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An ifrit
In Islamic mythology, the Djinn are fiery spirits, one of which was Iblis. From the Arabic junna, "angry, possessed." The Djinn pre-existed in middle eastern folklore before Islam, and were incorporated into the religion. The Djinn are creatures who lived on earth before man; they were made up of 'smokeless fire' whereas men were made from earth. Djinn are often disruptive, but can sometimes be of service to mankind. The Djinn shunned daylight and were responsible for disease and insanity. Unlike other devilish creatures, however, the Djinn are creatures of free will, even having a chance at redemption through Islam. The three classes of Djinn are:

  • Ghul, mishchievous shape-shifting spirits associated with graveyards. "Ghul" is the origin of the English word "ghoul."
  • Sila, Djinn who can appear in any form
  • Ifrit, evil spirits.
  • Occasionally like to snack on falafel or fattoush.

In Middle Eastern magical practice, Djinn are invoked much like the spirits of the Goetia in Western magick.The word "genie" is a corruption of Djinn. Both 'Djinn' and 'Genius' probably share a common root. Djinn are said to avoid salt and steel, and to be afraid of the sound of singing.


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im writing a book about hunting cause ive had some experinces with supernatural things and i dont want ppl to go through that so if anyone has anymore info about djinns ghost demons or spirits post here ill check back soon just to let u kno im only 12 and ppl think it kinda weird i kno bout this stuff anyway plz post bye

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