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Valentine's Day, Hudson, Ohio.
A married couple is dressing up to go out. They appear to be happy. The wife kisses the husband.

The doorbell rings. It's the babysitter Stacy. She asks where the wife Melissa is, then moves in to kiss the husband. She's disgusted that she can taste the wife's lipstick on him.

Stacy asks if he's going to tell his wife about their affair tonight. Dan, the husband, says he can't, it's Valentine's Day and it's complicated; they've been together since they were Stacy's age (yuck). Melissa threatens that he needs to tell his wife tonight, or else.


Stacy is alone in the house eating and watching TV. There's a nanny cam hidden in a teddy bear on a shelf recording. The back door opens silently and someone comes in behind her. They touch her shoulders and he screams, but she obviously recognizes the intruder. It's Dan. He massages her shoulders after she turns to face him and she closes her eyes.

Suddenly, Dan shoves his entire fist through her chest, ripping out her heart; grasped in his fist behind her back. He pulls his hand back out through her chest and Stacy is dead. The nanny cam seems to have recorded the whole thing.


At the bunker...
Sam's reading a story online about the murder. Dean walks in and checks the fridge. He can barely walk straight. He has a hickey on his neck. He's obviously very hung over.

Dean says he was just doing his civic duty, helping the single ladies who only want "Mr. Right Now" on Valentine's Day night. Sam chastises him for not be very classy. Dean calls Sam "judgy" and asks Sam what did all night; roll up in his Snuggie and watch 50 Shades on cable?

Sam sarcastically replies "yeah", then honestly, "no".

Sam shows Dean the article about the murder. Dean's not interested in doing anything if it doesn't have to do with Amara. Sam points out that the victim's heart was ripped out. Dean asks, "On Valentine's Day? Was it some kind of ironic werewolf?". Dean agrees to go check it out, but first he needs bacon. Sam tells him no, he needs a shower first. He wonders if he smells
THAT bad; Sam assures him that he does. Dean takes a sniff inside his own shirt and agrees. He heads off for the shower.

They arrive at the crime scene in Ohio. The husband and wife talk to them. They came home to find Stacy that way, but the baby was fine. Melissa says everyone liked Stacy. She doesn't know if Stacy had any disgruntled old boyfriends and asks if her husband knows anything. He wonders why she'd think he knew anything.

Nothing was stolen. Only the nanny cam was missing.

Outside, they agree the husband is acting weird. Sam heads for the morgue and Dean's going to talk to the husband alone once he gets to his office. (Wow; they look really good in their suits and overcoats this time!)


At the morgue...
The medical examiner says Stacy was conscious when her heart was ripped out. She's stumped. She thought maybe animal attack, but that doesn't fit.


At Dan's office, he's looking at Stacy's Facebook page. He quickly closes the computer window when Dean arrives. Dean tells him to be straight with him. Dan plays dumb. He seems offended when Dean asks if he's having sex with the babysitter. Dean tells him not to act all "fake-offended".

Dean threatens him with federal charges...then with going to talk to his wife...finally Dan says he wants to be honest, but he can't because it's too weird and Dean wouldn't believe him. Dean says, "Try me."

Dan pulls the nanny cam teddy bear out of his desk drawer. He says he only took it because it recorded him kissing Stacy before he and his wife left for dinner. He forgot it was there. He was going to erase it, but then he watched it. He plays it for Dean.

It shows him, Dan, killing Stacy. When Stacy slumps forward, dead on the couch, he walks out holding her heart. Dan says he knows it looks like him, but it wasn't him. He loved Stacy. Dan was at dinner the entire time. There were witnesses that saw him there. Dean says he actually does believe him. He takes the flash drive and asks Dan not to say anything about it for now.


Back at the motel...
Sam tells Dean that nothing at the morgue pointed towards it being a werewolf.

Dean plays the flash drive for Sam. Sam notices that Dan's eyes are reflecting white as he turns away from Stacy in the video. Sam says, "shapeshifter".


Back in Dan's office...
The day is over and the secretary comes in to ask if he needs anything else. She advises him to go home. He gets ready to leave.

Down the hall, a girl rushes past the secretary heading to the elevator.

In Dan's office, he looks up to see Stacy. He starts to panic. She says she wants him to give her his heart. Stacy pushes her fist through Dan's chest and rips out his heart. Dan falls to the ground, dead. Dan's office...
Sam and Dean are checking out the new crime scene. There's blood everywhere. They question the secretary. She says nothing was unusual except for the young girl barreling out of the elevator as she left. Sam shows her a photo. She confirms the girl was Stacy. They are sure they are dealing with a shapeshifter; upping it's game by impersonating dead people. They both agree it's probably the wife, Melissa.


At Dan and Melissa's house...
They question her. Melissa seems upset and can't understand how this is happening. Sam asks Melissa if she knew Dan was having an affair with Stacy. She says yes, she knew. She said she loved Dan and would never have killed him out of jealousy. She thought they still had a chance.

Dean asks her to write down her phone number and hands her a silver pen which she uses with no problem. She's not the shapeshifter. Sam and Dean exchange disappointed glances. They ask her to call if anything strange comes up.

Outside, as they leave the house, Dean says he needs to get a beer and regroup; maybe get lucky. Sam points out didn't he just get lucky the other night? Dean replies, "that was in Kansas". He asks if Sam want to go with him. Sam says he'll pass; he'll hit the lore and Dean can go "be (Dean)".

Melissa watches them leave from the window, then, immediately runs to a drawer in her house and starts taking out a bunch of things. Bundles of herbs and other ingredients. She puts them down the garbage disposal and turns it on. She makes a tearful call to someone, saying something "went wrong" and she messed up. Now Dan is dead and the FBI are asking questions.

Later that night, Melissa is alone at home, drinking wine. She hears a knock at the door. She looks through the peep hole and it's Dan asking her to let him in. She doesn't believe it's him. He starts working the lock. He says he loves her. He punches his fist through the wooden door and unlocks it. He slowly walks towards her as she throws flower pots at him and tries to defend herself. She escapes through the back door of the house.


Back at the motel...
Dean's just getting in. Sam's on the computer and Dean asks if he's had any luck. Sam says, "No. You?" Dean says no. Dean drops some takeout on the table and asks what a "dad bod" is. Sam is amused.

(They are staying at the "Too Tired Motel" and the room screen is made up of little tires and lug nut wrenches!)

There's a pounding at the door. It's Melissa. She locks the door behind her. She says Dan tried to kill her. She says she thinks it's all her fault. She did love Dan; maybe too much. She wanted him to love her back, so she got some advice from her hairdresser who gave her a way to get him back. Her hairdresser calls herself a white witch. Melissa was desperate so she tried it. She tried a "return to love" spell. Chant it and seal it with a kiss. She didn't mean for any of this to happen.

Sam asks if she has a copy of the spell. She does. He looks it up.

Sam finds it's not a spell. It's an Arameic curse; more like a "kiss of death". Sam can't find any lore on it, so he thinks the witch made it up herself. Sam tries to figure it out...if it's a kiss of death, Sam asks if Melissa kissed Stacy; she's offended; "of course not". Dean remembers the nanny cam; Dan kissing Stacy. Dean figures it's like a magic STD; transferrable by kiss. Dean wondered why Stacy died first if she was kissed second (first Melissa kissed Dan, then Dan kissed Stacy). Sam thinks maybe you're temporarily safe is you pass the kiss on to the next person. They figure you have to keep paying it forward by kissing someone else; or you die...the thing will come back for you. Sam thinks it started with Melissa and wants to end with her. Dean tells her not to worry; they won't let that happen. Sam looks at Dean like, "How can you possibly promise that?".

At that moment the back sliding glass door on the motel room shatters and Dan steps in. Melissa screams. Dean fires at him, but he keeps coming. Dean grabs Melissa and kisses her in an effort to make himself the target. This seems to distract and confuse Dan.

Sam flings a chair at Dan which temporarily knocks him down and yells at Dean, "What the
hell did you do?!"

Dean hustles them all out the front of the motel room and into the Impala to escape Dan.

Inside the motel room, Dan stands up and shape shifts into a woman.


A little time passes...They pull over. Sam's angry that Dean has chosen to give himself a fatal curse just to get the monster away from Melissa.

Sam lectures him that he doesn't always have to do this alone. Dean says he's fine. It proved their theory. He thinks maybe Sam should be thanking him for being right.

Melissa's out of the car and asking what that thing was. Dean says he thought it was a shape shifter, but he shot it full of silver an nothing happened. She sees their trunk full of weapons. They admit they are not FBI agents. They're hunters.They ask what she knows about the white witch.

Her name is Sonya. She did the spell in the basement of her salon.

More time passes...They pull up to the salon in front a sign "The Art of Dyeing". They tell Melissa to stay in the car and keep the doors locked; they hand her a knife to protect herself if Sonya shows up. She has to kill her if she shows up. Dean tells Melissa to think of Sonya as the person who murdered Dan and Stacy.

Sam and Dean go into the salon.

They head down to the basement which looks like it's under construction with plastic sheeting tacked up. Sam finds a locked cabinet and sets about opening it. Inside he finds a spell book and some other supplies. Dean keeps exploring.

Sam reads the book and calls out to Dean that it looks like they're dealing with a creature called a Qareen. A creature corporeal in form and a slave to commands. Dean wonders if it's like a Genie. Turns out, they take the form of your deepest, darkest desire.

Dean chuckles. Since he's cursed, he says his deepest darkest desire is Daisy Duke, so he figures that's who'll be showing up to kill him. She's been his deepest desire since he was seven. Sam asks, so then, that means Bach, not Simpson? Dean considers for a minute, like neither would be a bad choice.

You kill this by stabbing it in its heart. But it doesn't have a heart because it's taking the forms of the victims who have had their hearts ripped out. Not the heart in its body, Sam reads, but the heart that the one controlling it possesses. Dean figures that's the hairdresser. Maybe she has the heart somewhere in the building. Sam says he'll go check upstairs, but Dean stops him. He want to do rock-paper-scissors to determine who goes upstairs (Dean has always lost rock-paper-scissors to Sam; always).

Sam looks like he thinks it's ridiculous, but he goes along. First they both throw "rock". Tie.
Sam's surprised it's a tie.

Second, they both throw "scissors". Tie.

Third, Dean throws "paper" and Sam throws "rock"...paper covers rock...DEAN WINS! First time ever!

Dean can't believe it and neither can Sam. Dean is so happy he won. Sam doesn't accept the
results and heads upstairs anyway. Dean doesn't care. He won. He triumphantly throws open the plastic sheeting and raises his arms in victory.

Upstairs, Sam searches.

Dean searches in the basement.

Sam finds a locked container. He opens it and finds a black, dried heart inside. Suddenly, Sonya appears behind him and lets loose with a spell that shoves Sam into a chair. He can't move.

In the basement, Dean hears someone and asks Sam if he found anything. Amara comes through the plastic sheeting. Well, the Qareen is in the shape of Amara; Dean's deepest, darkest desire.

The Amara-shaped monster says she understands; the longing in his heart. She feels it too.

Dean sees a carpentry knife sticking out of a board and starts to slowly make his way towards it.

Dean points out that the monster doesn't actually have a heart. He knows what she is.

Upstairs, the witch takes the box from Sam. She guesses he's a hunter. He learns that Sonya is out to punish cheating men.

In the basement, the Qareen tells Dean that who she is doesn't matter. But who is Dean? He's a mystery. She can see inside his heart and the love there is cloaked in shame. She says he can't help himself when it comes to Amara, so maybe he should stop fighting it and give in.

Upstairs, Sonya says all the women with cheating husbands have the same story. She can punish the cheaters AND the foolish women who want them back. She feels she's weeding out the idiots.

In the basements, Dean admits that the real Amara does have a hold on him, but this monster is nothing but a cheap imitation. Dean goes for the knife and the monster comes after him.

Upstairs, Sonya starts to choke Sam using a spell. Melissa bursts in, yelling for Sonya to stop.

In the basement, the monster that looks like Amara is punching through walls trying to get to Dean. Dean gets to the knife, but Amara blocks him from stabbing her.

Upstairs, Melissa has the knife pointed at Sonya. She tells her enough is enough. While Sonya is distracted, Sam grabs his gun and shoots her dead without hesitation.

In the basement, Amara knocks away the knife and goes in for the kill.

Upstairs, Sam rushes over to the box holding the heart. He stabs into the heart and light escapes as he tears through it with the knife.

In the basement, Amara stops, backs away, and disappears into a black vortex.

Sam calls out to Dean (apparently he didn't hear all the noise downstairs!)...telling him he got the heart; it's done. Sam asks if Dean is okay and he only says "yeah" and brushes past Sam to leave. Sam looks around and see the holes everywhere and the knife on the floor.


Inside the wrecked motel room, Dean very sweetly leaves some money under one of the decorative cinderblocks to pay for the damage to the sliding glass door.

Sam asks if Dean is going to keep him in suspense about how the Qareen appeared to him; was it the Bach version or the Simpson version of Daisy Duke?

Dean pauses and says, "Neither."

Sam says, "huh" trying not to press the issue.

Dean looks down and then admits, "It was Amara."

Sam reacts minimally and asks if that surprises Dean. Dean is surprised that it seems to NOT be surprising Sam. Dean says the sister of God just can't be his deepest, darkest desire. Sam asks why not?

Dean says that if she IS that to him, then it means (he looks a bit panicked). Sam cuts him off and fills in, "Complicit? Weak?"

Dean says, yes, that what it means for starters.

Sam sits down and asks Dean if he honestly ever thought he had a choice in the matter; because she's the sister of God and for some reason, she picked Dean; not like he had a choice. If Dean thinks Sam is going to blame him or judge him, he's wrong. Sam's not going to do that.

Dean wants to make sure Sam knows that he wants Amara dead. Sam believes him, and knows Dean has probably beaten himself up about whatever is going on between him and Amara, but where has that gotten them?

Dean thinks about it.

Sam asks, "Just how bad is it?"

Dean says that standing there right now every bone in his body wants to kill her. But when he's near her, something happens and he can't explain it. Still, he would never call it "desire" or "love".

Dean looks utterly open and honest and a bit scared.

Dean's sure he's screwed. He knows they need to kill her and then he just admits to Sam, "(but) I don't think I can."

He says he's sorry to do that to Sam, but when it comes down to it -

"I got it, Dean," Sam cuts him off.

Dean nods tersely and heads for the door.

When Dean's gone, Sam rubs his jaw, absorbing the weight of what's on him now. We see Sam's shadow pass by the outside of the motel window and hear the Impala fire up.

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