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Dean: Thanks... nice threads. You know Sonny and Cher broke up, right?
Young John: Sonny and Cher broke up?
Dean: (about his cell phone) Know where I can get service on this thing?
Young John: USS Enterprise?
Dean: (to Castiel) Oh, come on! What, are you allergic to straight answers, you son of a b*tch
Dean: Sammy, wherever you are, mom's a babe. I'm going to hell... again
Samuel: So you didn't notice anything unusual, ma'am?
Beth Wiltshire: You mean like my husband's guts fertilizing the back forty?
Dean: What about the rest of the town? Did you find anything on the web? (Samuel stares) Of… information that you have assembled.
Deanna: Electrical storms, maybe. The weather service graphs should be here on Friday.
Dean: By mail?
Samuel: No, we hired a jetliner to fly them to us overnight.
Dean: For what it's worth, ummm. It doesn't matter what your dad thinks. I like that John kid.
Young Mary: You do?
Dean: Yeah. Yeah, I think you two are meant to be. Hell, I'm depending on it.
Young Mary: What?
Dean: Nothing.
(telling Dean how she hates the life of a hunter)
Young Mary: I want a family. I wanna be safe. You know the worst thing I can think of, the very worst thing, is for my children to be raised into this like I was.
(Dean is about to start crying)
(about killing YED in 1973)
Dean: Alright, if I do this then the family curse breaks, right? Mom and Dad live happily ever after, and -- and Sam and I grow up playing little league and chasing tail?
Castiel: You realize, if you do alter the future, your father, you, Sam, you'll never become hunters. And all those people you saved, they'll die.
Dean: I realize.
Castiel: And you don't care?
Dean: Oh, I care. I care a lot. But these are my parents. I'm not gonna let them die again. I can't. Not if I can stop it.
Azazel: All those angels on your shoulder. No, I'm gonna cover my tracks good.
Dean: You can cover whatever the hell you want, I'm still going to kill you.
Azazel: Right. Now that I'd like to see.
Dean: Maybe not today. But you look into my eyes, you son of a b*tch, 'cause I'm the one that kills you.
Castiel: Your brother is headed down a dangerous road, Dean. And we're not sure where it leads. So stop it. Or we will.

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