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Sam: Go ahead. Unleash the Kraken! See you tomorrow morning.
Dean: Where am I going?
Sam: Dean, it's Valentine's Day. Your favorite holiday, remember? I mean, what do you always call it? "Unattached Drifter Christmas"?
Dean: Oh yeah... Well, be that as it may...I don't know. Guess I'm not feeling it this year.
Sam: So you're not into bars full of lonely women?
Dean: I guess not. (Sam stares at him) What?
Sam: When a dog doesn't eat -- it's when you know something's really wrong.
Dean: Remarkably patronizing concern -- duly noted.
(Dean called Castiel and asked him to come. Cas appears in front of Dean)
Castiel: I'm there now.
Dean: Yeah, I get that.
Castiel: I'm gonna hang up... now.
Dean: Right.
(with the echo of Dean's voice heard through the phone)
Dean: Cherub?
Castiel: Yeah, they're all over the world. There are dozens of them.
Dean: You mean the little flying fat kids in diapers?
Castiel: They're not incontinent.
Cupid: Love is more than a word to me, you know? I love love, I love it! And if that's wrong, I don't want to be right!
Castiel: Yes, yes. of course. I, uh... I have no idea what you're saying.
Sam: Dean, enough!
Dean: What?
Sam: You just punched a Cupid!
Dean: I punched a dick!
(on why Famine isn't affecting Dean)
Dean: Hey, when I want to drink, I drink. When I want sex, I go get it. Same goes for a sandwich or a fight.
Castiel: So... you're saying you're just well-adjusted?
Dean: God, no. I'm just well-fed.
Dean: (to Cas) You want to go through the plan again? Hey! Happy Meal! The plan?
Dean: How many burgers is that?
Castiel: I lost count. Somewhere in the low hundreds.
Castiel: (eating a hamburger) These make me so happy.

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U can add on wen dean pushes the dead persons heart over to sam and he my valentine.I found that hilarious

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