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Dean: You have no idea what's in some people's walls. Could practically eat them alive.
Dean: Of course that was then and now...
Sid: Now you're practically respectable.
Dean: Psh...yeah, I guess so. Kind of scary actually.
Lisa: Who was that?
Dean: Sid, we were just setting up a poker game.
Lisa: It's eleven-thirty. (at night)
Dean: Is it really? It explains why he was asleep when I called.
Sid: Dean, is that a gun!"
Dean: No, uh yeah. I got a permit for it.
Sid: To what? Shoot the Glickman's dog?!
Dean (sheepishly): I thought that was a possum. *laughs* Remember when I said I was in pest control? Well possums carry rabies.
Sid: I did not know that.
Dean: Yeah, possums kill.
Azazel: Hiya Dean. Look what the apocalypse shook loose.
Dean: You can't be!
Azazel: Sure I can.
Dean: No.
Azazel: Oh yeah kiddo. The big daddy brought your pal, Cas back right? So why not me? Add a little spice to all that...sugar.
Azazel (After Dean shoots him): Really? After all we've been through together?
Sam: Hey Dean...(after a moment he laughs) I was expecting uh, I don't know.. a hug, some holy water in the face, something.
Dean: So I'm dead? This is heaven?
Dean (to Sam after learning how long he's been back): You've been back practically this whole time? What did you lose the ability to send a freakin' text message?
Gwen (to Dean): My God you have delicate features for a hunter.
Sam (About the Cambells): Third cousin, third cousin, something, something twice removed.

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