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Greybull, Wyoming


Two guys emerge from a goal and discuss their fantasy football game. A mugger approaches them in the alleyway and ends up shooting one of them, Jim Jenkins. The mugger runs off and Jim's friend tries to revive him. Jim gets up and reveals that the bullet hole in his chest isn't even bleeding.


Bobby calls Sam with the information and tells him that no one has died in the last week. Dean seems curiously uninterested, raising Sam's suspicions. He prepares to leave and Dean asks if Sam wants him to go along after Sam said he was holding him back. Sam says that the siren was responsible for making them say what they said but Dean isn't convinced.


In Greybull, Sam and Dean talk to Jim. He thinks it's a miracle and the Lord is giving him a second chance. Jim admits he hasn't made any deals and the brothers quickly leave. They check on the other recently dead and can't find any clue that demonic deals are responsible. Dean determines the last person, Cole sGriffiths, who died was ten days ago. Den wonders if it's actually a miracle but Sam suggests that if the local Reaper is on strike, there would be no one to claim the dead. Sam suggests they talk to Cole Griffiths. They go to the cemetery and Sam prepares a ritual to raise Cole's spirit. Dean is reluctant to do the anything, since if they solve the case then the supposedly dead will die again. He points out that they dodge death all the time. Sam points out neither one of them is normal. The groundskeeper arrives and thinks they're devil worshippers. They start to leave but the groundskeeper reveals he knows who they are and they realize it's Alastair in a new body. He telekinetically shoves Dean aside but Sam has grown in power and casts Alastair out of his host body.


Back at the hotel, Dean wonders what happened and Sam lies. Dean knows he's lying and tells him as much. Sam reveals that Bobby called to reveal that the local Reaper has been kidnapped by demons. There's a ritual to open one of the Seals and it involves killing a Reaper under the solstice moon. Sam wonders where the angels are but Dean says they'll have to do it on their own. Sam points out only the dead and dying can see a Reaper, so Dean suggests they become ghosts.


The brothers call in Pamela Barnes to help them. She's reluctant to be called in but finally agrees. Pamela warns that they'll need to practice to be able to affect anything when they're ghosts. They begin the ritual and the brothers leave their bodies and take to the streets. They finally spot a boy in a window who can see them: Cole Griffiths. In the house, Cole's mother visit her dead son's bedroom and wonders if he's there. Cole spins a soccer ball and then throws it and his mother leaves. Sam and Dean arrive and talk to Cole, explaining that he's dead. He already knows and explains that he died of an asthma attack. The Reaper appeared to him but Cole refused to go, and black smoke took the Reaper away. Cole tells them he knows where the black smoke is. The lights flicker and Cole disappears.


A wind blows through the house. As the brothers go upstairs to find Cole, they find a Reaper, Tessa, waiting for them. She recognizes Dean and kisses him, bringing back his memories of when she came to claim him after he went into a coma after the accident. They try to warn Tessa away before the demons capture her, but she says she has to set things straight. She finally agrees but warns she'll start with Cole. Sam goes to Cole's room and talks to the boy. Cole refuses to tell him where the smoke is but Sam lies and promises he won't have to leave.


Downstairs, Tessa admits that Dean is the one that got away from her. Dean talks about how he wishes he had gone with her. She knows about the demon-angel war and Dean wonders about why he got a second chance. Sam comes down with Cole and the boy tells them he saw the black smoke at the funeral home. The black smoke bursts into the house and departs with Tessa. The guys work to master their abilities. Cole shows them how to move objects by focusing their anger.


Once they're ready, Dean and Sam go to the funeral home, which is covered with demonic script only visible in the Veil. Inside they spot a demon guarding the two Reapers, who are contained within a binding rune. Sam and Dean take on one demon but another one runs out and contains them within a circle of cold iron. Alastair, in a new body, comes out to greet them. He shoots Dean with rock salt, causing him to briefly dissipate. Separated from his body, Sam is unable to use his powers. Alastair explains that they need to kill two Reapers to complete the ritual and open the Seal.


At the hotel, Pamela hears someone outside and locks the door, but notices the window is open.


Alastair prepares to kill the Reapers with a scythe. After reciting an incantation, he kills the first male Reaper. As Alastair moves toward Tessa, the brothers manage to bring down the chandelier.

At the hotel, Pamela taunts dares the demon to show itself. It attacks her as she tries to whisper a warning into Sam's ear.
At the funeral home, the Winchesters bring down the chandelier, breaking the rune barrier. Tessa teleports away and removes the chain. They both teleport away and Dean goes to find Sam.
Pamela tries to hold off the demon without success. It stabs her in the stomach just as Sam wakes up and expels the demon from its host. Pamela realizes that she can't die and asks for a drink.
Dean heads for the hotel but Alastair finds him and tells him that he can't run. Suddenly a lighting bolt slams down and he disappears. Castiel appears and explains that they captured Alastair and prevented the breaking of the Seal. The script on the funeral home kept the angels from entering. Castiel explains that he impersonated Bobby and sent them to investigate. Dean wonders why he didn't ask them and Castiel points out they usually do the opposite of what he says. Dean isn't happy that the townsfolk will die and wants to know if they can be allowed to live like he did. Castiel says that he's an exception and disappears. Tessa arrives to ask Dean for his help.
Tessa visits Cole and explains that as long as her mother can feel him, she'll feel pain. Dean assures him that one day Cole's family will be gone and there won't be anything for him. Dean admits that he's scared and they're all scared. Cole finally agrees and Tessa embraces him, causing him to disappear. Cole's mother realizes that her son has moved on. Dean tells Tessa to look out for Cole and she tells him to stop lying to himself. She assures him the angels have a second chance for him but he shouldn't believe in miracles.

Pamela completes the incantation to restore Dean to his body. Her wound starts bleeding again and they realize that Tessa is back doing her job. Pamela curses Bobby and then whispers to Sam that she knows what he did to the demon, and warns that his good intentions don't matter. Dean asks what Pamela said but Sam doesn't answer.
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