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Dean: "Why do I always have to make the calls? It's not like Cas lives in my ass. He's busy." *turns around* "Cas, get out of my ass."
Cas: "I was never in your --"
Bobby: "I asked for a computer."
Sam: "It is a computer."
Bobby: "No, a computer has buttons."
"Cas we can still see you"
Cas: "yeah I'm still here"
Dean: "Well you don't have to wait on us"
*Cas tries to leave*
Dean: "Well now it just looks like your pooping"
Dean: "Without your powers your nothing but a baby with a trench coat"
*Cas looks away*
Sam: "I think you hurt his feelings"
Dean: "You know who whines? Babies"
Bobby: "Well Congrats you found them you get to name them"
Dean: "Jefferson Starships"
*They all look at Dean*
Dean: "Huh, because they're horrible and they're hard to kill."
Sam: "Alright well lets say these-"
Dean: "Jefferson Starships"
Dean: "All I want to do is save a couple of kids if you don't mind, we'll catch up."
Cas: "They might find some more wayward orphans on the way."
Bobby: "Oh don't get cute."
Sam: "Crap crap crap."
Dean: "More Starships?"
Sam: "Yup."
Dean: "You've come here to bring conwars and half ass spiders and dragons, really, sister, dragons."
Eve: "She died to protect you two didn't she? See a mothers love means everything."
Sam: "What about it?"
Eve: "their power you simple little monkey."
Eve: "Let's see how hot hell burns when everyone's coming to me You asked for it."
Eve: "Well that's where your wrong I have an offer to purpose, Crowley he's hard to find, you bring him to me and I'll let you two live"
Eve: "Work for me it's a good deal *rolls her eyes* Bonus I won't kill your friends"
Dean: "I'll call you later mom"
Bobby: "We gotta take you on more monster fights"
Sam: "Hey Cas, Dean's bleeding pretty bad."
Dean: "I think she turned me into a Starship. Can you fix that?"
Crowley: "How many times am I gonna have to clean up your messes?"

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