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A year has passed since Sam and Dean’s final showdown with Lucifer. Dean is currently staying with Lisa and Ben living the apple pie life Sam wanted for him. We go through a day of his now normal life, getting to see Dean go to work, teach Ben how to fix a car, attend barbeques and the like, while in between we see flashes of his old life as a hunter, and possibly how certain things remind him of Sam. Despite his now mostly normal life, Dean still takes precautions with a mason jar full of holy water and a sawed off shotgun under the bed.

Dean and his neighbor Sid are in the bar having a beer. Sid is trying to pry into Dean’s background a bit, find out what he did before he moved in with Lisa a year ago. Dean goes with pest control, which is actually pretty accurate. Sid buys the story and as they go to pay, the waitress gets a little friendly with Dean, caressing his arm and putting her number on the receipt for him. Dean tears it up, as he is faithful to Lisa.

As Dean and Sid leave the bar and go their separate ways Dean he’s a scream from an abandoned building (which please note the DJ Sam flyers on the door). Dean grabs a gun out of his truck and goes into investigate. Other than some blood on the wall and a few bats he doesn’t find anything, but it’s clear that things have changed with Dean. He almost seems nervous as times. Returning home he uses an alias to try and get some information about the incident from the local police, but there’s nada. Lisa seems to be onto him, but lets it go.

The next morning as Dean is on his way to work he see’s claw marks on a power pole in front of a house. Investigating he sees another set of claw marks on the door. Dean pulls out his gun, opens the door to the shed only to reveal a tiny little yorkie. My guess is it’s THE yorkie. Yes, you know which one I’m talking about. The one that chased Dean down the street in Yellow Fever. There’s an awkward moment when Sid catches Dean with the gun, but it’s quickly forgotten once Dean finds sulfur in the shed.

Dean is back at the house when Lisa arrives, and is curious if Dean is on a hunt. Dean tells her he overreacted but send Lisa and Ben to the movies just to be safe. As he’s going through his old hunting gear, Azazel shows up (The yellow eyed demon) and attacks Dean. Sam shows up, syringe in hand and it looks like he’s going to hit Azazel with it, but instead the demon disappears and Sam stabs with it, injecting a white fluid into his chest.

When Dean wakes up he’s in an abandon house with Sam. We learn that Dean was poisoned and yes, Sam is very real and very alive. He’s been back the entire time, and hunting with family. Including Grandpa Samuel Cambell, and three of their cousins. Apparently Sam and Samuel were brought back to Earth though neither of them knows how.

We find out that the Djinn are poisoning people just by touching them. They look like regular people, but Samuel has a cure for it. Dean freaks out when he realizes that the djinn are after him and Lisa and Ben are home. The lookout Samuel put at the house is dead and the front door is open. Dean is scared half to death when he can’t find his family. He’s calls Lisa cell phone and she doesn’t answer, but then she and Ben walk in the door a moment later.

Dean and Sam take them to Bobby’s house where Dean knows his family will be safe. We find out that Bobby has known Sam’s been back all along. No one wanted to tell Dean and he is beyond furious. He’s also having doubts about his relationship with Lisa thinking he’s putting her in danger. After a talk with Lisa Dean and Sam head back to his house with the Cambell gang.

After poking a bit of fun at Dean’s new lifestyle, Samuel has a talk with his grandson. Then they realize the djinn are not going to attack with everyone there. The Cambell gang clear out and leave the boys to do their thing. Sam and Dean have a talk about who brought Sam and Samuel back, and we find out that Sam remembers being in the cage. As they’re talking Dean looks out the window and see’s Sid and his wife who both seem to have been poisoned by the djinn.

Sam doesn’t want Dean to go with the cures, saying that the neighbors are already dead. Dean is adamant about trying to help them and rushes over. Sam goes to follow him, but is cut off by a djinn. Dean is too late to help Sid and his wife, and his attacked by two djinn who knock him with a double dose of the poison. Sam is able to kill the one djinn, but the two who grabbed Dean are now after him.

Dean begins hallucinating badly. He thinks he sees Ben and Lisa coming home, and Azazel killing Lisa, and making Ben drink his blood. Lisa blames Dean and Azazel is taunting Dean on how he can’t stop it. Meanwhile Sam is still fighting the djinn when the Cambell gang pops back in, killing the male but capturing the female. Samuel is adamant that they get out of their before the boys get back.

Sam gets the cure to Dean in time and says he’s going to meet the cousins back at the other house. He asks if Dean is coming with him, but Dean has changed his mind. He’s staying with Ben and Lisa. He has to be there to protect them as he made them vulnerable and possibly a target to the supernatural world. It becomes obvious that Sam has changed. He doesn’t care the same way he used to. Dean tries to give Sam the Impala, but he refuses. Dean walks Sam out and they give a short goodbye before Sam leaves Dean standing alone in the driveway.

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