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Location: a comic book store. The camera pans across the books and action figures and collectibles for sale. There's a trailer running on the TV for a slasher marathon. An employee (Stuart) opens a box of new merchandise and takes out the contents. He seems especially taken with
A Thundercat figurine. He decides to take it home.

His phone rings. It's Samantha the store manager. She wants to know what Stuart did. He mistreated a customer and got the shop a bad Yelp review. They need all the customers they can get.

He argued with a customer about which superhero could beat up which superhero. She tells him to chill and be nicer to the customers. He grudgingly agrees. He packs up and heads home.

Later, at home, Thudercats action figure on display, he's arguing with someone on the phone. His pizza is late. The action figure turns its head on its own. Stuart notices it has moved from the table to the floor and while Stuart tries to figure out how that happened, it comes to life, starts swinging its mace and attacks Stuart.

Back in the bunker...
Dean's lying on his stomach on his bed, in his room, surrounded by food wrappers. Watching Hell Hazer's Three and eating pizza. It looks like an 80's slasher movie. Dean knows it by heart. In the movie, a custodian is attacked by a disfigured monster who chops into his leg. The monster's tag line is "Time to slice and dice" which he growls out as he attacks his victims. In the movie, a woman enters the hallway and we assume she'll be the next victim.

Sam enters Dean's room after knocking and Dean does a double-take looking at him. Sam's shaved his beard off.

Sam says he wanted to check on Dean. Dean hasn't been out of his room in a week. Dean says Cas is showing Jack the ropes, "dark Kaia" is in the wind, and he has no idea where Michael is or what he's up to. Dean also doesn't love that the house is full of Apocalypse World refugees. Sam can't believe Dean's plan is just to stay in his room and watch Hatchet Man movies. Dean shoots back that "All Saints Day" is a classic.

Sam doesn't think it's a classic. Dean asks what does Sam care? He never liked scary movies. Sam says, of course not, their lives are scary movies. Dean says, "Exactly."

Sam thinks he found them a case. A "killer toy". Even Dean's intrigued by that and wants to know what kind of toy. Sam plays a video for him that was posted online. It's Stuart telling the story of what happened to him. Dean's hooked when he sees it's a Thundercats figurine involved in the case. He's in. Sam's glad his attempt at getting Dean out of his room worked.

Sam and Dean, dressed in button-down short sleeved shirts, enter the comic book store. Samantha is working there. Dean points out that she's like Sam's twin, just as both Sam and Samantha tuck their hair behind their ear at the same time.

Another employee is unpacking comic books. Sam says if Samantha's like Sam, then that other guy is like Dean. Dean says "no", he has nothing in common with that guy. Dean spies a life sized Hatchet Man figure that speaks when you press a button. Dean loves it. He wants to buy it, but the employee says it's not for sale.

Samantha asks what she can do for them. They say they are from an insurance company and want to talk to Stuart about the toy incident. They can't find Stuart at his house. Samantha says he got in a fight with his roommate and moved out. Stuart is an acquired taste. Dean thinks Stuart might have enemies. Samantha says only online where he trolls everyone. Stuart's now living with his mom.

At Stuart's mom's house, they hear Stuart yelling in the basement. He runs upstairs and says he's yelling over the video game Fortnight. Dean says he's a Zelda man. They smell sage. Stuart explains a Wiccian chick he "dated" told him that burning sage would get rid of bad things. Sam asks if they are still together. He says no way, he broke it off before they could MIRL. Dean asks what MIRL is and Sam explains "meet in real life". Dean wants to know how Sam knows what that means.

They ask him about his injuries and the toy. Stuart says the video was fake. He fell. That's how he was injured. He tells them to leave.

Outside, Sam and Dean walk towards the car, discussing what might be going on. They think it could be a spell, or a witch because of the the Wiccan girlfriend.

Back in the car, Sam gets a phone call and tells the caller to "get some lamb's blood". When he hangs up, he tells Dean it was "Riley"; a hunter living at the bunker. He's giving them advice. Dean says he doesn't know who Riley is but, "cool". Dean is obviously a bit overly-aware that a lot has changed while he was away being possessed by Michael. It's apparent that Sam's role has changed during that time and now Sam's seen as a leader.

They watch Stuart's house.

Dean asks why Sam hates Halloween so much. Before he can answer, they see Stuart's mom leaving. They slink down in the seat so she won't see them as she drives away. Sam thinks Stuart changed his story because the comments on his online video made fun of him.

Stuart stumbles out of his house, bleeding and yelling for help. Sam goes to help him as Dean heads in to see what's going on in the house, gun drawn.

There are blood drops everywhere. He follows them. In the basement, he sees a Chainsaw Massacre poster and turns around just in time to see a chainsaw, hanging in midair, before it somersaults towards his head and embeds itself in the wall as Dean steps aside.

Later, Stuart is at the hospital, his mom at his side. She thanks Sam and Dean for bringing him to the hospital. The mom wants to go get Stuart a pillow from home, but Sam and Dean encourage her not to go home.

Out in the hall, they try to figure out what's going on. Dean's sure it's a ghost because it set off the EMF. Sam doesn't know why a ghost would be after Stuart. Sam goes back to Stuart's house to investigate further while Dean stays at the hospital.

In the house, Sam can't get a light to turn on. He pulls out a flashlight. He's down in Stuart's basement room. He looks around. He jumps when he sees the Thundercat figure and then shakes his head at how jumpy he is. He tests it with the EMF meter but nothing happens. He sees a photo of Stuart with the other people from the comic book store and one older man he doesn't recognize.

In the hospital, Dirk and Dean talk in the hall. Dirk's keeping an eye on Stuart. Says he's his best friend (Stuart is a fill-in for Cas and Dirk is a fill-in for Dean). Dirk says Stuart lets him stay over when he has a fight with his dad and they watch movies and eat pizza. Dean says Stuart sounds like a good friend. Dirk doesn't know why anyone would attack Stuart with a chainsaw.

The 80's slasher movie marathon is playing on the hospital TV and Dirk and Dean are both loving it. They start discussing the movie. They both know all the lines by heart.

Dean says he liked watching them growing up because he needed an escape from their real lives.

Sam goes to the comic book store to talk to Samantha. He wants to know if anyone close to Stuart has died recently. Samantha says Jordan; the previous owner of the store was their mentor. He died of cancer. Jordan was the man in the photo Sam saw in Stuart's room. Samantha and Dirk co-own the store now. Jordan had fired Stuart twice for stealing. Samantha hired him back. Sam wants to know where Jordan is buried; but no luck; he was cremated.

The room gets very cold. Sam takes out the EMF detector; telling Samantha it's for carbon monoxide. He tries to get her to leave, but it's too late. The Hatchet Man figure has come to life and throws Sam to the floor. Samantha screams.

Sam comes to and looks around. He finds Samantha crying and slightly in shock. Sam tells her that what she experienced was a ghost. They can possess anything including life-sized figurines. Sam admits he's not really from an insurance company. He thinks Jordan's ghost is trying to hurt Stuart. Sam realizes they're locked in. He throws a statue at the glass door, but it doesn't shatter.

Back at the hospital, Dirk and Dean are grossing each other out recounting scenes from gory horror movies as they eat junk food. They're swapping trivia and having an all-around good time. Sam calls. He fills Dean in on Jordan's ghost. Sam tells him the Hatchet Man figure is on its way to the hospital, he thinks. Dean's extremely excited.

It's Halloween and Hatchet Man blends in with the costumed people on the street.

At the hospital, Dean lays down a salt ring around Stuart's bed and tells Dirk to stay inside; tells him everything, every monster, is real except Godzilla.

At the store, Sam's still trying to get out. Samantha tells Sam Stuart's been stealing. She's been taking money from his checks to pay for the stuff he takes home, but the ghost probably doesn't know.

Back at the hospital, Dirk, sitting on the edge of Stuart's bed as Stuart sleeps, both surround by the salt ring, sees his breath in the cold. The lights flicker. The closet doors slam open and
closed. Dirk freaks out and runs outside the salt ring.

In the hallway, Dean grabs a fire axe.

The animated Hatchet Man is about to attack Stuart's mom in the hall. Dirk shows up and distracts him. Hatchet Man starts following Dirk.

They cut back and forth between the old Hatchet Man movie playing on the TV and Dirk being chased by the re-animated Hatchet Man figure.

Back at the store, Sam's mixing up home made explosives in a lunchbox. He sticks it to the door and it explodes, blowing off the door. Sam and Samantha pop up from where they've taken cover and say "Cool." In unison.

At the hospital, Dirk finds Dean in the morgue. He tries to warn him that Hatchet Man is there just as Hatchet Man sits up from under one of the drapes over his body on the table, pressing his button that makes him say "Time to slice and dice."

(Bizarrely, at this point, there appears a fake movie trailer for the Hatchet Man "All Saints Day" movie; as if it were a real trailer during a commercial break, but it's all clips that we've already see on the various TV's in this episode.)

In the morgue, Dean tries to talk to the ghost inhabiting the life-size figure. Dean offers to let the spirit go to the light on its own, or he'll send him there. The figure declines to go quietly. Dean and the Hatchet Man fight.

Sam and Samantha arrive at the hospital. He's trying to talk out how Jordan could still be around after being cremated...Samantha offers that it's probably the key chain to the store. It was everywhere the dangerous things have been happening; with Stuart at home when he was attacked, at the store when they were attacked...Sam thinks she's right. If Samantha is a clone for Sam, she figured it out just like Sam often does.

In the morgue, Dean is losing the fight with Hatchet Man who raises his hatchet above his head to deliver the final blow as Dean, on the floor, throws up his arm to protect his face. Just then, he's stabbed from behind by Dirk. This gives Dena a chance to try to jump his attacker, but
Hatchet Man gets the upper hand quickly and starts to strangle Dean.

Sam and Samantha enter the room. Sam tells Dean to get the key chain and Dean grabs for it on Hatchet Man's pants behind him. He gets it and tosses it to Sam who puts it in a stainless steel basin. Samantha grabs some alcohol for accelerant. The figure continues to choke Dean as they light the key chain on fire. Hatchet Man releases Dean and is engulfed in flames, exiting the life-sized figure as the mannequin-like body collapses to the floor.

Dirk is surprised that it's all over. "Just like that." Dean thinks it was a bit harder than "Just like that." Sam says Jordan is in a better place and they're all safe now.

Later, in the Impala, as Sam and Dean are driving home, Dean thanks Sam for getting him out of the bunker and out of his funk. Sam says the hunt didn't go exactly as planned, but Dean thinks it's awesome that he got to go toe to toe with David Yeager - Hatchet Man.

Sam tells Dean he has to stop hiding out in his room when they get home. Sam says Dean did the right thing...saying "yes" to Michael to save him, and Jack; to save his family. Just because Michael was wearing Dean's face when he did the things he did, doesn't mean it's Dean's fault.

Dean disagrees.

Dean tells Sam he's not going to get over it. He's just not. But he says he's not helping anyone by staying in his room, so whatever Sam needs, he's there.

Dean calls Sam "Chief", but it doesn't sound sarcastic. It sounds like Dean might be accepting that Sam is seen as a leader to the Apocalypse World hunters living in the bunker.

Dean's watch beeps at midnight and he declares Halloween officially over. Sam says, "good". Dean wants to know, again, why Sam hates Halloween. He really wants to know.

Dean asks if it was something their dad did, but Sam says no.

Dean really wants to know.

Sam takes a deep breath and tells Dean that when he was in 6th grade, they were living in Bismark. He had a huge crush on a girl named Andrea. She invited him over for a party on Halloween. It was great until they started playing games. Dean guesses they were playing "spin the bottle" but Sam says no. It was bobbing for apples. He was so nervous he threw up. Mostly on Andrea. He was mortified. Sam went and hid in the woods until Dean came to get him.

Dean tells Sam he has to get over his hatred of Halloween. Dean says that next year they're going to do Halloween right, with matching outfits, and Dean starts listing couples costumes; everything from Bert and Ernie (which Dean decides "would be weird" and Sam agrees) to Turner and Hooch...and ends rather ominously with "Thelma and Louise" telling Sam they'll just
"put it in 'drive' and go".

The Impala keeps driving through the dark and rain.
Back at the morgue, a security guard walks in. The lights flicker. He sees the still figure of Hatchet Man on the floor. The voice says "trick or treat".

(This last scene makes no sense since we saw the spirit leave the figure when Sam burned the key chain.)

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