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Dean: They don't even dissect anything good in there. Bigger than Kermit they use an iPad
Dean: Riddle me this bat boy - ghosts aren't exactly known for hopping county lines.
Dean (holding plastic heart): be my Valentine?
Sam: Dean we're working, put it back.
Dean: Have a heart!
Sam: I might of done...who knows what - and you want me to forget about it?
Dean: You shove it down and let it come out in spurts of violence and alcoholism.
Dean: What you find out from the mop jockey's girlfriend?

Sam: Nothing, just how great he was. Went to church, donated to charity, rubbed her feet during Glee.

Dean: I just threw up in my mouth!

Dean: (to Ben, who's playing a video game) Well that's ridiculous. Plants could never kill a zombie.
Sam: Great. Where to?
Dean: Paterson, New Jersey. Hey, maybe we'll have a Snooki sighting.
Sam: What's a "snooki"?
Dean: That's a good question.
Dean: So is that the girl with the haunted kidney?
Sam: Yeah.
Dean: Huh, just when you think you've seen it all.
(Dean's car starts up on its own).
Dean: Hey! You leave my baby out of this! She has nothing to do with this!
(Sam tells Dean that they have to get the kidney out or the ghost'll keep hunting).
Dean: So what? She wakes up in a tub of ice with a phone in her hand?

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