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Sam and Dean are riding in the Impala at night.

Sam is asking about how many angels fell and he can't believe that people are just saying it was a meteor shower. Dean is acting funny. Sam asks if he's okay. Dean says he's fine, it's just that...

Sam interrupts saying they just have a "major friggin' crapfest" on their hands with thousands of superpowered dicks (fallen angels) and no idea where to start.

Dean tells Sam that angels aren't their problem right now. Sam thinks Dean is trying to tell him that they don't have any problems. No, Dean tells Sam that he (Sam) is the problem; something happened to him back in the church, and Sam is dying.

Sam scoffs, tells Dean to shut up. He doesn't believe it.

The scene changes to Sam lying motionless in a hospital bed and Dean sitting next to him. THIS, apparently, is reality.

Dean is watching footage of the global meteor shower on the hospital TV.

Cut to this season's new title card! A pair of angel wings that look like they are made of glowing embers. They then burst into flame and burn up. (Cool!)

Back in the hospital, the doctor is telling Dean that Sam's MRI shows massive internal burns affecting most of his organs. His brain was deprived of oxygen and Sam is now in a coma.

Dean says this wasn't supposed to happen.

The doctor says that Sam is technically dead; only the machines are keeping him alive. He says that Sam's fate is in God's hands. Not what Dean wants to hear. He says God has nothing to do with this equation at all.

Dean heads out into the hallway. He looks up and sees the sign for the hospital chapel.

Inside the chapel, Dean sends up a touching and heartfelt plea to Cas. He says that Sammy's hurt and it's bad. Deans says he knows that he (Cas) thinks Dean is mad at him and he (Dean) doesn't care that the angels fell. So whatever Cas did or didn't do, it doesn't matter to Dean and they'll work it out. He begs him to appear. He looks desperate and on the verge of tears. Dean looks around tentatively, but no one appears.

The pleading tone Dean had with Cas does a complete 360 and his expression hardens as he says "Screw it" and he proceeds to send out a prayer to any angel who is listening. He says he's Dean Winchester and he needs their help. He gives out his location and says that any angel that helps him is going to get his help in return and, basically, because of his reputation, they should know that "that ain't nothin'". He says he and angels haven't always seen eye to eye, but they know he is good for his word. He wouldn't ask if he didn't really need help. As he prays, we see several different normal-looking angels (a dad, a farmer, a guy who
looks like he might be a drifter) stop what they are doing and head out to answer his call.

Back in Sam's head where he and Dean are in the Impala together, Dean is telling him that just because he's dying, that doesn't mean he's dead. He says he has a plan and Sam just has to hang on. Sam doesn't believe that Dean has a plan. Dean tries to make Sam understand that this whole conversation is only in Sam's head. Dean explains that he IS Sam; Sam is having this conversation with himself in the form of Dean. Sam is in slight disbelief and says that the only reason he stopped doing the trials was so that he would NOT die. Dean says that the next time they see Naomi, or whoever is to blame for this, they'll get some justice, but right now they have to fight this.

Sam is starting to believe that he is dying. He's realizing that if "Dean" is him and he doesn't have a plan, then maybe he, Sam, shouldn't be fighting death.

Suddenly, Bobby appears in the backseat. He says he thinks maybe Sam has a good point.

Elsewhere; outside in the wilderness of Longmont, Colorado....

Cas is walking along the road (he seems to hear faint voices). He is shocked out of his reverie when he is almost hit by a pickup truck. He is surprised that his hand is injured when he dives to the side of the road.

The driver of the pickup stops to help him, even though Cas sounds like a crazy person. He offers him water, but Cas says he doesn't drink water. Then he offers him a lift. Cas says that's good, he'd fly if he could, but he doesn't have wings anymore. The pickup driver thinks he's crazy. Cas asks him for a phone, but the driver says there's no reception were they are.

Back in Sam's head...
Sam and "Dean" and "Bobby" are fighting it out. Dean, arguing with Bobby, says "Oh, by the way, you're welcome for the hell rescue," to which Bobby replies that Dean didn't do squat; it was Sam that rescued him (to me this is Sam giving himself a little credit). Ultimately, Dean says he's the one on the front seat because Sam put him there because he wants to fight to live. In the next second, Bobby appears in the front seat too. "Bobby" says, "see ya, Dean" and Dean starts to say, "Sam, don't you dare!" and then "Dean" is gone.

Sam and "Bobby" are alone in the woods. Sam says he doesn't know what's right. Bobby
suggests they walk.

Back in Colorado...
Cas gets out of the pickup truck. The driver gives him some money and says "Take care kid" ('kid'?....Cas is like 40!) Cas walks towards a gas station and is being watched by a young woman in a car.

Cas tells a guy who looks like a biker to hang up the phone because he needs to use it and he doesn't want to hurt him. The biker is not impressed and dares him to hurt him. Cas apologizes, and puts his hand on the guy's forehead, only to realize he doesn't have his angel powers.

The guy turns back to his phone call, telling Cas that he's going to finish his call and then he's going to stab him. Cas is still trying to grasp that he is powerless but is then immediately confronted by the young woman who was watching him.

She says she knows him. Her name is Hael. Cas says, "You're an angel" and she asks, "Am I? What's an angel without its wings?"

Back at the hospital:
A woman enters Sam's room and Dean asks if she's an angel. No, she's a grief counselor. Dean says he's not grieving. She says maybe it's a good time to talk about the inevitable. Dean tells her that nothing is inevitable, there's always a way. She is skeptical and suggests there's no hope unless Dean has a "direct line to those angels you were talking about". Dean admits that he guesses he doesn't (since no angel has answered his call). But he says he has something better; the King of Hell in his trunk.

The grief counselor is confused and asks if "I have the King of Hell in my trunk" is some kind of metaphor.

Dean goes out to bang on the lid of his trunk and tells Crowley to respond with "one for 'yes' and two for 'no"." He asks if he's alive in there. No response. "Come on, don't be a pouter." Dean says. There's one knock in response.

Dean's morse code conversation with Crowley is interrupted by the sudden appearance of an angle who asks if Dean prayed. Dean responds that yes, he prayed for help. The angel holds his blade to Dean's throat and informs him that he (Dean) is going to help HIM (the angel). (I'll call this guy "angel #1".)

The angel slams Dean against the Impala and tells him that if he lies to him, he'll rip his throat out. The angel asks where Cas is. Dean responds, "who's asking?" The angel tells him that every fallen angel wants to find Cas. Dean says, in that case, he has no idea where Cas is. The angel raises his blade to strike Dean, but is stopped by another angel; Ezekiel (who I'll call "Zeke" from now on). This second angel talks more like Cas (his speech pattern is similar)....he asks the angel #1 to think about this. Are they not creatures of compassion? Angel #1 doesn't recognize Zeke. Zeke says he'll introduce himself if Angel #1 drops his weapon. Angel #1 pretends he's going to disarm, but instead attacks Zeke. They fight. It looks as if Zeke is losing when angel #1 is suddenly stabbed from behind with his own blade by Dean. Angel #1 dies.

Dean asks Zeke who he is. He doesn't tell him right off. Zeke says he heard his prayer and he's here to help. Then he passes out from the injuries he sustained fighting off angel #1. Dean gives a look that says (sarcastically) "great" to see that his savior angel isn't strong enough to stay upright.

Back in Colorado...
Cas is talking with Hael. She's telling him about the day she fell from heaven. She says that it started off as a normal day. Then it got dark and then she was just falling. She asked how it could happen. Cas says he doesn't know. She notices that Cas' grace is gone. He says he can still hear the angels talking though. Hael says he must be able to hear the angels, circling for vessels and afraid. Cas tells her there is nothing to be afraid of.

She says there was order and purpose in heaven. (Really? Didn't seem like it since the averted apocalypse!) Cas says there may be something even better on earth; opportunity for the angels to do what they WANT to do. Not what they are told. Hael seems confused.
Cas asks what she might want to do if she could do anything. She said she'd like to go see the Grand Canyon. Cas smiles and tells her that's what they'll do, they'll go see the Grand Canyon.

Back near the hospital, Zeke wakes up trapped in a ring of holy fire. He introduces himself to Dean and Dean begins to question him. He asks if Zeke is out to get Cas. Zeke says many ARE after Cas and more are on the way because Dean sent out an open prayer. Dean points out that the open prayer was proof that he was desperate.

Zeke says there are angels who still believe in their mission. They believe in Cas and they believe in Dean.

Zeke says he was hurt during the fall and the fight didn't help. But whatever strength he has left, he offers to Dean.

Back inside Sam's head....
Sam and "Bobby" are talking. Bobby tells Sam he has to stop looking for loopholes and ways out of this because that's not happening. Sam asks if he's supposed to "just die". Bobby points out that Sam has lived a pretty extraordinary life. He saved the world. (I see this as Sam finally giving himself a little bit of credit for all the good he did). Bobby tells him that maybe it's about leaving a legacy, not just about dying.

Back in the hospital room, Zeke has his hand on Sam. Dean asks Zeke if he can still cure people in spite of his weakened condition after the fall. Zeke says yes, but Sam is so weak....

Dean's phone rings.
It's Cas.
Dean takes the call out in the hallway.
Cas wants to be sure to first tell Dean that Metatron tricked him; it wasn't the angel trials he was doing, it was a spell that caused all of the angels to fall.
Dean brushes off Cas' attempt to set the record straight, telling Cas they have bigger problems now. Sam's dying.
Dean asks if Cas heard his prayers since he's been praying to him all night.
Cas tells Dean that Metatron took his grace, so he couldn't hear his prayers.
Cas says Dean shouldn't worry about him; he should worry about Sam.
Dean says there's another angel working on Sam now. Cas asks who it is. Dean tells him it's Ezekiel and Cas smiles, saying yes, he knows him, and he's a good soldier (at least Cas could vouch for him!). Cas says Zeke should be able to help until he gets there, but it might take a few days.

Dean tells Cas that's not an option. Cas should not try to come find him because there are angels out there who are pissed and looking for Cas. Cas says that some angels are just lost. They just need help, like this girl he met, and he wants to help them.

Dean reminds Cas that wanting to help angels is what got him into this mess in the first place. He tries to warn Cas away from any more "helping". He begs Cas to look out for himself and and not trust anyone...that there is a war on...a war on CAS and there are thousands of angels out there who are after him. Dean points out that without his grace, Cas has to take time to heal and eat and sleep and do all of the things he never had to worry about before.

Cas brushes off the warning saying he's fine.

Dean feels the hospital start to shake. He tells Cas he thinks they are going to have more company. He tells Cas to get his ass to the bunker; and to go alone. Cas tries to say more, but Dean hangs up.

Dean asks Zeke what's happening. Zeke says it's an angel trying to secure a vessel and they have to move Sam. Dean says Sam will die if they move him. Zeke says that if they stay, they'll all die. Dean grabs a dry-erase marker from the board in the hospital room and starts drawing angel warding symbols on all the walls.

Back in Colorado...
Hael doesn't understand why Cas wants to leave her and go to his friend (Dean). She says SHE needs help. Cas tells her that this is her chance to help people and help herself. He starts to walk away. She grabs a board from a stack of wood and hits Cas over the head from behind. He collapses to the ground.

Back in the hospital, Dean finishes the warding. No angels come in or out. Zeke says "they're here". Dean tells Zeke to save Sam and not open the door for anyone but Dean.

Dean leaves the room and runs down the hall as glass breaks around him. He pulls the fire alarm and tells everyone to get out. More glass explodes.

In Colorado...
Cas wakes up in a car being driven by Hael. She has her angel blade on her lap. She says she couldn't let him leave. She'd be lost without him. She says helping her is the least he can do since all of this is his fault; making the angels fall. She says they'll drive to the Grand Canyon and he'll tell her about humans, and she'll tell him what she's capable of. She says they are going to become more than friends; they are going to become one.

Cas realizes that she wants to possess him. She says his vessel is strong. The body she's in won't hold her much longer (she shows him where the skin on her chest is starting to come apart). She says that if they are together, she thinks she could learn to like earth.

Back in the hospital...
Dean sees the grief counselor and tells her she needs to leave as the hospital continues to shake. An angel in a trucker hat (the farmer that we saw getting off his tractor to answer Dean's prayer earlier) comes out from around the corner brandishing his angel blade. Dean tells the counselor to stay behind him and pulls out the blade he took from angel #1. The counselor grabs it from him...she is an angel (or has recently been possessed by one) too. She grabs Dean by the neck and lifts him off the floor.

Back in Sam's head....
Sam and Bobby continue to walk through the woods. They come to a cabin. Bobby says that inside that cabin, Sam will find everything he needs to help him on his way. Sam has tears in his eyes, looking at Bobby. Bobby says he'll be waiting on the other side with a couple of cold ones. It looks like Sam has made his decision to let go of his life.

Suddenly, Bobby is stabbed from behind. By Dean. Bobby falls to the ground and disappears. Dean apologizes. Sam can't believe that Dean stabbed Bobby. Dean tells Sam that Bobby was the part of Sam that wanted to die and he knows it stings, but Bobby had to go. Sam tells Dean that HE (Dean) has to go. Sam asks Dean when is he (Dean) going to realize that it's over; that there's nothing to fight for. Dean tells Sam, "you don't believe that." Sam says, "Really? What's your plan, Dean." Dean punches Sam in the face and tells him that his plan is to fight. His plan is to try and to give a damn. Dean can't believe that Sam is telling him there's nothing to fight for or hope for. Sam tells Dean that there is something; and it's in that cabin.

Dean is angry, Dean tells Sam he KNOWS what is in that cabin. Dean says he can't help Sam if Sam isn't willing to fight for himself. Sam says he knows that, and it's okay. It's what he wants. Dean looks crestfallen, then disappears leaving Sam alone.

Back in the hospital, Dean is beat to hell and being dragged down the hall by the two angels. They tell him that he needs to tell them where Cas is or Sam will wish he were dead. Dean tells them they'll never get past the warding in Sam's hopital room. They say they will and then they plan to strip off Sam's skin while Dean watches. The angel in the trucker hat grabs the emergency fire axe from the hospital wall. Dean tells the female angel to bite him. He's
bleeding profusely, but still manages to tell her, "did anyone ever tell you you hit like an angel?". She gives him an exceedingly strong kick and he flies backwards. Seemingly knocked out.

Sam enters the cabin. There's a fire in the fireplace and a figure in front of it. It's Death. He turns around and tells Sam he's been waiting for him.

Back at the hospital, the angel in the trucker hat is using the fire axe to smash through the door of Sam's room. Dean is bleeding on the floor in the hallway, turned away from the angels and leaning heavily on one elbow. He tells the angels to wait; he'll tell them where Cas is. He just has one question: "If heaven is locked, then where do you go when I do this?" and he smacks his hand down onto a sigil he drew on the floor in his own blood. An intense light floods the hallway and the angels are zapped somewhere (who knows where with heaven closed)...

Dean struggles to get up and gets back into Sam's room. Sam's monitors are all going off. Dean asks Zeke what's happening. He said this all just started (the monitors going off indicating Sam is about to die). Zeke says the warding is also affecting him; he's weaker than he thought. Dean takes the marker and tries to start crossing out the warding symbols. Zeke
says he's sorry, implying he can't help Sam. Dean says they had a deal; Dean would fight and Zeke would save Sam. Zeke says he would if he could, but he's afraid it's too late. Zeke says there's no good way to save Sam's life.

"Then what are the bad (ways)?" Dean asks. He wants all options.

Zeke says there's a chance he could fix Sam from the inside. Dean asks if he means he wants to open him up. Zeke doesn't respond. Dean realizes what he means and says, "you want to possess him?!" Dean doesn't like the idea, but he really doesn't have a choice. Zeke says it's Dean's call. Dean says no, it's Sam's call. He knows there is no way Sam would ever say "yes" to being possessed by anything. "He'drather die," Zeke finishes Dean's statement for him. Dean nods.

Zeke stands with difficulty and turns off the alarm on Sam's monitor. He says he'll leave Dean and Sam alone then, assuming Dean knows Sam would choose death so that's what it will be. As Zeke heads towards the door, Dean tells him to wait.

Dean says that if he is going to consider this possession idea, Zeke needs to prove to Dean how bad off Sam is. Zeke puts a hand on Sam's head and a hand on Dean's head. Suddenly, Dean can see inside Sam's head...he sees Sam's meeting with Death inside the cabin.

Death says that when he heard it was Sam, he had to come himself. No reaper for Sam. Sam tells Death, "I bet you get off on this." Death says perhaps, but not in the way that Sam assumes. Death says he considers it to be an honor to be "collecting the likes of Sam Winchester". (Aw!)Death says he tries not to pass judgment, that's not his job, but for Sam....he looks at Sam and says, "Well played, my boy." Sam looks a bit shocked, but also touched.

Sam says he needs to know one thing...if he goes with Death, Death has to promise that he will stay dead and it will be final. No one will be able to reverse it or deal it away. Sam is making sure that Dean can't put himself in danger to save him yet again. Sam wants to be sure that no one else can get hurt because of him. Death says that yes, he can promise that.

The scene dissolves as Dean is brought back to the present in the hospital room. Now he knows Sam is serious about dying. He looks at Sam's motionless body in the bed and asks, "What are you doing, Sam?" Zeke says, "as you can see, there's not much time." Dean looks completely torn.

In Colorado...
Cas knows he has to do something. He sees that Hael doesn't have her seat belt on. He slowly puts on his own, then suddenly grabs the wheel and jerks the car off the road into a concrete barrier.

Back in the hospital room...
Dean asks how Zeke possessing Sam would work. Zeke says it would be mutually beneficial. He would heal Sam from the inside while healing himself as well. When Sam is healed, Zeke would leave. Zeke says it's the best of a bad situation.

Dean says that even if he agrees to the possession, it wouldn't mean squat. Sam would never say "yes" to an angel...not to Zeke (and Sam has to invite him in). Zeke says, "but he would say 'yes' to you (Dean)."

At the site of the car crash....
Cas is coming to. He's injured, but still strapped in and basically okay. There is a hole in the windshield where Hael was ejected from the car along with lots of jagged glass and blood. Cas gets out of the car. He walks around to find Hael. She is severely injured with glass from the windshield embedded in her head and her legs completely broken at crazy angles in front of her. Cas picks up her angel blade which was also thrown from the car and comes towards her saying he doesn't want to hurt her. He says he'll devote his life to helping all angels. She says that sounds ridiculous...how could he help them after all he's done? She says they don't want his help; they want his head. Cas says he'll never stop being an angel...he's one of them.

Hael says that if she could possess him, she could protect him. Cas says he doesn't need or want her protection. Cas turns to leave. Hael tries a little blackmail and says that if Cas leaves her there in the body of this broken girl than she is going to tell the other angels where he is. She continues, saying that the angels will seek revenge on Cas; the one who destroyed heaven. Cas tells her to stop talking. She won't stop. She says he has to say yes to her or she'll tell the other angels everything. Cas quickly moves forward and stabs her through the heart with her own angel blade. He eyes go white as the light leaves her.

Back in the cabin with Death...
Death tells Sam it's time and the both get up to leave. Dean appears in the cabin and tells them to "hold on". Sam can't believe Dean is there. Dean tells Sam it's okay. Dean tells Death he would have brought Cronuts (as Death is always into the latest junk food; I love that), but time is short. Death excuses the oversight.

Dean tells Sam he has a plan. Sam says no, it's too late. Dean wants Sam to listen to him but Sam is angry asking Dean why is he even there? Sam says he's not fighting this anymore. Dean says Sam has to fight it. Dean can fix this, but not if Sam shuts him out. Sam looks from Dean to Death.

Dean looks at Death and says, "it's not his time." Death replies, "that's for Sam to decide."

Dean looks at Sam.

Death looks at Sam.

Dean tells Sam to listen to him. He says he made Sam a promise in that church that it would be him and Sam, come what may. He says Sam has to let him in and has to let him help.

Then Dean says, "There 'ain't no me if there ain't no you."

Sam has tears in his eyes. He swallows hard. He looks over at Death, then looks at Dean with a pleading expression and asks, "What do I do?". Dean asks if that's a 'yes'?

Sam looks over at Death again. Death looks at Sam. Sam looks back to Dean and says, "yes". Dean reaches out his hand to Sam's shoulder and says, "Come on". As he does, Dean dissolves and turns into Zeke. Sam looks rather confused and horrified that Dean has changed into someone he doesn't know.

In the hospital....
The doctor walks into Sam's room and looks around at all the warding symbols. Zeke is sitting up on the bed. The doctor asks, "Who are you? What is going on around here?" Zeke says, "I have no idea." (I am assuming this is Zeke's now-empty and once-again-human vessel; the regular guy he possessed before moving into Sam's body.)

Sam and Dean are walking outside, but Sam now is possessed by Ezekiel. Dean asks Zeke how it looks inside Sam. Zeke says it's not good, that there is much work to be done. (Even though this looks like Sam, he's speaking in a monotone "angel" voice.) Dean asks if Sam is going to wake up. Zeke says that yes, he is.

Dean asks if Sam will feel Zeke inside him healing him. Zeke says he won't feel him and there's no reason for Sam to know that Zeke is possessing him at all.

Dean thinks he's kidding. He starts to say that not telling Sam that he's being possessed it just too big of a secret to keep. Zeke points out that if Sam learns he's being possessed, he could eject Zeke and then he would have to leave before Sam is completely healed. Sam can kick Zeke out at any time, especially now while Zeke is not strong. If Sam kicks Zeke out, he'll die.

Dean obviously hates this, but agrees to keep it a secret for now. Until Sam is well enough or until Dean can find a way to tell him (he doesn't sound hopeful about that possibility). Dean says he'll have to figure something out to explain Sam being in the hospital...but Zeke says he can erase all of that from Sam's memory if Dean wants. Dean agrees. Zeke says Sam won't remember any of this.

Dean looks like the thought of keeping a secret this big from Sam is making him physically ill, but it also looks like he doesn't have a choice.

Next we see Cas. He's bruised and walking into a laundromat. His clothes are dirty and bloody from the car crash and from killing Hael. He slowly removes them (down to his boxer shorts) and throws everything into a washing machine (trench coat too). He's about to put some coins in when he sees a vending machine. He has limited money and he is torn between food and laundry. He sighs heavily, looks at his trench coat one last time, and chooses food. He steals some clean clothes and walks out of the laundromat wearing the stolen clothes as he sucks down a bottle of water.

Next we see the Impala. It's nighttime. Dean's driving. Sam wakes up in the passenger seat. Dean says, "Sam?" wanting to make sure who he's talking to. Sam responds, "What?".

It's Sam.

Sam says he's tired, and feels like he's already slept for a week. Dean says he only slept for a day; that the angels were falling only the night before. Sam asks what happened. Dean asks what he remembers. Sam says he remembers being in the church and feeling like crap and remembers the angels falling. That's it.

Sam can't believe that Dean has been driving around with him passed out in the passenger seat for a day. Dean tries to lie; saying he did stop, then makes a joke about it saying he stopped to let some Japanese tourists take photos with Sam passed-out, but it's okay because he didn't let anyone get handsy. It's an extremely awkward cover-up, but Sam just kind of shakes his head at Dean's weird sense of humor.

Dean says he knew Sam would pull through. He says he meant what he said at the church. That Sam is capable of anything and damned if Sam didn't prove him right. Sam looks unsure.

Sam says it's good Dean feels that way, because "we've got work to do."

Dean continues driving with an incredibly guilty look.

(Note from Journalbookbinder: At the 2013 Toronto convention, Jensen was asked if, when Dean was inside Death's cabin with Sam near the end of the episode, and he said, "if there ain't no you, there ain't no me", was that Dean saying that? Or was that Ezekiel, looking like Dean in order to get Sam to say "yes" to him? Jensen said that he playing it as Ezekiel, not as Dean, but went on to explain that since Dean was allowing Ezekiel to look like him in order to convince Sam to say "yes", Ezekiel was inside Dean's head and knew how Dean felt. So, essentially, Ezekiel - looking like Dean - was saying what was in Dean's heart, but Jensen felt that Sam and Dean just don't usually say emotional things to each other, and that line was more emotional than what Dean would usually admit to, yet it was what Dean really felt. So Dean meant it, but the only reason it was said was because it was Ezekiel saying it. Interesting.)

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