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Sheriff: Look, Agent, this ain't my first rodeo!
Henricksen: You ain't never been to a rodeo like this before. You have any idea who we're about to bring in here?
Sheriff: Yeah, a couple of fugitives.
Henricksen: The most dangerous criminals you've ever laid your eyeballs on! Think Hannibal Lecter and his half-wit little brother!
Henricksen: I got a lot to celebrate. I mean, after all, seein' you two in chains?
Dean: You kinky son of a b*tch. We don't swing that way.
Henricksen: You're right. I screwed up. I underestimated you. I didn't count on you being that smart. But now I'm ready.
Dean: Ready to lose us again?
Henricksen: Ready like a court order to keep you in a super-maximum prison in Nevada until trial. Ready like isolation, in a sound-proof window-less cell that between you and me is probably unconstitutional. How's that for ready? Take a good look at Sam. You two will never see each other again.
Groves: Sam and Dean Winchester. I'm Deputy Director Steven Groves. This is a pleasure.
Dean: Well, glad one of us feels that way.
Dean: It's like we got a contract on us. Think it's because we're so awesome? I think it's 'cause we're so awesome.
Henricksen: I shot the sheriff.
Dean: But you didn't shoot the deputy.
Sam: You were possessed.
Henricksen: Possessed like... possessed?
Sam: That's what it feels like. Now you know.
Dean: I owe you the biggest "I told you so" ever.
Henricksen: So, turns out demons are real.
Dean: F.Y.I. -- ghosts are real, too. So are werewolves, vampires, changelings, evil clowns that eat people.
Henricksen: Okay, then.
Dean: If it makes you feel better, Bigfoot's a hoax.
Henricksen: It doesn't.
Henricksen: You know what my job is?
Dean: You mean, besides locking up the good guys?
Henricksen: My job is boring. It's frustrating. You work three years for one break, and then maybe you can save a few people, maybe. That's the payoff. I've been busting my ass for 15 years and nailed a handful of guys and all this while there's been something off in the corner so big. So yeah, sign me up for that big frosty mug of waste of my damn life.
Dean: You didn't know.
Henricksen: Now I do.
Henricksen: Shotgun shells full of salt.
Dean: Whatever works.
Henricksen: Fighting off monsters with condiments.
Dean: How you holding up, Nancy?
Nancy: Okay... When I was little, I would come home from church and talk about the devil. My parents would tell me to stop being so literal. I guess I showed them, huh?
Ruby: Does anyone have a breath mint? Some guts splattered in my mouth while I was killing my way in here.
(after being told that they lost the Colt)
Ruby: I'm sorry, I must have blood in my ear. I thought I just heard you say that you were stupid enough to let the Colt get grabbed out of your thick, clumsy, idiotic hands!
Ruby: This spell is very specific. It calls for a person of virtue.
Dean: I got virtue.
Ruby: (laughs) Nice try! You're not a virgin.
Dean: (laughing) Nobody's a virgin!
(slowly everyone turns to look at Nancy)
Dean: No.. No way! You're kidding me, right? You're...? You've never... not even once? Not even...?
Nancy: What? It's a choice, okay?
Dean: Nobody kill any virgins!
Dean: I'm not going to let that demon kill some poor sweet innocent little girl, who hasn't even been laid. If that's how you win wars, I don't want to win.
Sam: So, what's the plan?
Dean: Open the doors, let them all in, and we fight.
Dean: Honestly, I think the world's going to end bloody. But it doesn't mean we shouldn't fight. We do have choices. I choose to go down swingin'.
(Nancy and the deputy in hiding during the battle)
Nancy: When this is over, I'm gonna have so much sex... but not with you.
Henricksen: I better call in. Hell of a story I won't be telling.
Sam: So what are you going to tell them?
Henricksen: The least ridiculous lie I can come up with in the next five minutes.
Dean: Good luck with that.
Lilith: Hi, I'm looking for two boys. One's really tall, and one's really cute.
Nancy: (chuckles) Well, what's your name sweetie?
Lilith: Lilith.
(Lilith raises hand into a blinding white light, while people scream in the background)
Ruby: Don't thank me. Lilith killed everyone. She slaughtered your precious little virgin, plus half a dozen other people. So after your big speech about humanity in war, it turns out, your plan was the one with the body count. Do you know how to fight a battle? You strike fast and you don't leave any survivors. No one can go running to tell the boss. So next time, we go with my plan.

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