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Dean calls Rachel Moneypenny, who was the secretary in the James Bond film who passed along information and materials to Bond.


Bobby says, "Well, we can't just strand those idjits in Deadwood, now can we?" referring to another Old West town, one about which an HBO series was filmed in which Jim Beaver starred.


Dean knocks on the door of the phoenix's last intended victim and says, "Candygram for Mongo." This is a line from the Mel Brooks 1974 western spoof Blazing Saddles.

The Hangover

Dean says "I was a one-man wolfpack". Allan from The Hangover says the he was a one-man wolf pack until he met the other three guys.
Back to the Future

Sam receives a package from Samuel Colt in the 1860s at a specific time and place he knew Sam would be in the present just like the telegram to Marty in Back to the Future II. Also, the "authentic" clothing Dean purchases seem much less likely to stand out in the 1860s but also is ridiculed by those in the past.

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