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Emerson, Manitoba 1980

A boy is running through the forest. Something is chasing him. He trips and the thing, whatever it is, catches up.

It's a werewolf. Just as it's about to kill the boy, the werewolf is shot and the boy is splattered with blood.

Mary Winchester shot the monster.

She drops the boy off at his house. She tries to find out his name. He says it's Asa Fox. She tells him he'll be fine. She'd been tracking the werewolf for "a long time". The boy seems fascinated that this woman kills monsters. Mary tells the boy she's retiring from hunting; though she's officially "already retired". Asa asks who will help kids like him if she retires? Mary doesn't answer. She straightens his hair and sends him inside his house.

Asa turns and takes one Polaroid of Mary as she gets into her car.

Next we watch Asa grow up. He's cutting out case articles about murders from the paper. He writes Mary a postcard every so often but can only put in a drawer since he has no way of figuring out where to send it. As a man, he's still clipping articles. He's packing salt rounds. He's become a hunter. We see him killing ghosts and smiling as he does it. He's a bit of a womanizer; we see him with woman after woman. He continues to write Mary postcards. He works on his Jeep. He seems to have a hunting buddy; another man with a beard.

As an adult, Asa is running through the woods until suddenly we see a rope pull taught as he is hanged.

Jody Mills is getting ready for some pizza and some Netflix. There's a knock at the door. It's Sam and Dean. They kiss her hello. They're on the way back from a hunt (apparently unshowered). They said they stopped by to see Claire and Alix, but Jody explains they aren't there that weekend; they're offata concert. Jody offers to feed Sam and Dean though.

Dean has to brag about killing Hitler. Jody doesn't know quite what to make of that.

Later, Dean complains about the chick flick movie. He's surprised Jody would watch something like that. Sam tells Jody that Dean's mostly into anime erotica. Jody's fascinated and Dean's mortified that Sam would tell her. Sam tells Dean to "be proud of your hobbies".

Jody gets up to get the phone. When she returns, her mood is totally different. She starts packing. Sam and Dean ask what's up. A friend of hers died. Asa Fox. They think the name sounds familiar. They heard stories about him as a hunter.

Jody apparently had a fling with him. She liked him. She's going to the funeral. Sam and Dean say they're going with her. They never go hunter gatherings outside of bars; their dad always said they were trouble. Jody thanks them, but insists they get cleaned up before they spend five hours together in the car. Dean is surprised they're going that far.

In Manitoba...
Asa's house is surrounded with cars. The house is big, but apparently that was due to his family's money, not his. It's a full house. Other hunters are everywhere.

Asa's mother greets Jody. She's trying to soldier through. She kind of looks like a stereotypical rich woman.

Dean grabs a beer from the tub of ice in the kitchen. Another hunter, Asa's partner, tells him it's his own home brew. Dean introduces himself. He's surprised to find out he's somewhat famous amongst hunters.

The partner's name is Bucky. Dean is also introduced to hunters Randy and Elvis. Elvis wants to meet Sam.

Dean makes small talk. Dean says he's heard stories about Asa. Like how he took out five wendigos at once. Apparently, every time someone says "wendigo", they have to drink. Bucky says there are some crazy stories about Dean.

Out in the other room, Sam is talking to a young man and woman; twins. They are telling Sam they are hunters, raised by a witch. A good witch. She taught them magic. The man chimes in that he mostly uses it to seduce men. They laugh.

Elvis walks up. He can't wait to meet Sam. He knows someone who knew Garth. He's heard that Sam was possessed by the devil. The twins ask him to back off; it's not polite to ask. Sam makes an excuse and leaves the conversation.

Elsewhere in the house, Dean finds a real angel blade in Asa's room. Sam finds Dean in there and tells him he can't believe that people tell stories about them. Sam points out they told stories about Asa too and he ended up hanging from a tree in the woods. Dean thinks it's good that Asa died on the job. Dean still thinks they aren't destined to live to their 90's. Sam doesn't really seem to agree.

Dean warns Sam not to say "wendigo" to anyone.

Later, many of the mourners have left, but Bucky and a few others including Jody, Sam and Dean are still there. Bucky is telling stories. Dean learns that Jody was a bit more to Asa than a friend. Asa's mom confirms he was popular with the ladies. Jody tells Sam and Dean that she DOES have a life when they are not around. The twins chime in that their mom talked about Asa all the time. Randy leaves the room to get more beer.

As he heads down the hall alone, the voices of the others fade. Suddenly, Randy's neck starts to bleed and he's pulled into a doorway.

In the front room where everyone else is, someone else slowly enters. It's Mary. Sam and Dean are surprised to see her there. Mary asks what they're doing there.

They introduce Jody to Mary. Jody can't believe it's their mom. Mary confirms that she WAS dead, but not anymore. It's awkward. Jody hugs her. Jody leaves them alone.

Dean asks Mary where she's been. She went back to Lawrence. She read through John's journal. Trying to catch up on what she missed. Dean says she could have just asked them. Sam tries to get him to stop being snarky. Mary says she had to do this alone. Mary says that most of the people she knew are dead, but Asa was so young when she met him, she thought he might still be alive until she read about his death. Dean is a bit offended that Mary will only text him and Sam once a week at best, but she'll drive to Canada for a funeral of someone she barely knew. He leaves to get some air.

Jody finds him on the way out. Jody points out that he told her ALL about killing Hitler on the
drive up, but nothing about his mom being back from the dead. Jody isn't going to tell Dean how to feel, but if she could have her son and husband back from the dead, she'd give anything for it, but she'd be scared to death too.

"Yeah?" Dean asks. Jody says she'd be worried that those she loved had changed from their time spent in heaven. What if it didn't work out? She offers to listen if Dean ever wants to talk. Dean looks like he's thinking about what she said.

In the kitchen, Asa's mom runs into Mary. She can't believe it's Mary. She looks too young. Mary doesn't explain. Asa's mom thinks Mary SHOULD be sorry. She's the reason Asa became a hunter. She hands Mary the box of postcards Asa wrote to her. Mary tries to defend herself saying she saved his life, but Asa's mom is angry that hunting became Asa's whole life. No wife or kids. Asa's mom is bitter. Mary sighs as Asa's mom leaves.

Sam comes in. Mary hands him the box of postcards. She explains to Sam that she saved Asa when he was a boy, but she blames herself for him becoming a hunter. Sam points out that Asa saved lots of people as a result of having become a hunter. Mary says that everything she does now feels wrong. She can't get used to being back. Sam says he knows she needs space. He says Dean is afraid they'll lose her again, but Sam knows she won't walk away. Sam points out that Mary saved Asa after Dean was born. If she couldn't stop hunting then, she can't stop now. He knows this life is insane, but it's what they do. It's in them. Mary looks at Sam like she's glad he understands.

Sam and Mary go to say goodbye to Asa's body wrapped in a sheet. Mary looks at his face.
Blood starts dripping on the forehead of the corpse. Sam and Mary look up to find Randy hanging from the ceiling, dead, dripping blood.

Sam tells the others what happened to Randy. The remaining guests smell sulphur and the lights start to flicker. Bucky explains that Randy was killed in the way the demon that he and Asa were tracking likes to kill people. Bucky tries to leave, but the door can't be opened. One of the twins waves his hand and glowing symbols appear over the door. He explains the whole house has been warded inside and out and they are all trapped.

Dean is still outside, drinking from a flask. Suddenly, Billie shows up. She's here for "a fresh soul"...fresher than Asa's. Dean realizes that someone else inside must have died and gets to the front door as fast as he can.

Inside, Bucky it telling everyone what he knows about this demon. It is a demon named Jael. The first time they ran into him, he caused a First Nations girl to hang herself. Asa exorcised it, but it killed the girl and came back for Asa five years later. It killed one of his girlfriends and her child.

Dean tries unsuccessfully to break down the door.

Now Jael is possessing someone in the room. The guests start to accuse each other.

Dean thinks he can't get in because of something Billie did. She says it's not her fault. Dean wants Billie to help him get in.

Inside, one of the twins; the girl, is coughing. She's the one possessed. But the demon flies out of her in a wave of black smoke and up the chimney. Jody says they should search the house in case anyone else is there that could become possessed.

Outside, Billie says she COULD get Dean in, but she can't get him out again and he'll owe her. Dean must agree to her terms because he comes through the closed door in a wave of light.

Inside, Elvis confronts Dean. His eyes glow red. Now Elvis is the one possessed. Demon Elvis comes at Dean with knife, but he dodges him. Dean says he'll send him back to hell. The demon says it's messy down there with no Lucifer and no Crowley. Dean starts an exorcism, but before he can finish, Jael the demon snaps Elvis' neck then pours out in a wave of black smoke.

Dean meets up with everyone else. The lights go out but everyone has a flashlight. The hunters go about making a devil's trap to make sure everyone is not possessed; if they are possessed, they won't be able to set foot inside the trap.

Mary heads up to Asa's room for the angel blade.

The twins help Sam with the devil's trap.

Jody bends down and tells Sam she thinks the demon is inside Mary. Sam is skeptical. She points out that Mary left when they started laying down the devil's trap and Jody thinks that is suspicious. Jody accuses Mary of being the demon and yells that they should kill her.

Sam realizes Jody wouldn't say that. The demon is inside of Jody. Jael just wanted see if they'd kill their mother. Sam goes to grab Jody but she flings him away. Then Dean. Sam gets back on his feet. Mary pulls the angel blade and tries to attack Jody. Sam stops Mary from killing her. In the scuffle, Jael kicks the angel blade away. The demon makes sure no one in the room can move. It starts talking about how it can't believe that Lucifer once possessed Sam but left him alive...and it knows that the twins are actually there at the funeral to say goodbye to their father. It knows that Asa's mom tried to disable his Jeep to keep him from hunting. The demon says Jody fantasized about a life with Asa. It can read the thoughts of its vessel. Bucky tries to grab her, but Jody gets a hold of him. She wants Bucky to tell them the truth about what happened to Asa. Sam starts an exorcism but is thrown against the wall before he can finish...Dean tries to continue it...when he is thrown, others take up the Latin.

Bucky admits he's the one that killed Asa. Then Mary finishes the exorcism and the demon flies from Jody and burns through the floor.

Sam runs to Jody. She's shaken, but okay.

Bucky stands as Asa's mom asks him what he did to Asa. They're all looking at him. Bucky says Asa was always so stubborn. They were running through the woods and Jael was taunting them. Bucky wanted to go back for the angel blade, but Asa wanted to chase the demon without it. Asa called Bucky a "coward" for wanting to go back. So Bucky shoved him and Asa stumbled and fell, hitting his head on a rock and that killed him. Bucky panicked so he hanged Asa to make it look like something Jael had done.

Bucky hangs his head in shame. He asks what they're all going to do to him. The twins say they'll tell everyone. They'll spread the story about him. Basically he'll be ostracized by every other hunter.

The next day...
The bodies of Asa, Randy, and Elvis are burning.

Asa's mom tells Mary and Jody that Asa did have a family and she has grandchildren. She walks away to talk to the twins.

Mary apologizes to Jody for trying to kill her.

Jody tells Mary that, mom-to-mom, Sam and Dean are good men. The best Jody has ever met.

Mary says she knows. They're not the problem. Jody nods and walks away.

Sam and Dean approach Mary. Sam asks if she's okay.

Billie appears and says Mary's really not okay.

Mary wants to know who Billie is. Dean explains that she's a reaper. The one that got him back inside the warded house. Billie points out that now Dean "owes me one" and she looks at Mary. Billie says she believes that what dies should stay dead. Mary says she didn't ask to be brought back to life. Billie says she knows. Mary has a dead man's look. No matter where Mary goes, the world doesn't feel like it fits. She's all alone.

Dean says Mary is NOT alone.

Billie asks Mary to deny what she's said . Mary doesn't and Sam's eyes almost pop out of his head.

Billie says she's there to offer Mary mercy. To take her back to heaven where she belongs. Where she'll feel like she fits in.

Mary thinks about it for a minute.

Mary asks how that would work? Would Billie kill her? Billie says reaper's can't kill. Someone else would have to kill her.

Or maybe Mary would have to kill herself.

Sam can't believe that Mary is even asking Billie this question.

Mary thinks. She says then Billie is just gonna have to wait. She smiles a small smile. Billie says she'll be there whenever any of them change their minds. Billie vanishes.

Sam asks if this means Mary's coming home. He looks so hopeful. Mary says yes, but...she just needs a little more time. Sam looks disappointed, but Dean nods and asks if they can buy her breakfast at least.

"Bacon?" Mary asks.

"All the bacon," Dean replies.

Mary puts an arm around Sam and they walk off as the bodies burn.

Dean seems very satisfied that Mary chose them over death. Even Sam seems okay with her eventually coming home.

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