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The opening scene finds Bobby sleeping in a Pittsburgh motel room having a nightmare. The maid finds him and attempts to wake him but no matter the sound or fury of the maid, he remains silent and unmoving.

We find Sam getting drunk in a bar and Dean being freaked out again by this role reversal that’s been happening between them. Sam is changing a little at a time. The argument gets stalled when Dean gets a call that Bobby is in the hospital. Sam and Dean find that Bobby is simply asleep and he won’t wake up. Since the doctor can’t explain it, then it must be magic!

It turns out that Bobby was on a hunt and the hunter ended up getting hunted. He was investigating a doctor that was doing some magic enhanced sleep studies. Well, in total Dreamscape fashion one of his patients turned on him and used his new found control of the dream world to kill the doctor and this kid is doing it to Bobby now. The guys need some special dream root so who’s the go to person for something that’s hard to find? Bella of course.

Dean calls for Bella, and Sam has a sexy dream about her. The dream wasn’t connected to what was happening with Bobby at all, it was just there for a gag, a really funny gag. Bella shows up with the root and agrees to stick around to help because Bobby saved her life once.

So Sam and Dean dive into Bobby’s head and rescue him. That’s when Bobby tells them that the villain got into Bobby’s head because he accepted a beer from him giving the villain a DNA sample that allowed him to connect to Bobby’s mind. Well, Dean took a beer too so he went on a caffeine binge while he and the gang searched for the renegade “Dream Warrior.” Dean on caffeine is also a really funny scene.

Inevitably, Dean does fall asleep and he and Sam end up in his worst nightmare. While Sam fights the true bad guy Dean faces his worst nightmare, predictably, himself. They crack wise with each other and then Dean beats the crap out of himself. The outcome of the dream is more interesting than the actual demon of the week story. Dean has realized he does in fact want to live and he doesn’t want to go to Hell so he and Sam agree to fight for his life, something Dean hasn't been willing to do up to now. Bella never does anything unless it benefits her and Sam and Dean realize that when they learn from Bobby that her story about Bobby saving her was an extreme exaggeration. What did she take and slither away with? The demon-killing Colt revolver of course!

At the end of the episode Sam and Dean pack up to track her down.

episode guide - Supernatural Wiki

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