Hook Man Legend

(appeared in "Hook Man" episode)

The Story

The reports had been on the radio all day, though she hadn't paid much attention to them. Some crazy man had escaped from the state asylum. They were calling him the Hook Man since he had lost his right arm and had it replaced with a hook. He was a killer, and everyone in the region was warned to keep watch and report anything suspicious. But this didn't interest her. She was more worried about what to wear on her date. After several consultation calls with friends, she chose a blue outfit in the very latest style and was ready and waiting on the porch when her boyfriend came to pick her up in his car. They went to a drive-in movie with another couple, then dropped them off and went parking in the local lover's lane. The blue outfit was a hit, and she cuddled close to her boyfriend as they kissed to the sound of romantic music on the radio. Then the announcer came on and repeated the warning she had heard that afternoon. An insane killer with a hook in place of his right hand was loose in the area. Suddenly, the dark, moonless night didn't seem so romantic to her. The lover's lane was secluded and off the beaten track. A perfect spot for a deranged mad-man to lurk, she thought, pushing her amorous boyfriend away. "Maybe we should get out of here," she said. "That Hook Man sounds dangerous." "Awe, c'mon babe, it's nothing," her boyfriend said, trying to get in another kiss. She pushed him away again. "No, really. We're all alone out here. I'm scared," she said. They argued for a moment. Then the car shook a bit, as if something…or someone…had touched it. She gave a shriek and said: "Get us out of here now!" "Jeeze," her boyfriend said in disgust, but he turned the key and went roaring out of the lover's lane with a screeching of his tires. They drove home in stony silence, and when they pulled into her driveway, he refused to help her out of the car. He was being so unreasonable, she fumed to herself. She opened the door indignantly and stepped into her driveway with her chin up and her lips set. Whirling around, she slammed the door as hard as she could. And then she screamed. Her boyfriend leapt out of the car and caught her in his arms. "What is it? What's wrong?" he shouted. Then he saw it. A bloody hook hung from the handle of the passenger-side door.

Another Version

The girl spent all day picking out the best outfit for her date, ignoring the radio. She finally picked a blue outfit in the latest fashion. Her boy picked her up and took her to the movies, after they both agreed to go to lovers lane. The outfit was a big hit with her boy and soon it was getting hot and heavy. She told him that she needed and break and turned the radio on so the silence would not be so deafening. First thing she hears is that a man escaped from the mental hospital and was on the loose in her town. Suddenly lovers lane was not where she wanted to be and she begged her boyfriend to take her home. After an agruement he agreed but said he take to take a leak and would be right back. She locked the doors behind him for protection and waited several minutes. She heard a scrapping on the roof of the car and screamed as loud as she could. She turned to get out of her door to find her boy and screamed again. There at the window was her boyfriends head being held up by a man with raggedy hair. He waved at her showing the hook on the left. She turned to check the doors were locked and instead of the boys head he now had the keys.

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