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Alice and Russell get home from their first date and after making plans to see each other again, they start making out. The make-out session continues upstairs but takes a turn for the weird—they start biting each other. Both of them are covered in blood but they keep going at it and it seems to turn them on even more….

So Sam comes by to investigate and talk to the roommate who discovered the bodies. She is grossed out and cant’ believe that people could eat each other to death. Especially Alice, who was such a nice girl.

Sam goes back and shares his findings with Dean, who he assumes must be in a hurry to go celebrate his favorite holiday, Valentine’s Day or “Unattached Drifter Christmas.” When Dean doesn’t seem that into it, Sam gets worried.

Cut to the next scene where we have two co-workers, Brad and Jim. Brad is teasing Jim about being “whipped” by his new girlfriend, Janice. Just then, Janice walks in looking like a crackhead and shoots Brad. She tells Jim he can’t choose work over her. He says that things keep getting in the way of them being together: work, family, sleep and now jail. So he shoots her and then himself so they can be together forever.

Sam and Dean, as special agents, go to check out the bodies. While thrououghly inspecting the deceased’s organs, they find a matching mark on both of the hearts. Sam recognizes it as Inokian, like the tagging on their ribs. Castiel shows up and confirms that they are angelic marks – of union. They were put there by…Cupid. (a 3rd class Cherub) Apparently one of them has gone rogue and it is up to them to find him and stop him.

So they go out to a fancy Valentine’s Day dinner, the perfect type of place that would attract this runaway Cupid. Sam takes note that Dean is not hungry. Castiel spots the Cupid, even though he is invisible and traps him in the back where he makes him become visible with a quick spell.

The slightly overweight, middle-aged, naked Cupid gives them each tight hugs as his form of handshake. Then when they ask him why he is shooting people with his arrow and making them kill each other, he starts to cry. He tells them that he was just following orders and making people fall in love, whatever they do after that is out of his jurisdiction. Apparently, the orders come from Heaven, where normally it doesn’t matter who gets together, but in some cases it does. For example, that John and Mary Winchester got together was a very big deal, so that Sam and Dean could be born.

When Dean punches the Cupid, Sam asks him if they are ever going to talk about what’s been going on with him lately. Of course, he refuses.

The coroner notifies Sam of another weird case, Lestor who recently had Gastric bipass surgery and then went on an extreme “Twinky Binge”. Apparently there have been more suicides and ODs lately than just the cases of the love birds.

Sam smells a demon from across the street, dressed in a suit walking out of the morgue. He attacks him with a knife but the guy gets away, leaving his suitcase behind. Later with Dean they open the suitcase and a bright light, aka human soul comes pouring out of it.

Castiel tells the guys that this town is suffering from hunger, famine, as in horsemen. Apparently it doesn’t just have to do with food, it can be love, sex, food, attention. Then we see an old man in a wheel chair being taken out of a black SUV (wearing a familiar ring) and going into an all you can eat buffet, where people around him cannot possibly eat fast enough. According to Castiel, when Famine is hungry, he must consume souls of his victims. Lucifer sent his demons to care for Famine and to get him ready to march across the land.

Cut back to Famine where the Demon that Sam fought with comes back to tell him that Sam Winchester (the vessel) is here and he got a key off of him. But, Famine kills the Demon after finding out that he lost the suitcase with the soul in it.

Dean decides that they need to go get the ring off this guy in order to keep the whole town from eating, drinking, and screwing itself to death. Sam says that he can’t come with because he needs to be locked down…because he is infected with the hunger for Demon blood.

So Dean and Castiel go to the hospital to meet with the Coroner, dry for years, drank himself to death. But his soul is still intact, so they know they need to wait there for the Demon. While Castiel is wolfing down his 100th+ hamburger, they realize that Dean is the only one not affected by the hunger. They see the Demon in a black SUV and follow him.

Handcuffed in the bathroom, Sam is greeted by two Demons, and when they free him he promptly fights the man and starts to drink the woman’s blood.

At the Buffet, the plan is for Castiel to go in with the knife and cut off Famine’s finger. But after about two seconds, Dean gets impatient and follows him in. Once inside, he sees Castiel eating raw ground beef, oblivious to the approaching Demons.

The Demons grab Dean and Famine can’t believe he can even walk in his presence. After touching his belly, he tells Dean that he is actually dead inside, there is just a hole that nothing can fill and he is just going through the motions. Just then Sam walks in, with blood on his face and Famine tells him that he can drink as much Demon blood as he wants and it won’t kill him.

So Sam resists, but he sucks out their Demon souls and they turn to dust. But Famine then actually consumes their souls. Sam tries to use his power to kill Famine, and although it won’t work on him because he is a Horseman, it does work on the souls of the Demons he just ingested, and he turns to dust.

Dean and Castiel lock up Sam until he gets it out of his system. Dean goes outside for some air and looks to the sky and asks for help.

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