads out to check up on it on his own.

He goes to the wooded area and finds the pin. He recognizes it; it belongs to one of their professors.

He installs a hidden camera in the professor's office before confronting him.

When Brian returns home, he finds Kate packing. She says that she and Mike are leaving to try to outrun Sam & Dean. Brian tells her she doesn't have to do that and plays her the footage from the professor's hidden office camera.

Brian tells the professor that he knows what he is. The professor tries to deny it, but Brian is using the hidden camera footage as blackmail. He wants the professor to turn him into a werewolf. The professor resists, but Brian forces him to bite him at knifepoint.

After biting Brian, the professor admits that he's been living on animal hearts, but in a moment of weakness, he ate a human heart; Carter. The professor said he knew a hunter would catch on to this eventually and Brian realizes that the professor turned Mike so that Mike would distract any hunters away from him.

The professor wonders aloud who would ever miss Michael. Brian says he would.

The professor asks Brian why he's doing this; why he wanted to be turned. Brian says he wanted to see what they (the professor and Mike) saw and do what they do. He's sick of being weak and wants to be strong (many Lord of the Flies references here). The professor tells him you can't choose what you are.

He says, "I did" as he shows the camera his bite mark on his arm that heals before our eyes.

Kate and Mike think he's crazy.

He continues the footage; showing what happened after he left he profesor's office. The professor is just about to discover the hidden camera as Sam & Dean bust in. They end up shooting the professor and he thanks them for it before he dies. Sam & Dean wonder what the professor was looking for and they find the camera.

Brian tells Kate that he did this to protect her. Sam & Dean killed the pureblood and now they are moving on and the three of them are in the clear. Brian tells Mike he finally knows what he wants. He's sick of living in Mike's shadow. But now that they're both werewolves, they're equals. Mike tells Brian that living as a werewolf hasn't been a picnic. That he feels more out of control since he ate Scott's heart.

Brian says he's weak. He tells Kate she doesn't need someone weak like Mike. She needs someone strong like him.

They fight over Kate. Mike ends up with the silver knife in his chest and dies on the floor as Kate tells him she loves him.

Kate pulls out the knife and slashes at Brian. Brian tells her he loves her and after he bites her, she'll understand. She tries to run, but Brian is faster and he bites her on the shoulder.

Kate runs to the bathroom and begins to tear it apart with superhuman strength. As her bite heals, she calms down and tells Brian she understands now. She comes out of the bathroom and hands Brian the camera so he can film her. Then she attacks and kills Brian, ripping him to shreds.

She covers Mike's body with a sheet, crying.

Kate speaks into the camera saying that she didn't finish Brian's movie to justify what happened. She doesn't even really understand what happened. She just wants Sam & Dean to know that Mike wasn't always a monster; none of them were. She says she's leaving and she'll live only on animal hearts. She's never killed a human. She asks that they give her a chance.

Amazingly, Sam & Dean agree. At first it looks like Sam is inclined to find her. But then he reasons that she hasn't hurt a human yet. Dean says they should give her a chance. Sam says if she strays, they'll take her down. Dean turns the music back on before they leave.

Sam & Dean decide to let Kate go...

The credits for the episode roll at the end instead of the beginning (like a movie) and we see Kate walking down a set of railroad tracks into the sunset.

...and there she goes
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