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Dean and Sam are at the bunker, and Dean is trying (unsuccessfully) to reach Crowley. It seems that he’s been trying for weeks to reach the demon, but hasn’t been able to. Sam chides Dean for chasing Crowley so doggedly, but Dean reminds him that Abaddon is a threat to them all, so Crowley has plenty of reasons to uphold his end of their bargain.

As the brothers are talking, Dean plays a voice mail message that Crowley accidentally left on his phone. The message sounds like Crowley was intoxicated when he phoned, so the brothers surmise that Crowley drunk-dialed Dean. In frustration, Dean calls Crowley again and leaves a message.
While this is happening at the bunker, Crowley is elsewhere – in what looks like a fancy hotel suite -- having sex with an attractive demon named Lola. Crowley asks Lola to get him another “treat”, and Lola goes to a closet where a frightened man is tied up and being held prisoner. Lola inserts a syringe into the man’s neck and draws blood from him. The man, who is clearly weakened from repeated blood-lettings, passes out. Lola announces to Crowley that their current victim is almost tapped out, so soon they’ll have to find someone else.Crowley orders Lola to find a new victim, and injects himself with the man’s blood. Afterward he seems more relaxed and intoxicated, and he and Lola have sex again.

Later, we see Lola returning to the room with some pizzas. When she arrives, we see that the previous victim from the closet is dead and his body has been tossed across a chair. When Lola secretly peers through the bedroom door to see what Crowley is doing, she finds him crying while watching a movie (Casablanca) on television.

Later, we see Lola at a warehouse meeting with another demon (Aldo). Aldo works for Abaddon, and Lola has apparently been ordered to spy on Crowley and report back to Abaddon. Lola is annoyed that Abaddon is not meeting with her personally, but Aldo tells her that Abaddon is busy so she should give him her report and he will pass it along to Abaddon.

During the exchange that follows, Lola tells Aldo that Crowley spends most of his time injecting human blood, eating pizza, and having sex, and he’s off his game. She also reports that Crowley has been getting voice mail messages from the Winchesters about the First Blade. Aldo orders Lola to continue collecting information, and they end their session.DEAN and SAM
Meanwhile, we see the Winchesters at a crossroads summoning a crossroad demon. The demon appears and is annoyed to see them, but reluctantly answers their questions about Crowley. She reports that Crowley was last seen in the Western Pacific Ocean, but since he’s been missing, hell is getting worse. Abaddon and her followers are preparing to make a move to take over hell, and unless Crowley reappears and gets control, he will lose his kingdom. Once the Winchesters are satisfied with the information, they exorcise the demon.


Lola arrives back at the hotel to find Crowley reading a book and waiting for her. She has some shopping bags and also shows him a unit of fresh blood that she obtained for him. Lola withdraws some blood from the bag and places the syringe on the table. But before she can get any further, Crowley telekinetically flings her across the room.

Crowley confronts Lola, letting her know that he’s aware she’s been spying on him for Abaddon. Lola initially begs for mercy, but then she begins taunting Crowley about how weak he is. Crowley kills Lola with an angel blade, and injects himself with the syringe. Then, he looks around the room at the dead bodies (there are now several, including Lola), realizes that he’s in trouble, and calls Dean.


Back at the bunker, Dean and Sam discuss their information. Sam recounts how Cain said he’d tossed the First Blade into the deepest ocean, and surmises that the Mariana trench is where Crowley may have gone to search for the weapon. Sam suspects Crowley found the weapon and is trying to double cross them, but Dean says that betraying them wouldn’t make sense because Crowley is the one who wants Dean to use the First Blade to kill Abaddon. However, Sam points out that once they have Blade, there’s nothing stopping them from using it on Crowley because he will no longer be useful.As the brothers are talking, Dean gets a call from Crowley. Crowley admits that he hasn’t exactly found the First Blade, but he’s in a jam and needs their help.


Later that night, we see that Crowley has been out and is returning to his hotel suite. He is surprised to see the Winchesters there waiting for him. The brothers comment about the dead bodies, and when they search Crowley, they find a fresh bag of blood on him and realize that his blood addiction has gotten out of control.The brothers place Crowley in warded handcuffs and hold an abbreviated intervention. They chastise Crowley for not behaving like a king, and for indulging himself while Abaddon takes over his kingdom. Crowley counters by arguing that the human feelings he’s experiencing are overwhelming for him. He also admits that Lola used him and has been reporting all his activities to Abaddon. When Crowley admits that, in a medicated stupor, he may have told Lola about the First Blade, the Winchesters are furious because that means Abaddon is also aware of the Blade and is likely looking for it.

The Winchesters take Crowley back to the bunker’s dungeon to “detox”. With Crowley restrained, he tells the Winchesters a saga about how he found the First Blade (which had been found by researchers and then stolen by smugglers), only for it to be subsequently lost to a group of Moroccan pirates in a poker game. Crowley adds that an antiquities dealer named Devlin bought the Blade from the pirates and has been trying to sell it.

Later that night, while Crowley waits nearby, Dean and Sam (posing as feds) are at a park meeting secretly with an antiquities dealer (Devlin) to get information about the First Blade. The man refuses to talk, so Crowley quickly possesses him and steals the information from his mind. The brothers learn that Devlin sold the Blade to a museum called the National Institute of Antiquities, in Kansas City.

Meanwhile, Abaddon’s demons possess guards at the museum’s vault and break into the vault, killing both guards and a research assistant in the process.

Later, still dressed as feds, Dean and Sam arrive at the museum after the murders. When the local police show the Winchesters security footage of what the guards did, the brothers realize that the men were possessed by Abaddon’s demons. However, they also learn the museum’s curator (Dr. McElroy) insists the vault was empty and had been so for weeks. When the Winchesters question McElroy, she reluctantly admits that the Blade had never been authenticated, so she sold it to a private collector who insisted on secrecy, but said his name was Magnus.

The brothers recall that Magnus was a name that the Men of Letters used to disguise themselves, so they investigate the possibility that the private collector may be a former Man of Letters.

Back at the bunker, they question Crowley to see if he knows anything about Abaddon’s massacre of the Men of Letters in 1958. Crowley refuses to help, berating the Winchesters for turning him into a blood junkie and keeping him locked in their dungeon while his kingdom falls apart. In exchange for information, Crowley demands to be released from the dungeon. The Winchesters comply.

Next, we see Crowley sipping scotch in the bunker’s library while the Winchesters research the only lead they have. Crowley tells them that a rogue member from the Men of Letters was excommunicated before the massacre, and he might be the one they’re looking for.

The Winchesters eventually find a file on a man named Cuthbert Sinclair, who designed most of the bunker’s warding and had achieved a high skill level within the order. However, his work became too dangerous and eccentric for the Men of Letters, so he was excommunicated in 1956 – before the massacre. Crowley admits that he’d heard about such a man, but wasn’t able to find him. He agrees to take the Winchesters to the spot where his demons tracked the man before losing the trail.

Later, the Winchesters and Crowley arrive at the spot, which is a clearing in the middle of the woods, but they don’t see anything there. Crowley says that if the place is warded well enough, he wouldn’t be able to sense it. The Winchesters decide that since they are Legacies, the former Man of Letters might talk to them. Sam – talking to nobody – announces who he and Dean are, noting that they’re Henry Winchesters’ grandsons. He says that they know about the excommunication and thought Magnus might want to tell his side of the story. Suddenly, a colorful swirl of air appears in front of them, and a portal opens up. The Winchesters step through and end up in the corridor of what looks like fancy estate.

Once inside, the brothers begin searching the building. Suddenly, they are attacked by vampires. After they quickly kill the monsters, Magnus makes his appearance and introduces himself. He dismissively apologizes for the monster attack, but says he just wanted to “know what they were made of”. The Winchesters waste little time with small talk. Magnus tells them that his fortress is invisible, so that’s why they couldn’t see it. He also explains his appearance, which is surprisingly youthful for someone who should be in his 90s, by saying that he mastered enough spellwork to keep himself young and alive. Magnus commends the brothers on how quickly they dispatched the vampires and says that he’ll miss those members of his “zoo”. When the Winchesters ask what he means, Magnus boasts that he owns the greatest collection of supernatural rarities and antiquities in the world. During the discussion, Magnus admits that he was Henry’s mentor and that he was always fond of Henry. When the brothers confess that they are hunters, Magnus seems delighted – saying that the Men of Letters were snobs and that they’d be rolling in their graves if they knew hunters had inherited the “keys to the kingdom”.

Eventually, the brothers ask about the First Blade and say they’re trying to stop Abaddon. When Magnus chides them for not knowing that the Blade is useless without the Mark of Cain, Dean shows Magnus the Mark on his arm. Magnus is very impressed and shows the brothers the Blade, which is on display in his study. Dean tells Magnus that if he’ll lend them the Blade, they’ll stop Abaddon. Magnus pretends to agree, but instead uses a spell to eject Sam from the fortress.

Sam races through the woods and back to Crowley, who is waiting by the Impala. He announces that Magnus has taken Dean prisoner.

When Dean demands to know what is going on, Magnus casually admits that he already had the First Blade as part of his collection, and now he has the Mark of Cain’s bearer to complete the set. Magnus tells Dean that if he’ll stay at the fortress, he’ll be young forever and will be part of the greatest collection of all time. He offers to teach Dean his secrets if he’ll stay. When Dean refuses, Magnus uses magic to disarm him and takes him prisoner, tying him to a pillar. Magnus tries to get Dean to hold the Blade, but Dean refuses. Magnus forcefully places the Blade in Dean’s hands, and a transformation comes over Dean. His arm starts glowing and his hand shivers until he drops the Blade.

Against Dean’s protests, Magnus tries to convince Dean that with the Mark and Blade, they can have anything they want and stop anything in their way. Dean reminds Magnus that the Blade is useless unless he agrees to wield it, which he won’t. Magnus temporarily puts a spell on Dean that dampens his will and makes him susceptible to taking orders.

Amidst hostile discussion, Sam and Crowley reluctantly work together to find a way to get into the fortress and free Dean. Eventually, Sam finds a spell that can be used to gain access to the invisible fortress. Crowley agrees to locate and assemble the ingredients for the spell.

After some time passes, Sam and Crowley work the spell and enter the fortress. Once inside, Sam finds Dean, but Magnus has set a trap and ends up taking Sam prisoner as well.

With Dean and Sam both chained up, Magnus begins torturing Sam with a knife to get Dean to capitulate. While this is happening, Crowley sneaks into the room and frees Dean. Dean then sneaks up behind Magnus and beheads him using the First Blade. Unfortunately, wielding the Blade temporarily takes hold of Dean. He seems hypnotized and stares mesmerized at the Blade. Sam and Crowley both see the transformation happening. Sam repeatedly orders Dean to drop the Blade. Eventually, and with much apparent effort, Dean complies and instantly returns to normal.

When Dean, Sam, and Crowley return to the Impala, they discover that the car has been vandalized. They can smell sulfur, so they surmise that Abaddon’s demons are to blame. Fortunately, the trunk is warded, so the demons couldn’t take anything. However, they carved a message into the side of the car that says “Be afraid. Your Queen” in Enochian. Crowley tells the brothers that the message is for him and not for them, and that it means Abaddon is coming.

While this is happening, Sam whispers to Dean that he now has the Blade, so Crowley is no longer useful. Dean makes a move toward Crowley, but the demon uses telekinesis to pin both brothers against the car. He takes the First Blade from Dean and says he’ll return it when they find Abaddon. Then, Crowley disappears.

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