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The camera fades in and we see Crowley, tied up in chains in a dimly lit dungeon with blood running down the side of his face. He calmly says, "I told you, I don't know anything about-" before getting smacked in the face with a bat. The real Crowley then walks into the frame, wearing an apron and carrying the bat he's been interrogating the alpha shape-shifter with. "Sorry," He replies. "But your exceptional good looks aren't going to buy you any mercy. I suggest you talk." The alpha keeps his calm and tells him that all he really knows about Purgatory is that he goes there when he dies and nothing else. Crowley disagrees, and claims his sources told him otherwise. He then 'introduces' the alpha to a knife made of iridium, claiming it would have been cheaper to drop a castle on the thing than scrounge up an iridium knife, one of the only things that can actually cause it pain.

He threatens the shifter with it and when the shifter remains uncooperative, he stabs it in the chest angrily with the iridium knife. The shifter cries in pain when the knife stabs into its chest and Crowley pulls it out before laying it upon the medical tray nearby. He leans in, cups his ear and asks, "What was that?", only to have the alpha spit blood on his face. Crowley gets pissed and threatens the alpha with killing its babies, holding up a baby-walkie that emits their cries. The alpha, after a brief moment, adamantly says to "kill 'em all, we'll make more." That just about gets on Crowley's last nerve. He slams the baby-walkie on the tray, grabs a broad sword and slices the doppelgangers head off with one swipe. It falls and rolls on the floor and Crowley says, "Guess I kinda lost my head." Before the scene cuts to the title we all know and love:


The camera pans over a factory at night, we see the Impala pull up in front of it and another parked car comes into the frame- headlights on and two men in suits standing near it. The Winchesters park in front of them and step out with a captured Rugaru to hand over. After passing the blindfolded Rugaru to the two men in suits, who we soon learn are Crowley's 'demon-extras', Dean asks them why Crowley hasn't personally met with them himself. The demons, more than rudely, refuse to answer and drive away with the captured Rugaru. Dean says to Sam, "Remember when we used to gank demons?"

The scene cuts to the inside of a dimly lit, cabin-like safe-house, just as the Winchesters open the door and enter. Dean is tired of taking Crowley's orders and complains. Sam reminds him that if they're going to get his soul back then they're going to have to continue. Dean asks whether or not Sam actually wants his soul back. Sam replies, "I'm working with Crowley, aren't I?" And Dean expresses his concern, wondering whether Crowley will hold up his end of the bargain, while striding to the other side of the room to serve himself a drink. When he turns, he finds that Sam is no longer in the room. Cue the eerie silence. "Sam?" He sets his cup down and draws his pistol, slowly and silently heading into the hallway to find Sam unconscious in another room. Just as he nears the body, he is whacked from behind by a demon and knocked out cold.

The scene cuts to Dean, tied up to a chair with rope, Sam sitting across from him in the same situation. After Sammy wakes, Dean grumbles, "What now?" And Sam replies, "I think I know who you can ask." Meg has entered the room and, after some 'playful' banter, demands to know where Crowley is. After failing to get an answer from the Winchester boys, she threatens Dean's life with a knife (Ruby's knife, as it turns out) to his neck. Sam laughs, Dean wants to know what's so funny and Sam begins to explain the fact that Meg, a "Lucifer-Loyalist", is being hunted by Crowley- and she won't kill them, because she needs them to get to the Crowley. He proposes a solution: they work together, and in exchange for leading Meg to Crowley, Meg will help them torture something out of the King of Hell (Sam's soul ideally) before he is killed. Meg would like to know what, Sam refuses to answer but she accepts the offer anyway and leaves with her demon goons.

After the demons leave, and the Winchesters untie themselves from the chairs, Dean expresses his concern over working with the same demon that killed Jo and Ellen. After Sam tries to convince him not to act purely on emotion, Dean continues by saying that Meg and her demons will surely back-stab them after getting Crowley. Sam says they'll back-stab them first and that they're "bringing insurance", just in case.

The scene cuts to the middle of an empty road at night. Sam begins to call for Castiel and, when he doesn’t get an answer, weaves a lie about having found the ‘Ark of the Covenant’. Castiel appears, having fallen for the trick, and is not pleased to find out that Sam had deceived him, especially since he was in mid-battle. Sam couldn’t care less about Castiel’s “pissing match with Raphael” and demands that Castiel help, even going as far as threatening the angel with death. Castiel tells Sam he needs help, as in mental help, but ends up joining Sam anyway.

We see Dean alone in the dim safehouse, entering the living room just as Castiel and Sam enter. He’s surprised Sam managed to get Castiel. After finding that Crowley is hidden from Castiel’s tracking ritual, the three head to Grandpa Campbell’s office to search for clues on Crowley’s location. Samuel catches them in the act and switches on the light. He lowers the pistol he had drawn and wants to know what they want. Dean doesn’t hesitate to tell him they’re hunting down Crowley and plan on getting Sam’s soul back. Despite being their grandfather, Samuel refuses to help. After asking Castiel to give them a minute, Dean continues by reminding Samuel that they’re his blood and he wants to know what Crowley is holding over him. Samuel gives in and tells them Crowley promised to bring his daughter back to life- Mary Winchester. They have a dispute. Dean wants Samuel to learn from their mistakes and to stop trying. When Samuel refuses to listen, Dean continues by asking him to consider the fact that Mary would find out, sooner or later, that Samuel made a deal with a demon and refused to help her two sons. Samuel gets frustrated and tells them to get out. They comply.

We cut to a scene in the safe-house and find Cas watching a porn flick on TV. Sam and Dean are doing research and just then Samuel enters. He tells them he’s going to help, because that’s what his daughter (their mother) would have wanted, and gives them the location of Crowley’s monster prison. He’s not going with them, however, because he thinks it’s a suicide mission. After that, he leaves.

Meg and her demon goons arrive later and Castiel is more than a little displeased with the Winchesters for working with demons- again. Meg asks for the location of Crowley, Sam refuses to hand it over so easily, lest she decides to turn on them once she has it, and asks for Ruby’s demon-killing knife. She hands it over, reluctantly, and Sam suddenly kills one of her demons with it, claiming it was more interested on killing them than working with them (Sam, Dean & Castiel), and keeps the knife Meg stole from them in the first place. Meg gives Castiel a flirty smirk before leaving with her goons.

While preparing their equipment, Sam leaves the room and Castiel and Dean have talk. Castiel warns Dean that Sam’s soul has most likely suffered at the hands of Michael and Lucifer down in the pit- so much so that retrieving it and putting it back into Sam’s body could overwhelm his mind with horrible memories and turn him into a drooling mess. Dean says that their priority right now is just to get Sammy’s soul back and Castiel agrees with him. Meanwhile, Sam stands on the other side of the wall- having just heard the entire conversation.

Sam, Dean & Castiel meet Meg and her two demon-extras on the outskirts of Crowley’s monster prison, a once abandoned prison now filled with the monsters Crowley wishes to torture. They use Castiel to get in through a side door and Dean can’t help but think this is just too easy. As they pass the prison cells, and all the monsters in them, they suddenly find themselves being chased by hellhounds. Both of Meg’s demons are taken down by the hellhounds before the others barricade a door behind them and line it with salt. Meg tries to leave her meat-suit and bail, but soon finds out that Crowley has put seals over the prison that prevents her from doing so. Meanwhile, the hellhounds scratch and pound at the doors, slowly breaking the salt line, and Sam states that Meg is the only who can see them and therefore has a greater chance of killing them. He wants her to at least hold off the hounds while they look for Crowley, and she agrees. Just before they get going, however, she kisses Castiel and he returns the gesture, having learned a few things from the ‘pizza man’ in the porn flick. She breaks off from the kiss with Castiel’s angel-killing knife in hand and tells them to run off while she prepares to fight the hellhounds.

Castiel and the Winchesters enter a room and Samuel suddenly banishes Castiel back to Heaven with a bloody sigil. He’s sold them out to Crowley, who arrives with two demons to tell them they’ve outlived their usefulness and is going to have them killed. The demons take them away to lock them in their cells.

We return to see Meg fight off and kill the last of the hellhounds with Castiel’s angel blade, but just then the demon possessed Christian Campbell appears to knock her out cold and take her away.

We see Dean and Sam locked up in their cells, both of them standing in filth. Samuel arrives to try and explain himself to Dean. He starts off by saying that Dean chose Sam over their mother, Mary. Dean counters by reminding him that they’re his grandchildren and Samuel retorts by stating that Dean is a stranger to him and Sam… he doesn’t even know what Sam is. Dean gives a bone-chilling threat, telling Samuel that he’ll escape and hunt him down, before Samuel retreats from the door so Crowley’s demons can take Dean away. Meanwhile, Meg is being tortured by Christian and Sam, still locked up in the cell, bites down on his wrist for blood.

Dean is thrown into a room with two hungry ghouls (yikes!), and the demons come to take Sam away. When they enter the cell, however, they soon find out that they’ve fallen into a devil’s trap. Sam smiles, his gums stained with the blood he used to draw a devil’s trap on the ceiling. He escapes the cell, finds Dean and batters down the two ghouls.

Meg is still being tortured but gives a laugh. Christian asks her what’s so funny before getting stab from behind by Dean with the demon-killing knife.

Meanwhile, Crowley is just about to torture the djinn from the first episode when the prison’s fire alarm suddenly begins to wail. He goes to find out what all the ruckus is about and finds himself in the middle of a devil’s trap- conjured up by the Winchesters themselves. They confront Crowley and use Meg’s demon power to torture him from the inside, demanding Sam’s soul back. After some banter, Crowley admits he was lying about having the ability to retrieve Sam’s soul from the pit, especially from the hands of Mike and Lucy, and Meg steps forward to finish him off with the demon-killing knife. He wrestles the knife from her hands, however, and uses it to break the devil’s trap. He uses his telekinetic powers to pin Sam and Dean to the wall and is about to kill Meg when Castiel suddenly appears, holding a bag with Crowley’s bones. Crowley releases Sam & Dean. He’s surprised that Castiel actually managed to find his bones and that the angel is here, with the Winchesters, when he’s losing a war with Raphael up in Heaven. Castiel demands to know whether Crowley was lying about retrieving Sam’s soul, Crowley says he was not, and Castiel torches the bones, turning Crowley into a pile of dust.

Before Dean can kill Meg, she disappears and he thanks Castiel instead. Castiel tells them Crowley was right, he is losing a war with Raphael, and he’d prefer to spend a little more time on Earth but he can’t. Dean understands and tell him they’re there if he needs them. Sam asks Castiel if he can finish off all the monsters in Crowley’s prison (wouldn’t want them escaping) and Castiel complies.

When the angel disappears, Sam admits to Dean that he heard the conversation he had with Castiel- about his wrecked soul- and that he doesn’t want to fight for a soul that will drive him mad. Dean tells Sam that he needs his soul but Sam is having none of it. He walks away, Dean tells him not to, but Sam ignores his pleas and continues.

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