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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Gary and Olivia meet in a park. He's glad to see her; she says she didn't know if she would come to see him, but she decided to. She hears a faint thumping sound which grows louder. She asks if the sound is coming from Gary. He's surprised she can hear it too. He grabs his chest as his heart literally starts thumping out of his chest as his skin expands outward in a heart shape (just like the thumping heart of a cartoon character). He groans as the camera switches to Oliva and we see her covered in spattered blood as Gary's heart explodes.

Gary's heart about to explode

Elsewhere, Sam is on the phone at a gas station. Dean hands him a soda and Sam hands Dean the phone. Dean says, "Hey, Mrs. Tran" and then hangs up, saying to Sam "tunnel" by way of explanation. Dean asks Sam what's up in Tran land. Sam tells him that Garth got Kevin and Mrs. Tran to his houseboat, but Kevin is having a hard time reading the half of the tablet that he still has. Sam says Kevin has bits and pieces, but so far, nothing about boarding up hell.

Dean asks disbelivingly, "Garth has a 'safe-house-boat'?". (I love the way Garth does everything in his own way and it's always just a little bit off.) Sam says (about Garth), "I don't even ask questions anymore."

Cas is with Sam & Dean and Dean asks if Cas has heard anything about Kevin's tablet shattering on "angel radio". Cas says he blocked that out. He's not listening. Cas explains he doesn't want anything to do with heaven anymore. But he still wants to help people so he's going to become hunter. He wants to be Sam & Dean's "third wheel" which he says is a good thing.

Cas tells Sam & Dean he even has a case; he read about it in the paper. A man in Oklahoma City had his heart explode out of his chest. He tells Sam & Dean he'll meet them there. But Dean stops him saying if he wants to play "cowboys and bloodsuckers" he can, but no "zapping" around; Cas will have to ride in the car. Cas wants to ride in the front seat, but Sam says "no" and jumps in.

In Oklahoma, Sam, Dean and Cas are in the morgue along with a no-nonsense policewoman (Detective Glass). She says the victim's heart was ejected 10 feet from his body. She wonders
if maybe the guy's heart exploded from narcotic use and shows them that there is a heart-shaped hole in his chest (not the shape of a real heart; the shape of a Valentine's Day heart). Then she gets a phone call she has to take. Before taking the call, Dean hands her his card and asks her to contact him if she finds anything weird going on. She responds to Dean, saying, "Whatever you say, Scully". (I love that this show still references the X-Files!)

Once Detective Glass leaves, Cas sniffs the body and says the victim was in great health with only a bladder infection and no drugs in his system. Cas announces he knows everything he needs to know about the dead man. Sam asks him if he knew the guy was having an affair. Cas looks confused and admits he didn't know that. Sam explains (as he reads the police report) that Olivia stated that they would meet at the park and go to a diner which Sam remembers was attached to a motel. Sam & Dean deduce he ws trying to hide his cheating from his wife (they notice the body has a wedding ring). It's obvious that Cas still has a lot to learn about human behavoir.

Suddenly, we're in a flashback to Sam's year without Dean. He's unpacking a box and comes arcoss Amelia's wedding album of photos of her with her husband Don. He's about to open it when Amelia comes in and he sets the album aside.

In his flashback, Amelia's father is coming to dinner. She thinks he'll give them the 3rd degree and asks if Sam thinks they're moving too fast, living together and all. Sam says they are making up for lost time. Her dad arrives and shows more interest in the dog than in Sam. Amelia introduces Sam to her dad, but her dad is critical. Sam tries to talk to him, saying he knows this must we weird for him. Her dad starts to question him...he knows he went to Stanford, but Sam admits he now works doing maintenance at the hotel in town. Amelia's dad says that makes sense since, to him, Sam looks like a real "fixer-upper".

Back in the present, Sam, Dean, and Cas are questioning Gary's widow. Cas says he wants to "crack her". Sam & Dean look at eachother nervously. Cas yells at her, accusing her of killing her husband. Dean pulls him away and tells him to watch how Sam questions her. Sam makes an excuse for Cas' behavior and asks if Gary was hiding anything, then there is a knock at the door. It's Olivia and it looks as though she is coming to comfort the widow. Everyone is surprised since Olivia was the one Gary was having the affair with. Gary's widow asks what they were going to ask about Gary hiding something and Cas blurts out that Gary was hiding the fact that he was sleeping with Olivia. Sam can't believe Cas is so indiscreet.

Gary's widow says she knows aboutt he affair. She & Gary had an arrangement...he was seeing Oliva and she was "spending time" with their neighbor P.J. Dean is incredulous. As Gary's widow goes to the kitchen with Olivia, Dean proclaims her to be the "best wife ever" because of the open marriage she had with Gary. Cas asks, "then what killed her husband?" To which Dean responds, "Who gives a f____" and there is a sudden cut to the next scene.

We're looking down at the street from the top of a building. A man stands at the edge of the roof and, crying, steps off, but he stands in midair as if there is ground beneath his feet. He proclaims it's a miracle; that God wants him to live. Then he plunges to his death.

Next, Sam & Dean and Detective Glass are investigating the scene of the suicide. Detective Glass says the guy left a note explaining he lost everything when all of his investments in Roman Enterprises tanked last year. She also says that a witness claims the guy stepped off the roof and floated in midair for several seconds before falling to his death. Dean says it sounds like something straight out of a cartoon.

Cass can't seem to understand cartoons

Dean realizes that the heart jumping out of the chest and the pause in midair are both from cartoons. He tries to explain cartoons to Cas, but Cas doesn't get it.

Later, Cas, watching Roadrunner in the hotel room,sees the cartoon as a divine allegory (the coyote represents humans who are chasing the divine, which is represented by the roadrunner, but never catching it). In Cas' mind, this is hillarious. Sam and Dean look at eachother as if they've given up on Cas.

Dean says he has no idea what they are hunting. Maybe it's a Tulpa. He can't find a link between the victims. Dean declares he's giving up for the night and asks Cas if he plans to get himself a room. Cas says no, he'll just stay with them. Dean sarcastically tells him they can just have a big slumber party and braid Sam's hair (Sam laughs). He asks where Cas plans to sleep. Cas reminds him that he doesn't sleep. Dean tells him he needs his 4 hours of sleep and Cas says "I'll watch over you" to which Dean says, "That's not gonna happen."

Cas touches his own forehead. He says he can hear a call coming in on the police radio since it's "just another frequency". He tells them a bank has been robbed and it's weird.

At the bank, Detecitve Glass asks if "you boys chase crazy or does the crazy chase you?" Sam responds, "It depends on the day." They find a security guard, or what's left of him; basically a pile of bloody mush squashed beneath an anvil. Detective Glass says the security guard called in a robbery, but by the time they got there, the "black hole" had gotten into the safe. She says they refer to this criminal as "black hole" because there are large black circles painted on the wall wherever he strikes; kind of like some sort of calling card or signature.

Sam asks to look at the case files of the other robberies perpetrated by the "black hole".

After Sam and Detective Glass leave, Dean asks Cas to lift the anvil, which he easily does. They find an "X" under the pile of guts. Dean starts to put it together. In a cartoon, if you draw a black hole on a wall, you can stroll right through it. The anvil is straight out of a cartoon. But the hole isn't a hole anymore; just a black dot on the wall. Dean wonders why it's not working as a doorway.

Back at the hotel, Cas is reading John Winchester's journal and commenting on John's beautiful
handwriting. Dean asks how he's feeling. Cas says he fine. Dean tells him he knows how it feels to escape purgatory. Dean is afraid that Cas' mysterious resurrection must have some sort of down-side to it. He asks if maybe Cas should go check around in heaven to learn more about how he got out of purgatory. Cas gets upset. He says he won't go to heaven. Dean closes his computer and walks over to Cas. Sitting on the bed next to him, he says, "Talk to me."

Talk to me

Cas explains that when he was "bad" and had the leviathans inside him, he caused a lot of suffering on earth, but he destroyed heaven; killed thousands of angels. He says that he doesn't want to go back and see what's left of it after what he did. If he saw what he did to heaven, he's afraid he might kill himself. Dean looks genuinely concerned for Cas. This very honestly moment between them is interrupted them Sam walks in.

Sam pieces together the robberies

Sam has been studying the case files of the other robberies attributed to the "black hole". They are all in close proximity to eachother. Even though people didn't die at every robbery scene, witnesses reported weird things people getting hit on the head and hearing birds. Things you see in cartoons. But these weird occurrences didn't last long. They only lasted as long as it took the thief to get in and out. As if the weirdness follows this thief around.

Sam figures out that every place that has been robbed has belonged to a person living in the same
retirement home. They go to check it out. Dean says, "It's wabbit season." Cas tells him he thinks he pronounced that wrong.

At the nursing home, Dean looks repulsed by the infirm old folks. Sam tells him it's not that bad, but Dean says the place gives him the heebie jeebies. The director of the home (Dr. Dwight Mahoney) asks if he can help them. Sam says he wants to question the residents and the director is cooperative.

Dean and Cas question an elderly woman (Mrs. Tate) about some jewelry of hers that was stolen from her prior home. She's a bit confused. She claims the nursing home's cat talks sometimes. Cas says he'll question the cat.

One of the orderlies takes a tray away from a nonresponsive man. He tells Sam that it seems that some of the residents have just checked out of reality and are just living in their own heads.

Sam remembers back to dinner with Amelia and her dad....

Sam tries to make conversation with Amelia's father. Her dad says he finds it hard to believe that Sam never served in the military, since he has the look of someone who has been through hell. Her dad says he understands why Amelia ran away after Don's death, but he wants to know what Sam is running from.

Back at the nursing home...

Sam and Dean meet up and admit they have nothing. Sam absentmindedly looks at the nursing home's bulletin board and sees a photo of someone he recognizes. He asks Dean if he remembers a guy namedFred Jones; an acquaintance of their dad's. Dean remembers that Fred Jones gave him his first beer before he was 10. Sam remembers the guy was psychic. Dean corrects him, telling him Fred Jones was psychokenetic. Sam points out that Mr. Jones is in room 114. They tell Cas to stop questioning the cat and come with them. Cas says he's almost cracked the cat and tells the cat he's not through with him.

After Cas leaves, the cat looks after him and says "dumbass".

In room 114 they find Fred Jones almost catatonic and watching cartoons. He's non-responsive. (Mr. Jones is played by MIKE FARELL!). Cas wonders if this one man is causing everything. Dean says that, if he is causing it, he'd be surrounded by a "circle of crazy". So he hits himself in the head with a book to test the theory...everyone hears birds. Sam explains that Fred's psychokensis was so powerful that he couldn'tjust move things, he could re-shape reality. Cas asks if they have to kill Fred. The director of the nursing home overhears and kicks them out, thinking they threatened the life of a patient. Dean asks Cas to go invisible and keep and eye on Fred.


Next we see a birthday party at the nursing home. Fred is there but not engaging with anyone, just staring at the TV. He taps his finger on his leg and the channel changes repeatedly until it lands on a cartoon network where a giant firecracker explodes. As this happens onscreen, the birthday cake on the table explodes.

The aftermath of the exploding birthday cake

Dean and Sam show up after Cas calls them to tell them about the cake explosion. Sam realizes that Fred is missing and Dean scolds Cas for letting him out of his sight. The nurse is wheeling out the lady they questioned earlier in a wheelchair. Mrs. Tate tells them that the nurse is wearing her diamonds.

The nurse tries to leave but Dean stops her and questions her. She says she got the diamonds as a gift from her boyfriend. They head out to question the boyfriend who was the orderly at the nursing home who spoke to Sam earlier.

They find the boyfriend/orderly in his apartment with some of the bonds that have been reported stolen. They guy is seiously injured on the floor with a gunshot wound. They ask Cas to heal him, which he does. Now that the orderly can talk, they ask where Fred Jones is and he says that Dr. Mahoney took him. He tells them the doctor realized Fred is magical; one day he, the orderly, smashed his foot flat and then it popped back into shape like something in a cartoon. He told Dr. Mahoney about this and the doctor started experimenting on Fred to see what he could do. Now the doctor is using Fred. He said the doctor learned about the valuables that the residents of the nursing home had stashed and he would take Fred and the orderly for a drive to collect.

The Dr. shot the orderly after the bank robbery. The orderly says the doctor is on his way into town with Fred; back to the bank for one last score before he plans to leave town and kill Fred.

Sam asks Dean if he thinks that Fred knows what's going on. He says he doesn't know; it seems like he's living in a dream world.

With that comment, Sam has another flashback to his dinner with Amelia and her father.

Sam's washing dishes while Amelia is arguing with her dad. He's trying to get her to come home but she says this is her life now. She's happy with Sam. She asks that her dad let her and Sam be wrecks together; give them a chance. The dad comes to talk to Sam; offering to dry the dishes. He asks about Sam's car; the father approves of the Impala. He seems to be coming around to Sam.

Amelia argues with her dad
Sam & Amelia's dad talk over the dishes

Back in the present, Sam, Dean, and Cas go searching for Fred and Dr. Mahoney. Dean sees a black hole painted on a wall and sticks his hand through; it works.

Cas asks Sam if he can feel "the power" and they find Fred watching cartoons in a parked van. Sam wants to be able to talk to Fred but Fred doesn't respond to him, so Cas lays his hands on Sam and Fred and zaps all three of them somewhere strange.

Sam & Cas inside Fred's head

Sam, Cas, and Fred seem to be standing inside a cartoon; the landscape around them is animated. Sam asks where they are and Cas explains that they are inside Fred's head, since Sam said he wanted to talk to him. Fred seems to be normal and asks who they are.

The landscape turns to TV snow.

Fred recognizes Sam as John's boy. But he can't believe Sam is so grown up since he thinks it's only been 3 or 4 years since he last saw him. Sam tells him it's actually been 25 years. Fred looks confused. Sam continues, explaining that he needs Fred to focus. Fred asks why Sam is here, inside his head.

Fred tries to figure out what's going on

Back at the bank, Dean finds Dr. Mahoney opening a safe deposit box inside the vault. Dean confronts him, gun drawn.

Inside Fred's head, Sam has explained what Dr. Mahoney is doing with him; using his psychic abilites to rob people. Fred is disbelieving. Cas says it's true. Fred says it "doesn't work that way" but Sam asks how he'd know, since he seems to be spending more time inside his head than out in the real world.

Fred tells Sam that the worst thing that can happen to a guy with a mind like he has is to lose it.

Back in the vault, the doctor offers Dean half of what he's stealing if he'll let him go. Dean declines; saying he doesn't steal from sweet little old ladies. The doctor says he's actually stealing from his patient's children whom he resents for dumping their relatives off at the nursing home and never visiting them. The doctor feels like he is owed this reward for the work he does. Dean disagrees.

The doctor makes a run for it and Dean fires at him, but the only thing that comes out of the gun is a little flag that says "bang". The doctor turns and says, "welcome to the fun house."

Dean pull a gun on Dr. Mahoney

In Fred's head, the snow in the background is turning to a TV test pattern as his thoughts become clearer. Fred explains that the cartoons from his childhood were comforting and safe. Sam fills in, "they were something to hold onto" and Fred agrees.

Back in the vault, Dean takes a running jump to tackle Dr. Mahoney and both are mometarily suspended in time with little written labels that appear beneath them; "Dean Winchester (hunterus heroicus)" for Dean and "Dr. Mahoney (grotesques villainus)" for Dr. Mahoney (very "Roadrunner"!). They go back to fighting and the doctor pulls out a frying pan, hitting Dean in the face. The pan takes the shape of Dean's face. All is accompanied by cartoon sound effects. The doctor tells Dean he's been dealing with the "crazy" for months and calls him an idiot for "bringing a gun to a gag fight". Dean tells the doctor he did bring this and holds up a bomb (?) and says that "x marks the spot" right where the doctor is standing. On that cue, an anvil falls from the sky but the doctor side-steps it.

Back in Fred's head, Sam tells him he needs to stop this and take control. Fred says it's too hard. Sam tells Fred that he understands it's comforting to live in a dream world. To shut out reality. But eventually, whatever you are running from will find you. Cas listens to every word Sam is saying to Fred and it seems to be sinking in for Cas too. Sam says that after reality comes along and punches you in the gut, you have to face it, because trying to keep the dream alive will destroy you.

The test pattern disappears from the room they are standing in (inside Fred's head) and it goes bright white.

Back at the bank, the doctor tries to leave through the black hole on the wall but just bounces off; it
doesn't work anymore. He then turns and draws his gun on Dean.

Sam, Cas, and Fred appear next to Dean and Fred tells the doctor he's never going to hurt anyone again. Fred appears completely lucid. He uses his psychic powers to make the doctor turn the gun on himself and shoot himself in the head.

Dean says, "Well, that's all folks."

Sam asks Fred if he's okay. He says he is for now, but no telling how he'll be in another month, or another year. No one gets sharper with age. He says it's likely he'll lose control again at some point in the future, and then more people may get hurt. He asks them to make it stop. Cas says there might be a way, but it's painful and when it's over he doesn't know how much of Fred wll be left. Fred tells him to do it.

Next we see Fred; he appears catatonic again. Cas says that Fred is listening to "Ode to Joy" and is happy. Dean says it's time to go and Cas can even ride shotgun thanks to the good job he did. Cas thanks him but declines.

Suddenly, Cas is zapped into the room in heaven with Naomi sitting at the desk.

Naomi says she can see what Cas is thinking and she won't allow it. Cas explains that he's been trying to escape what he did in heaven but he can't. He says he has to come back to make things right. She tells him that he IS making things right; by reporting unknowingly to her on the Winchesters and unless she calls for him, he is to stay out of heaven. He asks, "Then what should I do?" and Naomi responds, "What do you want to do?".

Cass considers what he wants to do

With that, Cas is back in the nursing home with Dean and Sam and Fred.

Sam asks why Cas can't come with them. Cas says wants to stay and watch over Fred for a few days, but then he's not sure what he'll do; he just knows he can't run anymore.

Cas' words trigger another flashback for Sam. He's back at dinner with Amelia and her dad and now, everyone seems to be getting along a lot better. They're laughing and telling stories. The phone rings and Amelia answers it. Her dad opens a beer for Sam in the same way Dean used to. Sam tells Amelia's dad that he lost his brother and he ran. Her dad says he's sorry about that.

On the phone, Amelia sounds stunned by the news she just received. Sam says, "Amelia, baby, you okay?". She looks down at the phone receiver and says, "It's (her husband) Don. He's alive." Sam looks shaken.

Sam is stunned to learn that Don is alive

Back to the present:
Dean asks "Sam, you with us?", and he and Dean leave.

Cas pulls up a chair and sits down next to Fred, who has a slight smile on his face. They both stare straight ahead listening to Beethoven's Ode to Joy which only the two of them can hear.

Cas and Fred listen to Ode to Joy
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