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A woman is playing a video game in a bar while the bartender is trying to close up.She's fixated on it. She doesn't want to quit.The bartender takes out the trash and says they're closing as soon as he gets back.

A woman in an eye patch steps up and tells the woman at the machine that she's too old for video games.It seems like Ms. Eye Patch knows the women.The woman tells her to get out of the way.She won't.

Ms. Video game raises her looks like she's trying to smite the woman in the eye patch, but nothing happens.

The woman in the eye patch calls the other woman "Benjamin" and says angel tricks won't work on her. They each pull and angel blade and fight inside the bar.The woman in the eye patch gets the upper hand and "Benjamin" starts praying.Ms. Eye patch tells her she wants her to call her friends, so go ahead and pray.

Elsewhere, we see other angels hear the prayer....including Cas.They look up as if compelled to go towards the prayer.

The woman in the eye patch says she's waited so long; then kills the woman, "Benjamin", with her angel blade.

Back in the bunker...
Dean's looking at a bulletin board full of clippings...he's trying to locate the missing presidential aide (Kelly Kline) that is pregnant with Lucifer's baby.Actually, he's apparently looking at Cas' work with the hunting clues.Dean remarks to Sam that Cas hasn't had any luck.

Sam wants to know if Dean's heard from Mary.Apparently she's out hunting on her own.Dean is skeptical that she can handle it; he thinks she's getting back into hunting too quickly.Sam pretty much trusts Mary and if she says she can handle things, then she can handle things.

Sam asks if Dean has talked to Cas yet.No, he's hasn't.Apparently, Dean and Cas aren't speaking because Dean is mad that Cas may have done something stupid...something that might endanger Cas...when he killed Billie.Sam points out that Cas saved all three of the Winchesters.

Dean says he IS grateful to Cas, but he's worried about the "cosmic consequences" that will ensue.It never works out well for them.

Cas walks in and overhears.He says he WAS doing the right thing by killing Billie and if the other shoe drops, he'll deal with it.Cas says he's on the way out.He has something he has to do alone.He's answering the call of another angel begging for help that suddenly went silent.Sam's ready to go with him.They both look at Dean who reluctantly goes along...telling Cas he wants to make sure he doesn't do something stupid again.

In the car...
Sam tries to start a conversation, but Dean and Cas aren't talking.Sam asks Cas if they should know anything about this angel that called out to him.No answer.Sam says Cas' silent treatment is silly; they need to know whatever they can learn about what they are walking into.Cas reluctantly agrees.He says Benjamin wouldn't call for help lightly.

Dean continues to make digs at Cas for perhaps putting himself at risk.Cas shoots back that at least the angel he is on his way to help is appreciative.Dean snaps back at Cas, "What's that supposed to mean?!"

Sam tries to get Dean's eyes back on the road.He tries to keep them on topic; what was Benjamin like? Cas says that Benjamin inhabited a female vessel who gave him everything.They were more than just angel and vessel. The vessel was more like a friend.He would never put her in unnecessary danger.

Elsewhere; in a hotel, the woman with the eye patch is lying on a bed.

Sam and Dean and Cas arrive at the crime scene and interrogate the bartender.He thinks a cult must have killed the woman playing the video game; the weird wing burn marks and everything.The police thought it was a stabbing murder.

Sam asks Cas if he's okay.He says no.He and Benjamin were soldiers together and he was a good fighter.It would have been hard for someone to overpower him/her.

Dean finds an angel blade under a piece of furniture in the bar...figures it was one angel against another in the fight that killed Benjamin. Cas says it's not Benjamin's blade. Cas hears whispering inside his head.

At the same moment, the woman with the eye patch sits up on the bed and says, "Castiel".

Back in the bar, Cas says they have to He's somehow made a psychic connection with the woman in the eye patch.

In the hotel, the woman in the eye patch kisses what looks like an old photo of a, Victorian-era old.She grabs her jacket and leaves.

Elsewhere...Sam, Dean, and Cas are getting out of the car.Cas says he's there to meet Ishim; an angel that he and Benjamin served under before Cas has his own battalion.Cas says he's going to go in to talk to Ishim alone.Ishim doesn't like humans.Dean does not like being left outside.

Cas sarcastically says that if he's going to do something else stupid, he'll let Dean know.

Inside the restaurant, Cas finds Ishim and another angel; MIrabel.

They look the same as Cas remembers them looking long ago; they kept their same vessels.They reprimand Cas saying they aren't careless like he is (he is in a different vessel than he was back then).They accuse him of having something to do with the Angels falling.Ishim says some see Cas as a hero; he commanded some great angels...all dead now.They don't really know what to make of Cas.

Cas says that doing the right thing requires sacrifices...but Ishim points out that it always seems like other angels are the ones doing the sacrificing around Cas.

MIrabel says that several other members of this angel "flight" have been murdered in the last year.The two of them and Cas are the only ones left.

Cas didn't know.MIrabel didn't think he'd care.

Outside, Sam is kind of talking to himself...trying to gauge when Dean is going to storm in; he can't stand being left out...Sam runs to catch up as Dean head in.

Cas looks annoyed.Dean and Sam pile onto the bench seat next to Cas.Ishim is annoyed that humans showed up.Cas says Sam and Dean are his friends; even if they don't listentoo well.

The angels know who Sam and Dean are.Ishim tells MIrabel to go outside to check to see if there are any other hunters.

While looking outside, Mirabel runs into the lady in the eye patch who unceremoniously stabs her and kills her with an angel blade.

Ishim nervously keeps dumping sugar in his coffee inside the diner.He says that Cas used to be a real warrior, but look how far he's fallen.

Ishim insults Dean.Dean tells him to go to hell.Cas tells Dean to back off.

Ishim wants to talk to Cas alone.Somewhere more private.He goes to get MIrabel.He throws some money down on the table, telling Dean to get some pie.Dean looks at it like maybe that's not a bad idea.

Sam switches to a seat on the opposite bench across from Dean and Cas.

Dean wants to know why Cas lets Ishim talk to him like that.Cas says he'll put up with it if Ishim can help him find whoever killed Benjamin.

Cas informs Dean that the angels he served with are being killed and he'll put up with whatever he has to in order to figure out what's going on. He informs Dean that he will have to put up with it too.

Ishim looks for MIrabel but is attacked and slashed by the woman with the eye patch.He tries to smite her, but it doesn't work.She knows his name.She says she's not powerless anymore.

Cas shows up and slashes at the woman with his blade, cutting her.He recognizes her.

She falls to the ground just as Sam and Dean come around the corner with their guns drawn.

She says she doesn't want to hurt any human; just finish what she started with the angels.

She holds her hand up and disappears in a ball of light.

Next they see her driving off.Dean asks if Sam got a plate; Dean can't see because of the blinding flash she disappeared in.

Cas, Dean, Sam, and Ishim are holed up in an abandoned church.Cas wonders how the woman with the eye patch is still alive.Ishim doesn't want Cas to explain.Dean says they need to know.

Cas says angels never came to earth before the apocalypse.But they did once.Years ago.

Cas thinks back to Orono, Maine in 1901.Back then, Cas' vessel was a woman. A group of angels dressed in Victorian garb are showing up in front of a house.Apparently they're going after a nephilim. They are too powerful to be allowed to live. Nephilim are the child of a human and an angel.They are there to kill the child.They walk towards the house.

A man and woman come out of the house onto the porch; one is the woman with the eye patch.Lily.The man sends her back inside.He tells the angels to leave. Ishim says the man is an angel who took up with a human instead of just observing them as he was supposed to do.The man (Akobel) says humans are good.Ishim is not moved. Akobel is the angel they are there to kill since he "laid with a human" and fathered a child.Ishim stabs Akobel and he dies.

Ishim heads into the house to finish the job; to kill the child; the nephilim.

Back in the present day, Cas says it was a horrific mission, but they had to do it.

The woman with the eye patch is Lily Sunder.She was a professor; interested in angels.

She must be over 100 years old now.Ishim is sure she made some kind of demonic pact to stay young.

Dean says they need to find her and try to reason with her; she's not out to kill humans.Cas says the angels will have to fight her since he doesn't believe that reasoning with her will work. Cas wants to heal Ishim to get him as strong as possible so they can fight as a united front when the time comes.

Cas is touchy.He's sure Lily won't quit; she won't stop until she gets revenge for her dead child.

Sam and Dean say they have to try to talk to her anyway and they leave to track her down (using the plate numbers from her rental car).

In the hotel, Lily checks out her wound in the mirror.She rubs her fingers together and a healing light appears; she heals herself.

In the church...
Cas is working on healing Ishim.Ishim thinks Cas' fondness for humans makes him weak.He says humans are dangerous to angels.

Cas maintains that being friends with Sam and Dean has made him stronger.

Cas heals Ishim.It seems to tire Cas out.

In the motel, Sam and Dean run into Lily in the hall. She immediately draws an angel blade on them. Sam says they are just there to talk; they know what happened to her family.Dean says that even though they know what Cas was a part of, Cas is THEIR family and they can't let her kill him.

Lily seems surprised and offended that they know anything about her.

Sam says it's not Cas' fault that heaven has crazy rules about nephilim.

She says her daughter's name was May. She says she and her daughter had a great life until the angels took everything from her.

Akobel told her to run that day.She went inside, but she didn't run.

She studied angels back then.They were her life's work.She learned how to summon one with a spell and it was Ishim that showed up. She thought he, a real, live angel right there in front of herwas amazing.She thought he was perfect.But she learned he's actually a monster.

Ishim, coming in to the house to kill Lily's daughter, says he taught Lily everything about angels for her studies.That he loved her.She says he was obsessed, not in love.Ishim thinks she left him for Akobel...but she says she needed Akobel to protect her from Ishim.

Ishim is put out that she broke his heart, so he's going to break hers by killing her daughter.He renders Lily immobile, then kills her daughter.

Back in the present...
Lily says she had her daughter before she ever even saw an angel.Her daughter was human.Ishim only killed May to hurt her and take away something she loved.

Dean tries to quietly ask Sam if he's buying any of this. Sam believes Lily. Dean calls Cas.No answer.Sam says he'll wait here with Lily while Dean goes to find Cas.

Back in the church....
Ishim feels great after being healed by Cas. He's doing pushups. Cas is still tired.Cas realizes he doesn't have his phone.

Back at the hotel...
Sam talks to Lily.He wants to know why she waited so long for revenge.She said she had to wait that long; had to wait until the angels lost their wings.

Sam picks up an angel blade.He tells her that Ishim claimed Lily was using dark magic.She said no; it's Enochian magic.She uses their magic to work against them.She says that every time she uses it, a piece of her soul burns away (apparently her missing eye is something that was affected).She doesn't dream about anything anymore; she can tell parts of her human self are disappearing the more she used the angel's magic.

She tells Sam that when Dean confronts Ishim, Ishim will kill him.He has too much to lose in heaven if the truth ever came out.

She says that when Dean is dead, Sam won't stand in her way anymore; he'll help her take revenge on Ishim for Dean's death and she'll wait for that.

In the abandoned church:
Dean catches up with Cas; he tells him what Lily said.At least he got to tell him he thinks Ishim is playing him...right before Ishim shows up.

Cas confronts Ishim about the truth.Ishim says Lily's lying.All humans lie.Dean believes her; not Ishim. Ishim asks Cas who he's going to believe.An angel or a human.

Ishim is insulted that Dean is questioning the choices of the angels and what they did on that long-ago mission to kill the nephilim.Cas asks Ishim if May was human.

Ishim says Cas won't like the answer.Dean pulls an angel blade, but Ishim throws him against the wall.

Cas and Ishim fight.Ishim continues to talk down to Cas as he beats him.

Ishim says he's going to cut out Cas' human weakness.He goes to kill Dean. (Yup, we all knew that Dean is Cas' weakness just like Sam is Dean's.) Dean is about to use a sigil to blast Ishim out of there and away from Cas, but Ishim points out that even though he'll be blasted away, Cas will be blasted away too and Cas is so weak that he may not survive.Dean can't do it and leaves the sigil untouched.

Just then, Lily and Sam show up.Lily and Ishim fight with the angel blades.

Sam and Dean talk while they fight.Sam says it's time for plan B.

LIly takes off her eye patch and light emanates from her "dead" eye.She holds Ishim against the wall for a moment, but he starts to stagger towards her. She can barely hold him. Just as he almost reaches her, Cas kills him from behind with the angel blade.

He says Lily held him long enough that he could kill him.

Ishim is dead.Lily looks down at him. Dean asks if she's done (meaning...Cas is still alive and does she have any plans to "finish the job" by killing Cas).She has tears in her eye.She said revenge is all she's had.Dean tells her she's done. There's no decision for her to make; he won't let her hurt Cas.

Cas tells her he was wrong.He didn't know they were killing an innocent all those years ago, but ignorance is no excuse.Cas says he can't imagine the depths of her loss or the pain she's gone through.Cas says that if she leaves and finds she can't forgive him, he'll be waiting.

Lily thanks him and leaves.

Back at the bunker....
Dean gives Cas a beer.Dean tells Cas that he's not weak.Sam says Cas has changed for the better.Cas has never abandoned Sam and Dean.Dean tells Cas that he's worried about what happened with Billie even though he's grateful Cas saved their lives.

Cas says he's not sorry about what he did with Billie.Even if it ends up costing him his own life.Sam tells him not to say that.

Dean asks what Cas will do if he finds presidential aide Kelly and "Lucifer Junior" because that's a nephilim she's carrying.Cas says it's more than an ordinary nephilim...which is already one of the most dangerous beings in existence...but one fathered by an archangels; by Lucifer...he can't imagine the power.

Sam wonders if he can do in a mother and her child.Cas says now he doens't know.Though there was a time he wouldn't have hesitated.

They all take a drink of their beers in silence.

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