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(from 109 "Home" episode)
Refers to thousands of cases in North America where cattle have been found mutilated under abnormal circumstances. Marked with fluorescent paint, drained of blood, cows have been found dead, with the cause of death unknown. These cattle have laser cuts and certain organs surgically removed from their bodies, often their reproductive and rectal organs. Not only will scavengers not touch the carcasses but abnormally high radiation levels have been found around these areas as well, with zero traces of footprints, but clamp marks suggesting the cattle were taken from habitats to be mutilated.

(from 203 "Bloodlust" episode)
The killing and maiming of cattle, under unusual circumstances. Investigation of cattle mutilation asserts that it is a genuine practice attributed mostly to predators, natural decomposition, extraterrestrials, secretive governmental or military agencies, and cults. Skeptics claim that the "mutilations" are a misrepresented natural processes. One example of how cattle mutilation can occur was shown through an experiment done by the Washington County (Arkansas) Sheriff's Department. They found that when a dead cow was placed in a field for 48 hours that bloating, caused by the sun, led to incision-like tears in the skin and that blowflies and maggots then cleaned out the soft tissue so that the carcass looked exactly like those that had been attributed to satanic cults.

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