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Green River county detention centre, most of the inmates are out in the yard, whilst some builders are working on an old cell block which is reopening. One of the builders think that they’ve heard something and they go to investigate, but nothing’s there. Only a strong wind (inside) that sends a pile of papers flying. In a cell, one inmate is reading a book when the lights start to flicker and the clock stops. Something moves outside the bars and he looks to the security camera and starts calling for the guards. Up in the control room, the guard spots him and sends some others down to check on the inmate, Randall. One guard knocks on the bars with a nightstick and tells Randall to turn out his light and go to sleep. The guard goes to leave and someone follows him, but when he turns around nobody is there. Suddenly a cell door slams on the guard’s arm to hold him in place and Randall can hear the man as he dies screaming.

Three months later, Sam and Dean break into the Arkansas Museum of Anthropology, with Sam complaining that he doesn’t like this plan. They fish around, one of them tripping a sensor but don’t seem to be looking for anything in particular. Suddenly, they both hear something and try to run, but are cut off by the police, they both turn to retreat but are surrounded and told to get on their knees. As they’re handcuffed, Dean looks over at Sam and gives him a knowing look. Dean does a ‘blue steel’ impression for his mugshot and manages to annoy the photographer. Dean’s cuffed to a table in an interrogation room, and Agent Hendrickson walks in with his partner. Not knowing who he is, Dean jokes and orders a cheeseburger. Hendrickson gloats over his victory and Dean realises who the man is. They read the charges against him, including mail fraud, credit card fraud, grave desecration, armed robbery, kidnapping and three counts of first degree murder. And now Sam is also a suspect in the murder cases.

Hendrickson comments that the brothers getting tripped up on a motion detector was a rookie move and he seems suspicious. But the questioning is stopped by the entrance of Mara Daniels, their attorney who demands to be able to speak with both her clients, privately. It’s not good news for either of them, five separate states have filed for extradition (mainly the murder charges in Missouri and Wisconsin ). Dean wants to know if they’ll be kept in the county jail, and seems happy to know that they will be. They will be extradited in a week, maybe less.

The brothers arrive at Green River County Detention centre and put into separate cells. Sam’s cellmate is several inches taller than he is and he looks nervously over at Dean. It turns out that the boys had planned to get caught in jail, and Sam still thinks it’s the dumbest, craziest thing that they’ve ever done. Though, Hendrickson turning up means they’ve got a problem. They’re doing a favour for an old military friend of John’s who will then help them escape afterwards. In the canteen, Sam gives his meal to Dean and they discuss the case. Dean is really pretty sure that it’s an old inmate called Moody who died in the old cell block. The killings stopped when it was closed and started again once it was reopened. They think there’s something in the old cell block that belongs to him that they’ve got to burn.

As they leave, Sam accidentally knocks into someone and tries to apologise though Dean steps in and stands up for him. This causes a fight to breakout which is pretty fair matched until a guard yells for them to stop. All of the prisoners back of immediately, including Lucas (who started the fight), and the prison guard approaches them placing his nightstick under Dean’s chin to ask his name. He sends both Dean and Lucas to solitary confinement. In the solitary confinement, Dean wishes he had a baseball to make conversation with Lucas who wants a bat to beat Dean’s head in with. The lights flicker and Dean sees the clock stop. He tells Lucas to stay still, but the other inmate doesn’t listen and is attacked by a ghost and Dean hears him screaming in his death throes. Mara Daniels asks Agent Hendrickson for a word about the Winchesters, pointing out some inconsistencies in their case, as well as the number of witnesses who state that the brothers saved them. She thinks there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Sam is mopping the floor with Randall and tries to make conversation. Sam remembers that he was there the night the guard died and tries to find out what happened, though Randall keeps to change the subject. It turns out that Randall was there the night that the guards murdered Moody in the old cell block, and that they couldn’t mop up all the blood. Dean’s out of solitary and Sam finds him playing poker with another inmate. There’s a pile of cigarettes next to Dean that he’s won to use as currency. Sam lets Dean know that there’s left over blood in the old cell block. Dean deals the cigarettes to get accelerant to salt and burn the blood.

In the canteen, the brothers have come up with a new plan. Dean sits down next to an overweight inmate, ‘Tiny’ and starts to mock him, provoking a fight. Whilst ‘Tiny’ beats Dean the guards watch for a while before stepping in and the guard from earlier warns Dean that if they’d left it any longer he’d have been dead and sends them to the infirmary. Sam used the incident to get away and get to the old cell block through the ventilation system. He finds the mattress and manages to salt and burn it. In the infirmary, Dean apologises to Tiny. Tiny turns out to be warm and fuzzy and opens up to Dean, who suddenly spots the ghost. A female ghost who goes for him. Dean manages to grab some salt and throws it on her as she places her hand on his heart. Not to be deterred, the ghost changes tack and Dean hears Tiny scream as he calls for the guards.

Out in the yard, Dean tells Sam that it’s not Moody and that the ghost was an old nurse. They go and talk to Randall and get information about the nurse, Nurse Glockner. She hated inmates and used to kill them but Randall left before she died and didn’t know what happened to her. Nurse Glockner is killing anyone who breaks the law. They’ve got five hours before their breakout so Dean decides to go and speak to their lawyer. Mara wants to talk about the case and thinks that it’s not relevant to be asking about a nurse with the trouble that the brothers are facing. He asks her if she actually thinks he’s guilty.

Meeting Sam back in the yard, Dean wants to give it another day but they start arguing as Dean says he’s going to stay and that Sam can leave. The fight gets physical and they’re pulled apart by the guards who cuff them and take them both inside where the main guard tells the others to clear off so he can deal with the Winchesters alone. As the guards leave, the main guard turns and grins at them and it turns out to be Deacon. They tell Deacon that it wasn’t Moody, but a nurse that used to work there. But they don’t know where she’s buried. Deacon hands Dean a note from Mara, and she did believe him and found out where Nurse Glockner was buried, and that she did die in the old cell block as some inmates bashed her head in.

Deacon starts to let them out, and Dean promises that they’ll get rid of the ghost for him. Deacon thanks them for what they did, and Sam says that they owed him. Just before they leave, Dean turns and asks him where he wants it, after a moment Deacon points to his chin and Dean knocks him out. Sam and Dean creep out of the building and find the Impala parked outside. As they hear the alarms go off they jump in and drive off.

Hendrickson interrogates Deacon to try and find out where the Winchesters were headed. Deacon doesn’t give them up but does let Hendrickson know that their lawyer visited that day. Hendrickson and his partner go to Mara and start questioning her, though she refuses to break the attorney-client privilege. In a cemetery, Dean and Sam head out to burn the nurse’s bones, and Sam lets Dean that their lawyer will have to talk, because the privilege doesn’t apply. Hendrickson threatens Mara with ‘aiding and abetting’ the brother’s escape. She tells him then that they wanted her to do some research on a nurse that died back in 1976. This news throws Hendrickson slightly but does find out that Mara told Dean where the nurse was buried and demands to know where. Mara gives up a name – Mountainside Cemetery where the FBI head to track the Winchesters.

Sam digs up the grave as Dean holds the torch., as a large number of FBI agents head towards a cemetery. Back at the prison, Deacon is washing his face as the lights flicker and the clock stops. Nurse Glockner appears and attacks him. The FBI agents run through the cemetery, and as Dean and Sam burn the bones Nurse Glockner disappears from the prison. Hendrickson couldn’t find either Winchester in the cemetery and then Sam and Dean leave from Green Valley cemetery.

Mara leaves her office and grins before getting into her car.

Dean and Sam drive off and Dean pulls a joke about how screwed they really are.

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