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The scene opens on something that looks like a torture chamber or butcher shop. Creepy 50's music is playing. It looks like something very bad will happen here.

Elsewhere, at a truck stop, a young woman tries to buy gas using her credit card at the pump, but the card reader is out of order. She has to go inside to prepay for her gas.

There are a variety of odd characters inside the truck stop. Including a creepy preacher. The cashier is rude to her. He tries to pick her up. She just wants to pay and get out of there. He makes fun of her last name "Hanscum". She's Donna's niece. The cashier flirts with her inappropriately.

She pays, goes outside, gases up her car and is approached by a scary-looking guy who wants to clean her windshield. She gets in the car and leaves, declining his offer.

A short time later, she pulls over with a flat tire. She tries to wave down a semi truck, but it passes her. It looks like her tire as been flattened on purpose; there's a spike in it.

Someone walks up behind her and grabs her, throwing her to the ground. She tries to crawl away, but he abducts her.

At the bunker:
It's early in the morning and Sam is lying in bed awake. Time passes, but the doesn't sleep. Dean knocks on the door offering to make pancakes. Sam ignores him. At 10:00 am his phone rings. It's Donna.

In the kitchen, Sam puts Donna on speaker with Dean. Donna explains her niece is missing. She knows it's not a monster hunt, but she wants Sam and Dean's help. Dean agrees to help immediately.

Donna meets them outside a warehouse where her niece's car is being inspected. She explains Jody was busy with the girls, so she called Sam and Dean. Donna says the police
found her niece's (Wendy's) car. She was taking a gap year...based on how much Donna enjoyed doing it herself years ago. Dean tells Donna it's not her fault. Donna's boyfriend and fellow officer Doug keeps telling her the same thing. Dean goes inside to talk to Doug and check out the car. Dean sees the spike in the tire.

Someone comes over asking Dean what he's doing in a very condescending way. Doug jumps in. Doug explains Dean is FBI. So is the guy who walked up to Dean. Dean says he's related to the victim. He's not on official FBI business. Doug is surprised that Dean and Donna are related. The rude guy is agent Clegg. He offers to fill them in on what he knows about the case.

Agent Clegg says that he's been tracking disappearances. Wendy is not the only one to go missing. Clegg says the suspect has been called "the Butterfly". He seems to take people who won't be missed. Clegg says the missing people disappear; they've never even found a body. Doug hopes that might mean that the victims aren't dead.

Donna is not hopeful.

Clegg says he welcomes their help, even if it's unorthodox. Sam wants nothing to do with it because Clegg is real FBI. Dean agrees to help.

Back at the motel room, Dean gets on a CB radio to try to find some info. from truckers about Wendy. Sam mocks him for trying a CB radio. Dean's sure it will work. Sam argues they shouldn't be involved with the real Feds. Dean points out that the Feds think they are dead. Sam doesn't want to get on their radar again. Dean can't believe Sam's saying this. Dean would never leave Donna in the lurch. Dean wonders if Sam wants to head back to the bunker so he can mope some more.

Sam says he's not moping. Dean says Sam never gets up that late. And Sam never refuses pancakes.

Dean says he knows Sam is in a dark place over Jack and Mary. Dean thinks about it too. All the time. Dean says he's there for Sam, but the only way out of this is through it and right now Donna needs their help. Dean is sure they'll also eventually take care of finding Jack and Mary.

Sam reluctantly agrees.

The CB crackles; a female trucker says she might have some info. on the woman they are looking for.

Sam says he wants to help Donna.

Elsewhere...Wendy is bloody and strapped to a chair. A masked man in a dirty apron appears to be menacing her. He turns on a video camera and focuses it on her face. She pleads for her life into the camera.

At the police station, Clegg gives Sam and Donna the information he's collected over the years on this case. He says Wendy last used her credit card in Nebraska. Clegg suspects that the creepy preacher might be involved. He seems to show up in places where people are abducted. He has prior arrests for lewd behavior. He was at the truck stop where Wendy was last seen and some of Wendy's bloodily clothing was found in his van when he was arrested.

At a diner, Dean talks to the female trucker who contacted him on the CB. She is the one who drove past Wendy stranded on the side of the road and didn't stop. She feels bad about it. She says she was just trying to stay on schedule. She adds that the truck stop gave her the creeps.

Back at the station, Sam and Clegg are trying to interrogate the preacher without much luck. He wants a lawyer. They guy seems to be a bigoted jerk with a thing against immigrants, but doesn't give them any information.

Donna enters the room wanting to interview the guy herself.

At the truck stop, Dean and Doug are investigating. Not much has gone on there as far as illegal activity. Suddenly, Doug asks Dean if Donna is going to be okay. He says he loves her, but he's never seen her like this. She's not talking to him like usual. Doug thinks she's hiding something.

Dean tells Doug to trust Donna.

Back in interrogation, Donna tries to use the Bible to convince the preacher not to ask for a lawyer. He's not falling for it. She points out that he'll probably have to be in jail all weekend before he can get a public defender. He decides he'd rather answer questions.

Elsewhere, Dean asks the people at the truck stop if they've seen Wendy. He pays the window washer guy to tell them what he knows. He says the cashier liked her. That the cashier drove after her when she left.

In interrogation:
Donna asks if the pastor's family knows about this lewd acts. The pastor admits to it. He's weak, The says his family and God know he's a sinner. She asks him about Wendy's bloody clothes. He starts to get nervous. He says he didn't do anything to her. He says he's not perfect but he never hurt anyone. He seems very sincere. Donna tells Sam and Clegg that she believes him; that he didn't have anything to do with Wendy disappearing.

Wendy's bloody shirt must have been planted in his van.

At the truck stop, Dean questions the clerk. He's smug. Dean slams his head into the desk. No luck. The guy says Dean won't believe him if he tells him the truth. He goes to the back and pulls up an video of a guy, strapped to the table, getting his arm cut off. People are bidding on it. He says it's kind of like Ebay. They are selling off his body parts. Doug can barely watch the video but the clerk seems to be enjoying it.

Sam and Donna join Dean and Doug at the truck stop. They watch the clerk's video of the body part auction. Sam turns the sound off. Sam points out that the bidders are bidding on body parts for food. Donna immediately understands that monsters are bidding on the body parts to eat them. Doug doesn't know what she means. She says she'll explain it later.

The clerk says he sees someone no one will miss, so he makes a call and that person is "taken" and he gets paid.

Sam points out that there is a new auction starting. It's Wendy. Donna can't watch and leaves the room. Dean wants Sam to hack into the site and find out where the live video feed is coming from. Sam can't do it, but he thinks the FBI can.

Elsewhere, Donna is telling Doug that monsters are real and Sam and Dean are hunters; she's a hunter too.

Dean jumps in saying they have to hurry up and find this place based on Clegg's FBI hacking; they don't have much time until the auction runs out.

They arrive at a warehouse and Donna and Dean head in with Doug and the clerk. Donna asks Doug to hang back with the clerk. Dean gives Doug a gun and heads off with Donna to look for Wendy.

Outside, Sam heads around back and runs into Clegg. Sam says he called him to get and address, not for backup. Clegg says he has to be involved with this. Sam reluctantly agrees.

In the building, the clerk is taunting Doug; says Donna is hot and out of his league.

Elsewhere, a masked figure is sharpening knives in front of Wendy as she pleads for her life.

Dean and Donna hear creepy 50's music and head towards it, but it turns out to be a trap; it's just a radio in the center of an empty room.

Elsewhere, the clerk tells Doug that he, the clerk, is a vampire and show him his fangs before breaking the cuffs and attacking Doug. He bleeds into Doug's mouth after biting his own wrist.

Sam and Clegg hear a struggle. Sam motions to Clegg that they'll move in on "three", but Clegg hits Sam over the head.

Donna and Dean find Doug on the floor. He says he's not hurt, but then he shows Donna his teeth and says he doesn't think he's okay.

Dean injects Doug with dead man's blood from his duffel....just as Doug tries to attack Donna. Dean says that will slow Doug down until they can mix up a cure; with sage and several other things "including the blood of the vamp that turned him" says the clerk, walking up on the scene. Dean thanks the clerk for making it easy for him to get that particular ingredient.

The clerk tells Dean that he was fooled by Clegg and that Clegg has a brother. He won't tell Dean where because Dean should have been nicer to him.

The vampire walks towards Dean as Dean tells him to "bring it". Just then, Donna shoots the vampire in the knee and he falls down. Dean's surprised. Donna tells Dean to get the guy's blood and mix the cure. Donna puts the shotgun in his face and asks where Clegg is. She says she'll kill him whether he tells her or not.

Back in the torture chamber, Sam is strapped to the dissection table. Clegg is telling his accomplice to get a wide angle shot. Sam figures that Clegg is the Butterfly. Clegg recognized Sam and Dean by their car and knows they are hunters. He tells Sam there are millions of monsters out there and they all have to eat. He's providing a service to the large number of monsters who pass as regular humans. By buying food online, they aren't out killing people. Sam tells him to go to hell. Clegg says Dean isn't going to show up to save Sam.

Clegg puts on a mask and starts to new auction, with him acting as auctioneer. We see all the monsters watching their computers, ready to bid.

Dean and Donna and Doug are driving to the spot where the clerk apparently told them they could find Clegg. Donna gives Doug the cure to drink in the back seat of the Impala.

They arrive at the building and leave Doug in the car.

Inside, Clegg starts the auction for Sam's heart.

Dean and Donna go inside and start searching.

Donna finds Wendy tied up but is thrown to the ground by the butcher. She fights with him, ultimately stabbing him. When he goes down, she frees Wendy.

The auction for Sam's heart climbs to $500,000. Clegg says he usually likes to drag out the killing a bit, but not this time. He puts a gun to Sam's head. Sam hears a shot. Clegg looks down to see blood spreading across the front of his white shirt; from the bullet Dean fired into him from behind.

Back at a motel, Doug wakes up in handcuffs. Donna asks if he's okay. Doug doesn't feel like biting anyone, so Sam figures the cure worked. Doug asks about Wendy. Donna says she'll be fine. She says Doug will be fine too, but he disagrees. Dean tells Doug that this is a lot to take in, but now he knows the truth and Dean would love to have him on their side. Donna hopes so too. Doug says no. This life is not for him. He just wants to go home. Doug became a cop to help people. He's not up for killing monsters.

Donna apologizes for not telling him the truth, but says she can't give up hunting. Doug says he knows. She's a hero for doing what she does. It's just not for him. Doug leaves. Sam gives Donna kind of a hard lecture; that it's safer just to not get attached. Dean rubs her on the shoulder. the car...Dean tells Sam he was kind of tough on Donna. Sam seems surprised. Sam says he was just telling the truth. Dean points out they save people. Sam says they also get people killed, like Kaia.

Dean tries to rationalize what Sam is feeling; saying he knows Sam is in a dark place, but Sam stops him.

Sam insists he's just saying what he is sure is the truth. He says he tried to pretend that they could help Jack and Mary, but that's not what happened. It never ends well for them. There's only one way it can end for them.


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