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JessicaSam wakes up in a hotel room. Surprise, it's Jessica, his dead girlfriend! He asks if he's dreaming, then tells her he misses her. She puts a guilt trip on him, suggesting she might have died because of the darkness inside of him. She also says he will never change, then disappears.

One Week Earlier…

We flash back to a week before. Dean is still doing his job, investigating evil and killing baddies. Sam has now burned all his fake IDs and scored a menial job working at a bar. Cas sneaks up on Dean in a motel room. He wants help finding the archangel Raphael, who killed him.

Dean doesn't seem keen on tracking down the "teenage mutant ninja angel," but he agrees, as it might help them find God.

Back at the bar, a cute blonde named Lindsey is already moving in on Sam. She works there too and wants to know what the deal is with him. He just blew into town, is obviously very smart and took a crap job at the bar. They do a little flirting, and then reality sets in with a catastrophic newscast about a wildfire caused by a hailstorm. A man comments that it seems like the end of world. Cut to Sam's guilty face.

Cas and DeanBack to Cas and Dean, who are working together to find Raphael. Dean is giving Cas advice on how to question people, as Cas is naively trying to be honest with everyone. ("Have you seen an angel of the Lord anywhere around here?") Dean teaches him how to lie to people. "That's how you become President."

Posing as FBI agents, they question a cop who recently had a run-in with Raph. The cop says there was an explosion at a gas station. Apparently, there was a bright white fireball that killed many people. Then, he saw a local mechanic kneeling at the scene. This mechanic was obviously used by Raph as a vessel. When Cas and Dean visit this mechanic, Raph is no longer in him. The man is just staring off into space in a catatonic state.

According to Cas, it will be much worse for Dean if Michael ever uses him.

Back to Sam, who is checking in with Bobby on the phone. More prophecies from Revelation are coming true, as in hail and firestorms. Next comes the blood. Sam wants Bobby to get a hunter out there to help with the most recent prophecy and possible demon activity. Bobby says the best hunter nearby is him, Sam. Of course, Sam doesn't want to come out of his retirement.

Meanwhile, Cas sneaks up on Dean again. He has a vase filled with soil from Jerusalem. At sunrise, Cas wants to perform a ritual to trap Raph. Cas says he won't survive this ritual, but Dean will. So, Dean decides to show him a good time on his last night on Earth. Apparently, Cas is a virgin.

Back to Sam's bar. A group of hunters show up looking for him. They are old buddies of his dad, they tell Sam's new friend Lindsey. She still has no idea about Sam's real past. The hunters want Sam's help, but he's still refusing to hunt. After they leave, Lindsey says she wants to take Sam to dinner and find out everything about him. (Shouldn't he just tell her to buzz off? Yeesh.)

Meanwhile, Dean has taken Cas to a brothel. Cas is very nervously taken away by a girl. Seconds later, she's screaming and throwing things at Cas. Dean wants to know what happened. Cas apparently mentioned something personal about the hooker's father, as he's an angel and can see her past. They have to run away from security and Dean has a good laugh for the first time in years.

Over dinner, Lindsey is quizzing Sam about his past. He says he used to be in business with his brother, made some mistakes and people got hurt. She asks what he was hooked on. Apparently, she is a recovering alcoholic. She tells him that whatever he did, he can change and be forgiven.

Teenage Mutant Ninja AngelWe now go back to Dean and Cas. Assuming the two didn't get frisky with each other last night, Cas is still going to die a virgin. They are in the hospital with the man who was Raph's recent vessel. The ritual is being performed to get Raph back. The room blacks out and the man rises. He is Raphael again.

Raphael threatens to bring Dean to Michael. Dean says he isn't going anywhere. However, Raphael promises that he can bring on much more pain than Zachariah did. As he approaches him, Dean and Cas light a fire around Raph and trap him. Cas wants to know where God is. Raph says that God is dead.

Back to Sam who is cleaning up the bar. In walks one of the hunters who just left earlier. He's covered in blood and his buddy Steve is dead. He wants to know what's really going on, as a demon just told him some bad things about Sam. In walks Ritchie, one of the other hunters. He has a gun to Lindsey's head. They demand to know what's really going on with everything. Sam confesses that, yes, he did start the Apocalypse.

Meanwhile, Dean and Cas are still talking to Raph. Raphael says the angels want paradise after they were left to run the world without God's instructions. Cas doesn't believe that God his dead. After all, who brought him back to life? Raph suggests that Lucifer might have done it, as he needs all the rebellious angels he can get. Cas and Dean leave Raph trapped in the circle, knowing that Raph will come looking for them later.

Back to Sam, who is now being tempted with a vial of demon blood. The hunters want revenge for their best friend being killed. They want him to drink it, "Hulk out" and then go kill the rest of the demons they couldn't finish off. He fights them off, then they hold him down and force the blood into his mouth. He pretends to drink it, then stands up and spits it back into their faces.
As Sam is about to kill one of them, Lindsey screams and Sam lets them go.

Back to the Beginning…

We are now back to where we were at the beginning of the episode. Jessica appears to Sam in bed. They have a similar conversation as before, then Jessica turns into Lucifer. Lucifer tells Sam that he is Lucifer's true vessel and that Sam will let him in eventually. Sam says he will kill himself before letting him in. Lucifer then says that he will just bring him back."It always had to be you," says Lucifer and the episode ends.

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