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Vitsyebsk, Belarus,1944: A German soldier drives into a Nazi base, and talks to the sentry on guard. He goes into the guard hut and the sentry outside comes face to face with something huge, monstrous. He screams and is thrown through the window. The other soldier sees he is dead and he raises the alarm.
The scene changes to an office in the building. An officer is pouring blood out into a bowl and a soldier in an adjacent room is writing in a ledger of some sort. They block the office off with a desk and the soldier finishes writing in the book and gives it to another soldier who places it in a briefcase on a chair next to the officer’s desk. They can hear rifle fire and screaming outside. The officer – the commandant – tells the soldiers to destroy it or they will all die. Meanwhile he is saying magical words for a spell over his potion. The creature – huge and in the shape of a man – attacks the soldiers. He is impervious to bullets and starts killing them while the commandant is still saying the spell. He heads for the commandant who tells him to tell his masters that this isn’t over… He looks over at the briefcase, wanting it, but it is close to the creature, so he finishes the spell and disappears in flames, leaving the briefcase behind… To be continued ...

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